The Grandfather Clock of Dreams

by | Jul 19, 2022

ON any given day, I never really know what I’ll wake up to, either in my mailbox or the News. I suppose the same could be said of everyone except for the fact that we’re dealing with the latest Pauly Hart story. Today is one such occassion. Pauly Hart is a longtime contributor to ‘The Unexpected Cosmology‘ and a friend, and so, how very pleased I am to learn that Hart has dropped his latest manuscript in my mailbox. He calls it ‘The Grandfather Clock of Dreams.’ I’ve already given it a read. You can read it for yourself in the PDF file below.


About Pauly

Pauly Hart is a public speaker, actor, painter, singer, poet, and story-teller. His main focus today is writing. His latest works have involved novellas in the vein of “Classical Horror” from the Christ-centered world-view. The Horror story is the story where the character has to survive until the end. What better chance for survival than in Christ? Pauly writes not for the churchy types, but for those who would pick up a Stephen King book, giving them an alternative to the spirits. Pauly writes so that the Holy Spirit will have room made for him in modern day literature. He runs several websites all bent on leaving the mind of the atheist awash with the glory of heaven. You can find him at

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