The 613

Acts and Martyrdom of Andrew

Acts and Martyrdom of Matthew

Acts of Andrew

Acts of Andrew and Matthew

Acts of Barnabas

Acts of John

Acts of John the Theologian

Acts of Paul

Acts of Paul and Thecla

Acts of Peter

Acts of Peter and Paul

Acts of Philip (Syriac)

Acts of Philip (Greek)

1 Adam and Eve

2 Adam and Eve

Apocalypse of Baruch (3 Baruch)

Ethiopic Apocalypse of Baruch

Apocalypse of Elijah

Apocalypse of Paul

Apocalypse of Paul (Coptic)

Apocalypse of Shadrak

Apocalypse of Thomas

Apocalypse of Zephaniah

Arabic Gospel of the Infancy of the Savior

Ascension of Isaiah

Assumption of Moses

The Beheading of John the Baptist

Bel and the Dragon

Book of Adam

Book of Britain

Book of Creation

Book of the Giants

Book of Eliyahu the Prophet

Book of the Illuminators

Book of Nakash

Book of Wisdom

1 Clement

2 Clement

Clement to James

The Code of Hammurabi

Consummation of Thomas the Apostle

The Didache

Discourse on Apollyon by Timothy

1 Enoch

2 Enoch

Epistle of Jeremiah

Gospel of Bartholomew

Gospel of the Birth of Mary

Gospel of Gamaliel: Lament of the Virgin

Gospel of Gamaliel: Martyrdom of Pilate

Gospel of Mary

Gospel of Nicodemus

Gospel of Peter

Gospel of Philip

Gospel of Thomas

History of Joseph the Carpenter

The Incredible Vision of Saint Drythelm

Infancy Gospel of James

Infancy Gospel of Matthew

Infancy Gospel of Thomas

Joseph and Aseneth

The Ladder of Jacob

Letter of Lentulus

Letters of Pilate

The Life of John the Baptist

1 Maccabees

2 Maccabees

3 Maccabees

4 Maccabees

Martyrdom of Matthew

Martyrdom of Polycarp

The Mother’s Lament at the Slaughter of the Innocents

Odes of Solomon

The Passion of Saint Christopher

The Pearl

Peter to James

Prayer of Azariah

Prophecy of Shem

The Psalms of Solomon

Revelation of Esdras

Revelation of Moses

The Seven Sleepers of Ephesus

Shepherd of Hermas

The Sibylline Oracles

The Story of Perpetua


Tales of the Patriarchs

Targum Ecclesiastes

Targum Isaiah

Targum Obadiah

Targum Ruth

Testament of Abraham

Testament of Isaac

Testament of Jacob

Testament of Job

Testament of Solomon

Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs


Treatise of Shem

The Vision of Laisren

The Vision of Paul

The Vision of Tundale

The Writings of Abraham