Gold Mysteries and Satan’s Little Season

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Gold Mysteries & Satan’s Little Season

by Edgar D. Trollip

Gold was a pretty big subject at school. Historically speaking, the excavations thereof had a significant impact on the formation of Southern Africa and the psyche of the people. I even remember school outings to Gold Reef City where a gold expert would tell you the history of gold and have some gold bars on display. This was really quite an experience even though I feel I was too young to really appreciate what was happening. It was not every day you see a gold bar, you know.

Even though gold deposits have been deteriorating over the years of mining it is still one of South Africa’s largest exports. I really love history and more specifically South African history. As I went over the facts I could not help but compare the gold rushes to the timeframe of the potential release of HaSatan. I was not prepared for what I was about to find. This probably has to be one of the weirdest investigations I have done thus far.

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