8 Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Wisdom

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It is truly shocking. I mean the way we have neglected her. How long does a lady need to be ignored before stepping out of the room? Not that she is impatient. 

In my weekly exploration through the Torah, I decided to include a heavy dose of wisdom literature. Wisdom literature really unlocks many Torah principles. If Torah is the lock Wisdom is the key able to turn it in the appropriate manner. Wisdom books offer simple and understandable explanations that uncover  the heart’s intent. To my surprise, even in the faith circles I gather in, the wisdom books are often overlooked. Believers often talk about the books of Moshe, the prophets, the Gospels and obviously everybody’s favorite is Paul’s letters. But for some unknown reason wisdom literature has not been given the airtime it is due. Maybe that does say something about the positioning of our hearts.

 As we read through Proverbs around the dinner table and discuss it with our children, I have come to realize some interesting, somewhat unknown, facts on Wisdom. Some of the verses we deliberated around the dinner table sparked my interest. I thought maybe it will be best to excavate even further and showcase my findings. Wisdom is precious.

You can read Edgar’s entire report in the PDF below.

NEW [2/15/24] 8 Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Wisdom

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