The Kolbrin Bible: Book of Britain

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BOOK of Britain was reportedly written during the reign of Coel Hen of ‘Old King Cole’ fame. Or so hints within the book have led me to believe. According to medieval historians, King Cole was the father of Helena who in turn became the mother of Constantine (making King Cole his matriarchal Grandfather). Particular to Coel Hen’s reign, he fought for Christianity in Britain among a horde of invading barbarians from the north. It’s an epic read that combines the history of Mashiach, the history of Joseph of Arimathea in Britain, as well as the conduct of knights and protectors of the realm, not forgetting the expected virtues of the ladies they’re sworn to protect.

I read through the entire book earlier this summer on YouTube LIVE and am just now getting around to ‘show and tell’ at TUC. It’s a three part series. Hope you enjoy.