Exclusive Patron Episodes

[5/17/23] TUC LIVE: Sandy Hook < Still a Hoax

[6/4/23] TUC LIVE: The Holocaust Hoax: The Truth About Auschwitz I & II

Guest Writers

Pamela Glasgow

Is Yasha’ua’ay really YAHAUAHA?

Edgar Trollip

[5/15/24] Gold Mysteries and Satan’s Little Season

[4/18/24] The Dino Deception

[4/11/24] Passover: The Unicorn and the She’ol Exodus

[2/15/24] 8 Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Wisdom

[9/7/23] Yom Kippur: The Jacob and Esau Connection

[8/10/23] The Torah Precedes Moses

[6/28/2023] 11 Reasons You Should Read the Ancient Texts

[3/5/23] The Battle of Blood River

[11/15/22] Freemasons For Africa


Q + Millennial Kingdom | Part 1

Q + Millennial Kingdom | Part 2

Q + Millennial Kingdom | Part 3

Q + Millennial Kingdom | Part 4

Q + Millennial Kingdom | Part 5

Q + Millennial Kingdom | Part 6

Q + Millennial Kingdom | Part 7

Q + Millennial Kingdom | Part 8 

Q + Millennial Kingdom | Part 9

Anna McDowell

 Jews and Judeans Are Not the Same

Kingdom of Israel In Tartaria and the America’s

Eliyah Botha

[4/11/24] Living Biblically Clean in the New Testament

[1/12/24] Living Biblically Clean

[11/14/23] Biblical Finances

[10/15/2023] The Idols We Keep

[9/11/2023] Biblical Parenting

[8/18/23] BLM and Racism

[7/23/23] Biblical Masculinity

[6/27/23] Biblical Womanhood

Being a Believer in Modern World

Blessings and Curses

How NOT To Show Him Love

Loving the Most High Part 2

Loving the Most High

Love Thy Neighbour: Part 2

Love Thy Neighbour

Biblical Food Laws

Keeping the Sabbath Day

Obedience and Why the Law of Yahuah Matters Today

Lisa Holtham

Wheel Within a Wheel Part 1: YHUH’s Clock in the Heavenly Luminaries

Wheel Within a Wheel Part 2: The Scriptural Calendar of YHUH

Diane Covher

The Potpourri Calendar of Today

Perpetual Week

New Moon Day

Sun and Constellations 

When Does the Day Begin? 

Observe Ye Everything That Takes Place in the Heaven

Creation, Pen, & Brush

An Exploration of Genesis 1 Through Paintings

Let There Be Lights in the Firmament

For Signs and Seasons and the Falling Stars

Stars, Sun, and Moon

Stars, Angels, and Portents

Heavenly Luminaries as Indicators and Witnesses 

YHWH’s Throne and Mount Meru

The Firmaments of the Heavens Stand as Pillars

Let there be a Firmament in the midst of the waters

Let there be a Firmament in the midst of the waters (continued)

The Light and theSun and the Moon IN the Firmament

The Light Is Good: YHWH Made It!

And God Called the Dry Land Earth