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I HUNG up the phone with Adam Fink of Parable of the Vineyard and went straight for the writer’s desk, feverishly unloading the congestion of sentences onto the electronic page before they floated off into the forever oblivion. That was in the dawning hours of 2020. The date of this publication is July 11, 2023. Do the math on that and you might be wondering why it’s taken three years and some change to hit the publish button. The simplest answer is that my push to get this article out was a race against the ordinances of time and I didn’t make the cut-off. People were falling over dead in Wuhan, China whereas here in America, Kobe Bryant exited the world stage via a helicopter crash. The U.S. Government declared War on the enemy within and I took my training to the trenches. That’s not the actual reason though. Something else happened, and a few of you might know what it is. The rest will have to read the article for themselves to find out.

Adam and I go way back, in fact to the very beginning of his POTV YouTube channel. I have likely known him longer than anyone in the online community, though there will certainly be others to make that claim. The following bio was written in partnership with Adam Fink as a labor of love. It’s been a long time coming, and I’m thrilled to finally release it for your reading pleasure.

You can read a portion of the article in the PDF file below.

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