AFTER giving this presentation on my Discord channel and then showing it off on YouTube land, I decided to make some edits to the PDF file. That’s not unusual. I make changes to my articles all the time. This time however there was some confusion as to why I chose the curious phrasing, Immaculate Conception, when I am in fact not a Catholic, nor am I attempting to lead anyone to the Rome. It is the Pope’s duty to keep you unclean and living in sin. You see, the problem with the RCC is that they’re not remotely interested in what actually constitutes sin. Torah does. That’s just one problem among many. I mean, Rome does rule the world. Torah however is a big one. Also, if we can’t all come to the conclusion that the Law of Yahuah defines for us what is sin and what isn’t, then even Christians will not be able to appreciate Mariyam the mother of Yahusha’s part in the narrative. That is all for now. 

Here is my latest paper. The Immaculate Conception as Victory Over the Seed of the Serpent. It’s why you came. 

If you’re not a fan of reading then you’ll find my presentation on YouTube Land.