IN the last All My Children paper, we ended on a soaring note. The dark side to the story is that Pharaoh of Egypt was a material son of Nimrod and also a Cain, which makes Pharaoh’s daughter Hagar, handmaiden of Sarah, another Cain. Both however worshiped Yahuah the Most-High Elohim in the end, and were thusly accredited with being children of Abraham. See how that works? Reverse engineering. No matter your genealogy, you can choose to be transformed into the image of the Beast, or contrarily, into the image of the Word of Yahuah. It’s up to you.

Here’s more excellent news. I expect to maintain the same soaring elevation for the remainder of this paper, as we are taking a look at three more children of Nimrod. The first is Eliezer. Mm-hmm, good old Eliezer, Abraham’s most trusted friend. We should therefore expect good times ahead. The other children of Nimrod will likely come as a surprise, and spring upon you when you least expect it. Much as a naughty kitten with velvet paws and sharpened claws lies in waiting would. I very well can’t give away the second and third identities quite yet, as I have just announced a reveal, haven’t I? Actually, now that I think about it, their story doesn’t end so well. So, expect some turbulence ahead.

We might as well just establish the fact that Eliezer was a son of Nimrod and get that out of the way. Here you go.

And when Abram heard that his brother was taken captive, he armed his trained servants, born in his own house, three hundred and eighteen, and pursued them unto Dan.


Genesis 14:14

You will tell me that passage had absolutely nothing to do with Eliezer. Is that so? Perhaps we simply were not looking hard enough into the finer details. Let’s give this a second go.

And when Abram heard that his brother was made captive, he armed his young men who were trained for war, grown up in his house; but they willed not to go with him. And he chose from them Eliezer the son of Nimrod, who was equal in strength to all the three hundred and eighteen; and he pursued unto Dan.


Genesis 14:14 [Targum]

There he is. Amazing. It’s like he appeared out of nowhere. The context here is the battle which has sprung up between Nimrod’s confederacy of kingdoms in the east and the kings of Canaan in the west. The latter includes the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah but also Og, king of Bashan. Lot and his family had already departed for Sodom and were thusly captured as spoils of war. The Masoretic tells us that Abram armed 318 of his own trained servants hoping to free him, whereas the Targum insists they willed not to challenge such great odds. No problem though, because Eliezer the son of Nimrod equaled the strength of those men.

The entire point of this exercise is to contrast the pure Sethite line leading to Messiah with the ongoing gauntlet of near catastrophes throughout the lives of the Patriarchs, as the sons of Cain mingled among them. They even bedded together. Talk about close calls. Sheesh. I might as well be passing a kidney stone, researching this stuff. I had mentioned in my last paper how Nimrod set up thrones for his biological children across the motionless plane and that Abraham seemed more than willing to offer the keys of the kingdom to those sons and daughters on more than one occasion. This is one of them. Abraham had chosen Eliezer as his heir.

27 WITH this blessing resting upon me, I gathered together my family, for I had taken seven wives in the city of Shalom who had borne me fifty daughters.

2 And although I had no sons of mine own flesh, yet I had adopted twelve sons of those who were faithful to the Order of the Ancients and foremost among these was Eliezer of Damascus who had come to the city of Shalom seeking after the blessings of the Fathers and had remained as my son.

3 Him I appointed as steward over all I possessed for this journey, for he stood as mine heir for I loved him as my son and brother.


The Writings of Abraham 27:1-3

You’d think seven wives could produce at least one son—but no. Fifty princesses running around, seeking husbands, wreaking havoc on his life. How many tiara tea parties was Abraham expected to attend? We are not told. Meanwhile, Eliezer may very well have been given the surname Damascus because Father Nimrod had intended him to rule the city. Somebody needed to represent, you see. Eliezer however gave up the throne, and in the very least riches, in order that he might, like Abraham, seek his inheritance found in the eternal city of Elohim. Daddy probably wasn’t too happy about that.

We first discover him being schooled under Shem and Noah in the city of Shalom. I can only wonder if Abram waited until the midwife declared baby girl number 49 or 50 before he shrugged and handed over the keys to the kingdom, thusly adopting Eliezer as his inheritor. Another close call, as I will once again remind you that Eliezer was a Cain. And yet, nobody seemed more qualified to become the heir of a starry nation. Consider how it is Eliezer who was appointed to watch over Abram’s family, which consisted of no less than twelve adopted sons, seven wives and fifty biological daughters, while he entered the city of Ur and confronted his father’s idols.

2 And I said unto them, Behold, this great city is steeped in wickedness and sin for the secret combinations which was from the beginning doth hold her sway.

3 Wherefore, ye shall remain here under the direction of Eliezer while I go alone into the city unto my father’s house, for Yahuah Elohim of Shem and of Noah hath promised me that they will protect me against the anger of the king such that I shall be able to accomplish my mission.

4 I led my family in prayer before the Lord, kissed them all and departing from them, entered into the city.


The Writings of Abraham 30:2-4

It is Eliezer who personally circumcised Abraham.

When Noah had departed from me, I rose up and was circumcised by Eliezer and all the males of mine house were circumcised with me, including my son Ishmael who was thirteen years old at this time.


