The Unexpected Cosmology

Baptism Begins: Our Daily Cleansing Rituals as Kingdom Priests -

Serpent Seed: Were Cain and Abel Twins? - QAYIN is a literal son of HaSatan and there are multiple texts which outright claim him as one. You may be familiar with my work on this, but if not, don’t sweat it. Follow the happy bunny PDF trail below and you’ll get caught up to speed. The current draft is over 100 pages. I’ve […]

The Only Begotten Daughter of Elohim (Part 2) - Part Five Diynah Married Her Brother I KNOW I said no second witness would be given the last time around, but that’s only because I decided to go through with my findings, having neglected to comb every street corner or back alley of Scripture. It doesn’t mean the only begotten Daughter of Elohim fails to […]

The Only Begotten Daughter of Elohim - Part One Diynah Was Raped NOPE. Not a typo. That’s only-begotten daughter. Not click-bait either. Somebody really lost their marbles this time, you tell me, and it isn’t the person reading these words from your side of the computer screen. Sure, shoot the messenger, why don’t you? Because all I can do sometimes is report […]

The Conquest of Serpent Seed: The Untold Story of the Immaculate Conception - AFTER giving this presentation on my Discord channel and then showing it off on YouTube land, I decided to make some edits to the PDF file. That’s not unusual. I make changes to my articles all the time. This time however there was some confusion as to why I chose the curious phrasing, Immaculate Conception, […]

Yahudah and Tamar and the Sons of Serpent Seed - K-I-S-S-I-N-G. That’s what Yahudah and Tamar were doing in the tree. Or rather, while sitting outside the city gate. I wouldn’t be in the least surprised if a tree was involved though. And anyways, if you thought the genealogy of Hagar and Eliezer were close calls, then I suggest holding onto something within arm’s reach […]

Nimrod’s Children: Eliezer (Steward of the Heavenly Kingdom) -   IN the last All My Children paper, we ended on a soaring note. The dark side to the story is that Pharaoh of Egypt was a material son of Nimrod and also a Cain, which makes Pharaoh’s daughter Hagar, handmaiden of Sarah, another Cain. Both however worshiped Yahuah the Most-High Elohim in the end, […]

Nimrod’s Children: Hagar (Handmaiden of Sarah, Princess of Egypt) -   THAT is not to say Nimrod’s kingdom collapsed with Babel. Despite a confusion of tongues intended to handicap the first post-diluvian Emperor, he proved himself a survivor. Much like Ham his grandfather, Nimrod simply sired sons—any great number of little princes and princesses—and, despite language barriers, placed them in thrones of tribute wherever the […]

The Lost Plague of Egypt: Erectile Dysfunction - THE QUESTION which will soon be answered is how beautiful Abraham’s wife truly was. Sarah. Only then, and for the remainder of this paper, she was known as Sarai. Perhaps you have never thought to ponder her physical allure, and only imagined the first Hebrew Matriarch as simple, plain and tall. If so, then you […]

The Many Wives of Noah: Who Actually Landed on the Ark? - 22 And Zillah, she also bare Tubal-Qayin, an instructor of every artificer in brass and iron: and the sister of Tubal-Qayin was Na’amah. Bere’shiyth (Genesis) 4:22 [Cepher] KIND of a strange passage, don’t you think? Moshe goes out of his way to mention Na’amah as the sister of Tubal-Qayin. For all I know, Tubal-Qayin had […]