Biblical Parenting: A Torah Beginners Guide

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There is so much parenting advice floating around these days. From pregnancy onwards, well-meaning friends and family feel the need to load you with all their opinions, advice and parenting hacks. From whether or not to vaccinate, to schooling options, what to wear, what to feed children, breastfeeding or formula, and the list just goes on and on!

As parents, we all have to decide what advice we are going to follow when it comes to raising our children. And as believers we need to first and foremost look to Biblical instruction – how does the Most High want us to raise our children? We should raise them with healthy, nutritious whole foods, keeping in mind the food laws in Leviticus 11. We should love them, and care for them. We should allow them plenty of free time and “boredom”, and we should teach them the Word. We should not only concern ourselves with their physical health, but with the health of their souls and the strength of their spirits as well!

It’s time to take a look at what the Word of YAHUAH tells us about parenting, what we should teach our children, how we should teach them, and how we should treat them and discipline them. In summary, how we are to raise them up to walk in the Ways of their Heavenly Father.

NEW [9/11/2023] Biblical Parenting

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Eliyah lives in South Africa with her husband and to two out-of-the-box children. As a daughter of Yah, her aim in life is to draw closer to The Most High, to learn about His Truths, to live life according to His will and to live it intentionally and meaningfully.

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