THE EARTH is not a spinning ball hurdling through space. Yahuah is the Most-High Elohim. Yahushua is His Son. And Torah is truth. That is what I believe, and the platform for everything I write. If what I’ve just said doesn’t cause you to lose sleep at night and you’re interested in getting your chat on with like-minded believers, then saddle up.

We have 2 options for fellowship. You can join one or both.


The first is our Discord server. Its our most popular. We have over 1500 members currently and you can sign up by clicking the button below.

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Marco Polo Video Fellowships

The other option is our video fellowships using the Marco Polo app. This is small groups and is for close relationships. Meet new friends on the same path you’re on. Watch our video below to learn more about it:

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  • We have both men’s and women’s groups
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  • This app requires a phone number in order for us to connect you to the group.