The title might be fighting words for some. I don’t apologize though. It is true. I recently heard a couple of Torah observant Christians debate the validity of the book of Jubilees. Now, I am not going to go through that here. However, I am going to zone in on one peculiar argument that caught my attention. As Sean from Kingdom in Context and David Wilbur were debating the biblical ‘inconsistencies’ of Jubilees, Wilbur argued that in Jubilees the Torah was already active during Genesis. To Wilbur this was an incoherent message to Genesis, since in his paradigm the law was only given at Sinai. Wilbur concludes that Jubilees cannot be valid since the Law was not yet given Genesis, while Jubilees emphasizes the law/Torah was given at creation and is eternal.

Mind you, the term ‘Torah’ needs some fine tuning. Many are tossing it around more wildly than white powder in the White House. It simply means instructions (in righteous living). The way Yahusha described it, it seems the instructions were not exclusive to Moses’ writings. Yahusha quotes the Psalms or Wisdom literature and also refers to it as ‘Torah’. For instance.

You can read Edgar’s entire report in the PDF below.

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