A long time ago, ‘The Unexpected Cosmology’ started out as a travel blog which then, over the years, began to accumulate the quest for Truth and Knowledge into its roadside destinations, desiring above all else to find the ancient path and Wisdom. After accumulating the mileage in Biblical His-Story, extra-Biblical texts, and a formerly unfathomable understanding as to the depths of conspiracy aimed against the Creator and his people, TUC then became an online Magazine, a YouTube channel and podcast, a book publisher, a community, and ministry. Here are a few bullet points as to what we believe.

  • The entire Bible, the Commands, the Torah, the Prophets, the Gospels, and Epistles, are True and applicable as set apart instructions for righteousness and The Way of pilgrimage, leading to eternity.
  • The kings of the earth conspire against YAHAUAHA. (Psalm 2:2)
  • Yahusha Ha’Mashiach is our High Priest and Atoning Sacrifice. (Hebrews 4; 1 Peter 2:24)
  • Those who persevere until the end keep the Father’s Commands and the Testimony of Yahusha. (Revelation 14:12).

The heart of TUC is to care for widows and elderly women.

[Deuteronomy 10:18; Psalm 68:5. Psalm 146:9; Isaiah 1:17; Zechariah 7:4; James 1:27]

At present, we care for the complete financial needs of Rebecca Gould and are hoping, YAH willing, to bring more widows under our wing. She works to help expand the ministry by editing books and running the store among other duties, and for her, it’s a full-time job.

We need your help. We ask that you please prayerfully consider supporting our widow program. You can donate by hitting the link below.

We need your support.

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Ministry Goals

Here at TUC, our desire is to see the health and spiritual growth of each community member. We encourage reading the Bible, the whole Bible from beginning to end, and then, far more importantly, following our Father’s Instructions out of love and a desire for obedience. We encourage the reading of synchronized extra-Biblical texts, and we put a great emphasis on exposing the lies of our Controllers. But then, what good is knowledge if we don’t exhibit the fruit of the Spirit among the brethren? Our goal is to see each individual take the responsibility upon themselves to make the pilgrim’s journey down The Way, that ancient path, rather than depending upon others. Messiah is our High Priest and King but also our model for living We walk as Yahusha walked, and when we stumble or fall, we pick ourselves up, repent of our wrong, and begin walking as he walked again.

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