The Writings of Abraham 111:4

Some years later, a fight will break out between Ishmael and Isaak as to who should inherit the promise. Ishmael’s argument is that he is more righteous, whereas Isaak stands firm on the heritage of his mother. It is Eliezer who accompanies Abraham and the two to Mount Moriah.

And Abraham rose up in the morning and saddled his ass, and took two young men with him, Eliezer and Ishmael, and Izhak his son, and cut the small wood and the figs and the palm, which are provided for the whole burnt offering, and arose and went to the land of which the Lord had told him.


Genesis 22:3 [Targum]

It will take Shem to inform Abram that Eliezer will not be his heir.

4 But Father Shem said unto me, Eliezer is a good and righteous man and he shall be greatly blessed in time and in eternity, but he shall not be thine heir who shall be thine heir who shall take in the house of thy father, for she is ordained to be thy queen of queens and the mother of thine heir.


The Writings of Abraham 27:1-4


I HAD promised to name a second and third child of Nimrod floating within arm’s reach of Abram’s inheritance. They are actually daughters of Eliezer. And Lot married the both of them.

SO, I went up out of Egypt and Lot accompanied me who had taken three wives while in Egypt, namely, Jennifer, daughter of Eliezer of Damascus, Deborah, daughter of Kumen who had come out of the city of Ur, and Asterah, daughter of Pharaoh, king of Egypt.


The Writings of Abraham 79:1

All three wives mentioned have different daddies. You will tell me only one is Eliezer. Well, I’m getting to it. Kumen I know nothing about. He’s probably important though. If I had to guess, he derives from Terah’s household. Asterah is the daughter of Pharaoh, which makes her a princess and a sister to Hagar. The question you probably have though is which of these women were turned to salt. Jennifer maybe? The answer is, we are dealing with polygyny, which isn’t a sin, and so none of them. The book of Jasher tells us the name of the wife who turned into a pillar of salt.

52 And he overthrew these cities, all the circle of the Yardan and all the inhabitants of these cities, and that which grew upon the ground; and Ado the woman of Lot looked back to see the destruction of the cities, for her compassion was moved on account of her daughters who remained in Cedom, for they did not go with her. 53 And when she looked back, she became a pillar of salt, and it is yet in that place unto this day. 54 And the oxen which stood in that place daily licked up the salt to the extremities of their feet, and in the morning, it would spring forth afresh, and they again licked it up unto this day.


Yasher (Jasher) 19:52-54 [Cepher]

In case you missed that, her name was Ado. Not Jennifer. We must assume that Jennifer, Deborah, and Asterah did not make it out alive, as Lot only escaped to a cave with his two daughters. Ado’s daughters? I can only assume no, since we have just read that Ado’s daughters did not want to go with her. Ado of course is the other daughter of Eliezer. Technically, his granddaughter, as we see here:

122 WHEN morning came, the men of Elohim hastened Lot saying, Arise, take thy wives and thy daughters who are here with thee in the house and depart hence lest ye be consumed by the wrath of god which shall be visited upon the iniquities of Sodom.

2 And while they were preparing to depart, Lot’s heart being full of sorrow at leaving his daughters and his daughters’ children to be destroyed, the men of Elohim took him by the hand with his wives and his daughters, for Yahuah had mercy upon Lot because of his integrity, because he had not bowed down unto false elohim nor entered into the abominations of Sodom.

3 And Lot thought to dwell in Zoar; wherefore, he hastened there, but his wife Ado turned back unto the city of Sodom.

4 Ado was the daughter of Eli, the son of Eliezer, which Eli had accompanied Lot to Sodom.

5 And Ado thought upon her parents and her daughters who remained in the city, her heart was pained within her and she turned back unto them and was lost.

6 But Lot entered with the rest of his family into Zoar and was there when the cities of the plains were overthrown.


The Writings of Abraham 122:1-6


AND there you have it. I have absolutely no clue how many children Nimrod had who may have cuddled up to Abraham, but I have just named three of them. Eliezer, Jennifer, and Ado. Five if we count Ado’s father Eli and Hagar’s sister, Asterah. Do the math with my last paper on Pharaoh and Hagar, and now we’re up to seven little Nimrod’s running around the motionless plane. Hence, all my children.

In conclusion, our current exercise wasn’t a happy ending for all. In fact, not for most. But certainly, happy for Eliezer—our man of the hour. He forsook his biological inheritance, which will be cast into the Lake of Fire anyways, and certainly didn’t attempt to wrestle the eternal promise for himself. He was simply content being a servant of the Most-High Elohim and a spiritual son of Abraham. And for that he will receive a great heavenly reward. His last great act can be found in his service to Isaac and a final promise he aimed to keep while Abraham yet lived.

1 And Abraham said to Eliezer his servant, the senior of his house, who had rule over all his property, Put now thy hand upon the section of my circumcision.

2 And swear to me in the name of the Word of Yahuah Elohim, whose habitation is in heaven on high, the Elohim whose dominion is over the earth, that thou wilt not take a wife for my son from the daughters of the Kenaanites among whom I dwell; 3 but that thou wilt go to the land and the house of my kindred, and take a wife for my son, for Izhak.


Genesis 24:1-3 [Targum]

He returned to the earthly kingdom of his biological father Nimrod in order to secure a Sethite wife for an inheritor other than him, so that the kingdom of Cain might finally be destroyed, once and for all.