The Unexpected Cosmology

Leviticus In the Paleo-Hebrew | Ya’Qura’a: The Third Book of Moses -

The Kolbrin Bible: Book of Wisdom - A couple of days ago, I posted my read-through and study series on Book of Britain, which derives from the Kolbrin. Well, Book of Wisdom was the follow-up on YouTube LIVE. I’ll post the videos below. Give it a try. I received multiple reports from listeners that the wisdom contained within was life changing.   

The Kolbrin Bible: Book of Britain - BOOK of Britain was reportedly written during the reign of Coel Hen of ‘Old King Cole’ fame. Or so hints within the book have led me to believe. According to medieval historians, King Cole was the father of Helena who in turn became the mother of Constantine (making King Cole his matriarchal Grandfather). Particular to […]

The Acts of Thomas -

The Acts of Andrew - THE ACTS OF ANDREI 1 After the Ascension, the apostles dispersed to preach in various countries. Andrai began in the province of Achaia, but Mattithyahu went to the city of Mermidona. (The rest of 1 and the whole of 2 give a short abstract of the Acts of Andrai and Mattithyahu which Gregory either found […]

The Acts of Barnabas - THE ACTS OF BAR-NAVIY Since from the descent of the presence of our Savior Yahusha HaMashiach, the unwearied and benevolent and mighty Shepherd and Teacher and Physician, I beheld and saw the ineffable and holy and unspotted mystery of the Christians, who hold the hope in holiness, and who have been sealed; and since I […]

The Acts of Peter and Paul - ACTS OF THE HOLY APOSTLES KEPHA AND PA’AL It came to pass, after Pa’al went out of the island Gaudomeleta, that he came to Italy; and it was heard of by the Yahudiym who were in Rome, the elder of the cities, that Pa’al demanded to come to Cæsar. Having fallen, therefore, into great grief […]

The Acts of the Holy Apostle and Evangelist John the Theologian - THE ACTS OF THE HOLY APOSTLE AND EVANGELIST YOCHANON THE THEOLOGIAN When Agrippa, whom, on account of his plotting against Shalom, they stoned and put to death, was king of the Yahudim, Vespasian Cæsar, coming with a great army, invested Yerushalayim; and some prisoners of war he took and slew, others he destroyed by famine […]

The Acts of John - THE ACTS OF YOCHANON 18 Now Yochanon was on his way to Ephesus, moved thereto by a vision. Damonicus therefore, and Aristodemus his kinsman, and a certain very rich man Cleobius, and the wife of Marcellus, hardly prevailed to keep him for one day in Miletus, reposing themselves with him. And when very early in […]

The Acts of Peter - THE ACTS OF KEPHA   1 A multitude gathered together, and they brought unto Kepha many sick, that he might heal them. And one of the multitudes adventured to say unto Kepha: Lo, Kepha, in our presence thou hast made many blind to see and the deaf to hear and the lame to walk, and […]