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In South Africa where I’m from, one of the biggest issues that has plagued our country for decades now is racism. There is the issue of Apartheid, the segregation of black and coloured people. The country seemed to have broken free from the stronghold of racism once apartheid was abolished but not so. We entered into the era of Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment. The young black people of my generation and younger, who have never experienced the segregation and hardships of Apartheid blame white people for their own “oppression”, causing whites to lose jobs and other opportunities – this has been happening since the early 2000s!

I see that this pattern is happening now in the US as well as in other countries in the world – the white people being under attack from “reverse racism”, in other words white people being made out to be the evil enemy who have always and are still oppressing people of colour.

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Eliyah lives in South Africa with her husband and to two out-of-the-box children. As a daughter of Yah, her aim in life is to draw closer to The Most High, to learn about His Truths, to live life according to His will and to live it intentionally and meaningfully.

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