The Unexpected Cosmology

Civilizing the Savages—a Strange “Science” Initiation (a Flat Earth Poem) - I READ OF A VERY SAD CASE, In a dark aboriginal race, Invaded by white men, Who went there to fight them, And “civilize” all in that place. The white men, of course proving masters. Some benefits brought, and disasters ! But one of the worst, I’ve heard it rehearsed, Was binding all down with […]

“She Went Chipping Rocks with a Small Geological Hammer” | Highly Educated—M. A. Buxton (a Flat Earth Poem) -   MISS PALLAS EUDORA VON BLURKY Who didn’t know chicken from turkey, High Spanish and Greek She could fluently speak. But her knowledge of poultry was murky.   She could name the great-uncle of Moses, The dates of the Wars of the Roses, The reason of things. Why the Indians wore rings through their red […]

“Man’s Eye-Formed Tent is God’s Provision” | Lady Elizabeth Anne Blount (a Flat Earth Poem) -   Where’s a man’s horizon be, Not one yard further can he see. Man’s eye-formed tent is God’s provision To frame and encircle all his vision, In all directions he can see, His eye-line’s length the same will be. His horizontal line of sight Is equal to its length upright: That is, straight on before […]

Robert Frost: “In the Clearing” (a Review for the Copernican Revolution) -   A MANIFEST Destiny of the Copernican nature was finally pressed upon and dutifully commissioned by President John F. Kennedy when he inspired his nation with the following decree: “We set sail on this new sea because there is new knowledge to be gained, and new rights to be won, and they must be won […]