Living Biblically Clean: A Torah Beginners Guide

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We are called by YAHUAH to live holy, set apart, and clean as far as possible. But what does being Biblically “clean” even mean, and how do we keep ourselves clean according to Scripture? Biblical cleanliness has to do with physical cleanliness, healthiness, being free of disease and purity. By following the examples and instructions set out in Scripture, we can get a better understanding of what exactly this means and how to keep ourselves pure and clean in our everyday lives.

In the age we live in, it has become rather difficult to remain Biblically clean. Back in the times of Moses, for example, there was much less contamination to deal with – eat clean meat, wash yourself if you get dirty, keep your clothing and bedding clean, treat your home if there is mold, etc. These days it has become far more complicated! Our air and water are treated with chemicals that are far from safe and “clean”, we are sold “food” that is contaminated with all sorts of hidden nasties like unclean animals, manmade chemicals and toxins. We are sold dangerous chemicals to clean our houses with and even put on our skin.

We can’t live in a bubble! So let’s take a look at what the Torah and the rest of the Old Testament says about living Biblically clean, and next time we can see what the New Testament says and then figure out some practical ways of keeping ourselves as set apart as possible in this modern age.


NEW [1/12/24] Living Biblically Clean

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Eliyah lives in South Africa with her husband and to two out-of-the-box children. As a daughter of Yah, her aim in life is to draw closer to The Most High, to learn about His Truths, to live life according to His will and to live it intentionally and meaningfully.

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