The Priesthood Precedes Aaron

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I am not sure if the title is news to you. If my paper on the Torah preceding Moses did not bring it home that Yah’s Torah is eternal I am sure this one will. Now, there was somewhat of an omission on  my part on the Torah preceding Moses-paper. Or maybe I just felt it best to leave this part for dessert. You see, what I failed to mention in the Torah preceding Moses-paper is the priesthood precedes Aaron. By far! It even precedes Levi. I thought a title like that might be a stretch for some and just discarded as more fake news. Well, I am glad you are still here. This case is indeed very similar to how the Torah precedes Moses. The priesthood is ancient in origin and heavenly ordained. We were never taught that Adam was the first earthly priest and that the garden of Eden was the first earthly tabernacle. The priesthood has always been here and will continue to be here. Saddle up and I will try to prove this out.

You can read Edgar’s entire report in the PDF below.

NEW [1/12/24] The Priesthood Precedes Aaron

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