I CHECKED. Yvonne first published with The Unexpected Cosmology in November of 2020. That practically makes her a veteran around here. I had initially started following her work some years before that, but when finally asking her to contribute something, I had no idea we’d end up with a dozen articles. And yet, here we are. What makes Yvonne’s work so unique is that she paints pictures on the subjects she writes about. As you can hopefully tell, they primarily deal with Hebrew Cosmology. The flat earth.

My name is Yvonne Dias, I live in Cambridge, UK, and I am a Christian who likes to write and paint. Over the last few years I have been inspired to paint images found in the Genesis story, Chapter One. There is so much descriptive imagery in this chapter that I have plenty of inspiration for my paintings. Following through the creation story and the day by day events, I can see a clear picture of our world as created by our creator, YHWH. I take the events literally and I am particularly fascinated by what our world looks like. Through my paintings and my writing, I hope to share my findings about the beautiful place that our Lord created for us.

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