End of the Millennial Kingdom Clues: The Ball & Claw

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About eight years ago, Carmen and I received a gift from a relative. It was two beautiful ball and claw lounge chairs. They had turquoise seat cushions that were slightly worn with some fine crafted motifs for the back splat. It was two furniture pieces we cherished and really enjoyed having part of the lounge area. It was quaint and unique.

Shortly after receiving this gift we were experiencing some difficulties pertaining to our health. After a couple of weeks of bad sleep and illness. I went back to the drawing board, aka prayer and fasting. The relentless sleepless nights and constant flu was something I had to deal with. We have never experienced it before and I could feel my spirit being uneasy about something.

The Vision

I got up early, around 05:00. It was my daily habit to spend time in the Word and devotion. As I was praying I saw a vision of something like a dragon appear in the sky. It was my first time I had encountered one of these. I was standing, almost frozen on the ground. I had something shiny with me. I thought it might be a torch at first but it wasn’t.

I had a pearl – a big pearl. I could not figure out if it was in my hand or laying at my feet. All I could tell was that it was in front of me. The dragon swooped down from the air. He snatched the pearl and took it away. I was as if all the energy had been sucked from my body and I was motionless. I didn’t even flinch at his violent clutching of the pearl or his clumsy retreating. As I moved out of the vision, immediately the image of the pearl and the dragon stuck in my mind – the ball and claw set! The design was seemingly identical to the dragon claw clutching the pearl.

I know there might be numerous adaptations and interpretations for ball and claw furniture and its origins. For me and my house I knew I had to throw ours out. This set was cursed or had a spiritual portal or demonic possession. Even though I loved it, it was something I was willing to give up if it would restore my health and sleep. Needless to say, we chucked it out. Maybe we should have burnt it now that I think of it. I was wondering from that point on what is the story behind ball and claw furniture.

Growing up in Africa, this was nothing new. We have seen and heard testimonies of various types for furniture of other possessions that were either filled with demonic entities or attracting them. Items such as african masks, art, knobkierie (wooden canes) and instruments are commonly possessed by entities. Many of the wood carvings have water spirits in them. So be cautious of everything you buy during your trip to South Africa.