The Unexpected Cosmology

His Father’s Nakedness: The Curse of Ham Finally Explained -   HAM had sex with his father’s wife. There it is. Hopefully, you weren’t drinking from a cup of coffee or chewing on an overpriced blueberry scone while reading that, as I would have either choked or spit up all over the computer screen. At any rate, you have scoured The Matrix for an answer, […]

1948: The Year Edom Conquered Israel - YOU FIGURE I’m on Mossad’s naughty list by now. It only makes sense that I would be. The one time I’ve ever been interrogated anywhere just so happens to be the back of a room in Tel Aviv. What are the odds? The people representing the star of Remphan wanted to know why I crossed […]

The Earth Is a Womb -   THERE. I said it. I confessed to everything before the inquisition could even begin. Already confused? It’s in the title. The Earth is a womb. From here on out, you’ll have to slap me silly just to shut me up. Despite that testimony you gave in the Baptist church, probably a hundred times and […]

Lucifer, Father of Cain: Serpent Seed in the Targum -   FOR ALL I know, Cain is outed as the literal son of Satan in multiple texts. But in this paper, I will only be dealing with the Aramaic Targum. That’s all serpent seed really is. The doctrine tells us what we already know about the sons of Cain and the sons of Seth, that […]

The Gospel of the Kingdom as Found In the Targum -   THE WORD gospel simply means “good news,” while kingdom directs us to the realm in which a sovereign king rules. Throughout Scripture, any attempt to wrestle the gospel into submission without a complimentary kingdom announcement will surely be frustrated, as the good news is always relegated to the announcement of a coming sovereign. The […]

The Policeman and the Eagle - You would think that something so simple as urine would never serve a purpose other than the purpose of disposal… If so, then you would be wrong. The fact that urine serves as a foaming agent is often overlooked in the conversation. But how many people would ever deem that to be a purpose of […]

Denying Messiah: The Paul Apology -   “Who is a liar but he that denieth that Yahusha is the Messiah? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.” 1 John 2:22   ONE OF the greatest gifts ever given was coming to learn that certain individuals were praying for me before I came to Torah. They knew me. They […]

The Book of Elias the Prophet - 1 ​ 1 The record of Elias the Tishbite which he wrote for his disciple Elisha whom he called from his field in Abelmaholah unto the holy order of Elohim. 2 Behold, I, Elias, write this record with my own hand and no man shall see it until I have ascended into heaven. 3 Then […]

The Psalms of Solomon - 1 “They became insolent in their prosperity . . . .“   I cried unto the Lord when I was in distress, Unto God when sinners assailed. Suddenly the alarm of war was heard before me; I said, He will hearken to me for I am full of righteousness. I thought in my heart that […]

Torah Observance: A Day In The Life -