The Unexpected Cosmology

Noah’s Ark Was a Medieval Pilgrimage Destination - WHEN setting out to write ‘The Pilgrim’s Path: Travels Through the Millennial Kingdom’ a month or so ago, Noach’s ark being as an actual destination was always in the back of my mind. It’s why I went back in and added 13 new pages to the original report. My intent was to show that we […]

Passover: The Unicorn and Sheol Exodus - He is the reason for the season. I am talking about the Pesach season if you were wondering. I was hoping to get this paper out before Pesach kicks off, however I might be a tad late on the early calendars. In the worst case it will be almost a year early for the 2025 […]

Living Biblically Clean in the New Testament - We are called by YAHUAH to live holy, set apart, and clean as far as possible. But what does being Biblically “clean” even mean, and how do we keep ourselves clean according to Scripture? Biblical cleanliness has to do with physical cleanliness, healthiness, being free of disease and purity. By following the examples and instructions […]

Mary Magdalene and the Mandala - SOMETHING like a year of my life has come and gone since I last committed to writing a new paper on Miryam of Migdal. Supposing you missed out on my creative streak, the anointing of Yahusha Ha’Mashiach doesn’t simply belong to a woman, she is a Mandala in and of herself.  What happened is, I […]