1 The record of Elias the Tishbite which he wrote for his disciple Elisha whom he called from his field in Abelmaholah unto the holy order of Elohim.

2 Behold, I, Elias, write this record with my own hand and no man shall see it until I have ascended into heaven.

3 Then shall my authority and the keys of my priesthood, which is the priesthood of Elohim, pass to my son Elisha by right of lineage and obedience.

4 This priesthood came down to me from Elohim by lineage, for I am a descendant of Joshua the son of Nun who was descended from Ephraim the son of Joseph through whom the rights descended in Israel.

5 These rights I received when I was but a lad from my father before he was martyred for the testimony of Yahuah and, according to the word of Yahuah, I have appointed Elisha, who is my adopted son, to be my successor in bearing off this work.

6 Nevertheless, not all of my rights shall rest upon him, for Yahuah has said, behold, my servant Elias shall bear with him the keys.

7 But he shall leave with Elisha those keys necessary to continue his work in organizing the schools of the prophets and the order of Henoch that the sons of the prophets may continue to live after the holy order of Elohim.




1 Therefore, my son Elisha, I leave for you this book of the order by which you may govern the order of Henoch, for I have organized and governed this order according to the precepts of Yahuah and under the direction of his spirit I give you these instructions.

2 Everyone who desires to enter the order of Henoch must be one who loves Yahuah his ELOHIM with all his heart, might, mind and strength and one who loves his fellowman as himself, according to the word of Yahuah through Moses.

3 He must swear to live the law of consecration and to hold all things common with his brethren according to the pattern set by our first parents, for when they came forth from the garden they divided not up the land but held it in common until their posterity through wickedness began to lay claim to it for themselves.

4 Behold, this private ownership of the property came to pass through the teachings of that evil combination which was organized by Kain that men might get gain for themselves because the love of Elohim and man is not in them.

5 He who enters the order must be one who is dedicated to seeing the face of Elohim and receiving from him the promise of eternal life.

6 He must keep the commandments and statutes of Yahuah his ELOHIM, to do what is good and upright in the sight of Elohim according to that which he commanded through Moses the lawgiver and through his servants the prophets.

7 He who seeks to enter the holy order of Elohim must be one who loves that which Yahuah loves and hates that which Yahuah hates.

8 He must keep all the perversion far from him and love to do righteousness, that his works may bear testimony before Elohim and man; he must be governed by the principles of truth, righteousness, and justice in all he does while in this house of clay, having rejected his inclination to follow after the ways of the flesh, no longer doing perversion according to the selfishness and jealousy and contentious spirit which dwells in the earthly man.

9 Every member of the order must be dedicated to bringing into a bond of mutual love all those who are striving to live after the holy order of Elohim.

10 To live after the order of the ancients means that they must live in the community of Elohim’s elect, holding all things common and loving one another as themselves.

11 They must unite in one heart and one mind, for only then can Zion be built up in its perfect order and the name of our Elohim be glorified.

12 Those entering the holy order must have shown by their works their desires to live according to all that Elohim has revealed, to keep all his commandments, to perfect their lives according to Elohim’s holy order that they may be sanctified by the blood of the covenant unto the renewal of their spirits and their bodies.

13 They must love all the children of light, each according to his position in the house of Elohim, for those who live the highest law are most able to be loved, and so forth, even unto the lowest law of Elohim.

14 They must hate the works of darkness and avoid intercourse with the sons of Belial, each according to the measure of his guilt, for Elohim will bring every work into judgment and those who associate with the wicked will be damned with them.




1 He who loves the truth and truly desires to live after the order of heaven must declare his willingness to be united to the congregation of the elect and must consecrate by covenant all of his mind, all of his strength and all of his wealth to the community of Elohim so that his mind may be purified by the truth of Yahuah’s precepts, his strength controlled by Yahuah’s perfect ways, and his wealth disposed of in accordance with Yahuah’s just design.

2 He must order his life according to the pattern which Yahuah has given, observing the hours of worship, the sabbaths and the feasts to do them, not neglecting the fasts of Yahuah.

3 He must be one whose heart is knit unto the ordinances of Elohim’s law, who will strive diligently to preserve them in purity, neither breaking the laws, changing the ordinances nor neglecting the everlasting covenants.




1 When such a man comes forward to present himself as a candidate for admission into the order, he should be examined carefully by the elders of the community, and having been proven worthy, he must enter into a covenant in the presence of Elohim, the holy messengers, and his brethren of the order by entering into the waters of purification that he will do according to all that Elohim has commanded and not turn away from the service of Yahuah through fear of wicked men or devils nor through discouragement because of the trials which Belial shall send against him, for Yahuah ELOHIM has appointed that all who seek to live after his holy order shall be tried and purified until their gold is pure and their dross consumed.

2 When a man has entered into this covenant in the waters of purification, the elders of the community are to lay their hands upon his head and bless him.




1 At the end of each year, every member of the community is to be interviewed, from first to last, that the spiritual standing of each in the community may be determined.

