“STOP beating around the bush and finally get to it,” is what everyone’s been telling me since day one of this investigation. “If Miryam of Migdal is the betrothed of Mashiach, as you suggest, then what of the Holy Grail and were there children involved?” is all anyone seems concerned about whenever I think to invoke her name, as if there is a loaded gun pressed to my head by the Inquisitors and my answer depends upon it. Well, as I’ve been stating from the get-go, I had never seen Ron Howard’s ‘Davinci Code’ movie, nor read the Dan Brown book which it was based upon and have furthermore steered clear of the holy bloodline research department, wanting my own Scriptural inquiries to be unbiased if that is still humanly possible in the world we live in. This quest of discovery was my own.

For clarity, the Holy Grail topic is one which I’ve been trying to avoid for a great long while now. The far more pressing question, one which I’ve satisfactorily answered in my own mind, was whether or not Yahusha Ha’Mashiach had a woman. All indications say yes, he did. You know her name. May I ask, what is the purpose of marriage? To become one in flesh of course. And what is ‘one flesh’ an idiom for but the fruit of sexual intercourse? Children.

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