2BDY5GH Fludd’s Quod Universa Coelorum, 1617

SOMETHING like a year of my life has come and gone since I last committed to writing a new paper on Miryam of Migdal. Supposing you missed out on my creative streak, the anointing of Yahusha Ha’Mashiach doesn’t simply belong to a woman, she is a Mandala in and of herself.  What happened is, I published a book on the Wife of Messiah, which is great and all, but then the research dried up. Mostly because there was such a lack of interest on the subject. Wait, hold on, I didn’t phrase that quite right. The love of Mashiach’s life became such a focal point of personal discovery, an ever-expanding macrocosm within the microcosm, that I eventually gathered what I learned and held it tightly to my chest, not wanting the treasures of heaven to be trampled upon. Moving forward, my hope and prayer is that those who relish in their arrogance, who mock what they do not know, or simply want nothing to do with Mashiach’s betrothed, will not discover the disciple whom Yahusha loved. May she not even enter their peripheral vision. And now I speak to the few of you who remain. Will you be happy to know that the investigation is far from over?