Serpent Seed: Were Cain and Abel Twins?

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QAYIN is a literal son of HaSatan and there are multiple texts which outright claim him as one. You may be familiar with my work on this, but if not, don’t sweat it. Follow the happy bunny PDF trail below and you’ll get caught up to speed. The current draft is over 100 pages. I’ve cleaned it up considerably, even slimming it down a bit. The reason for this update however is that I’ve added new information on the womb relationship between Qayin and Havel. Were they twins? The easiest answer is most definitely. They both had sisters. But were they quadruplets? How about quintuplets even? I’ll show you what texts I’ve discovered that speak on the matter. That’s the new information. But really, if you haven’t yet looked into the serpent seed, then there’s so much more to discover.


PDF [UPDATE] The Angel She Desired: Serpent Seed

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