MISS Pamela has been plugging away at the Psalms, taking great care to interpret each and every word of Hebrew into English, lyrically speaking. I started publishing her work in August of 2021, and already we find ourselves in the whereabouts of Psalm 30. Here is the latest up-to-date PDF of her series, complete with every entry in the series.

PDF: The Psalm Project: Psalms 1-30

Pamela Glasgow

The Psalm Project represents my desire for a deeper understanding of the Word of YAHUAH. It is not a mechanical translation, a one-word-for-word exchange from Hebrew to English. We have those. This is a lyrical adaptation of the many possibilities hidden in the Hebrew, arranged with consideration for the poetic and musical intent of the original writer. I pray you are as enriched in the reading as I was in the transcribing.

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