2 This is needful so long as Belial continues to hold sway over the world.

3 The object of this interview is that every man in Israel may be made aware of his status in the community, that he may measure himself against the perfect, eternal society of heaven.

4 If any man finds that he is being governed by a law which is beyond his desires, then let him be placed among those who live after his own heart.

5 If any man will qualify himself to live a law higher than he is living, let the opportunity be given him to live that law.

6 No man in Israel need be abased below his ability to qualify nor exalted above his desires to live after the heavenly pattern.

7 All members of the community will stand, each in his proper place, according to a true evaluation of his standing before Elohim.

8 Let those who judge in these matters, judge according to correct principle, in profound humility, being full of charity and equity toward their brethren and sisters that the society of heaven may flourish among you, being sanctified by love and unity in Yahuah our ELOHIM.




1 Anyone who refuses to live after the pattern of Elohim’s holy order, the perfect society of heaven, but persists in walking after stubbornness of his own heart and vain traditions, shall not be admitted into the community of Elohim’s elect.

2 For inasmuch as he has rebelled against the discipline required of those who are called to set their lives in order according to the precepts of the heavenly law, he cannot be counted among the holy ones of the Most High.

3 The spiritual, mental, physical and material resources of such a man are of no value to the community; therefore he shall not be permitted to enter into the order of Henoch to live after the pattern of heaven.

4 If he were honest in acknowledging his weaknesses before Elohim, then would Yahuah make his weaknesses to become strengths unto him, but inasmuch as his heart remains stubborn and he changes not, he shall remain in his sins.

5 Such a one looks upon the light of Elohim’s truth but sees only darkness.

6 He can never be sanctified because the light is not in him.

7 Although he should offer numerous sacrifices and be purified in water any number of times and be anointed, yet he can never be cleansed from his sins except through contrition and repentance, wherein he rejects his former works and walks in the path which our fathers walked, which is the holy order of Elohim.

8 Unclean he remains so long as he will not be governed by the laws of Elohim, neither submit himself to the ordinances; he shall never enter into communion with the heavenly hosts.

9 It is only when the spirit of man has been awakened to the light of Elohim’s truth that he can begin to direct his life according to those holy principles by which he can ascend into the presence of Elohim and make his calling sure.

10 Only through obedience to those laws and that order which have been handed down from our fathers can a man sanctify his life to commune with Yahuah.

11 The blessings and rights and the priesthood can then descend upon their heads and they shall dwell in the courts of the sanctified.

12 For only through obedience to the laws and ordinances of Elohim, walking faithfully after his holy order and enduring unto the end therein can a man be redeemed and gain a blotting out of all sins so that his mind can be opened to gaze upon the true light.

13 It is through obedience to the laws and ordinances of Yahuah that a man receives the spirit which will lead him unto true and complete union with Elohim and all holy men as his iniquities are lifted from him and his mind is expanded to receive Elohim’s truth that he may walk therein as one of the children of light.

14 For atonement comes upon all those who are upright and humble and submissive to all the ordinances of Elohim that their sins should be blotted out and they be sanctified through the blood of the covenant.

15 Then are they purified from all blemish that they should be pure and holy, without spot.

16 Only such a one can perfectly direct his steps to walk blamelessly through all the paths of life, never deviating from the ways of Elohim, but keeping all the commandments without turning either to the right or to the left and without overstepping any of the bounds imposed by the word of Elohim.

17 Then indeed is he perfectly acceptable before Yahuah ELOHIM and a pleasure unto Him.

18 Then his joy will increase and he will enter by covenant into the community of the faithful.




1 Those that enter into covenant to hold all things common according to the order of Henoch and faithfully adhere to the order of the ancients should be instructed that their minds may be opened to the vision of eternity and how the order of heaven can be established and perpetuated here on the earth.

2 He who is called to instruct the children of light in these matters must understand and teach the true nature of man, the different influences which form his character, the meaning of his history and the reason that Elohim at one time blesses him and at another time afflicts him.

3 This is the hidden knowledge, the application of which redeems man from his earthly state and ushers him into the holy order of Elohim where he can be prepared to enter into the presence of Elohim and partake of the fruits of eternal life.



1 Yahuah is a Elohim of knowledge.

2 By his word was everything made which was made and he governs all things according to his infinite foreknowledge.

3 Even before he created the heavens and the earth, he counseled with the hosts of heaven and planned a plan wherein the spirit of every man should have his appointed role, for the spirit of every man appeared before the father of spirits in the beginning and received a place appointed in the family of heaven and earth.

4 When a man fills his appointed role, it is according to the glorious design of the father of spirits and each one functions according to the divine plan, the work of Elohim is pushed toward its consummation.

5 The designs of Elohim cannot be frustrated; in his hand lies the government of all things and he sustains all the children of men in their needs, wherefore it becomes all men to worship Yahuah Elohim of Israel and be obedient to the divine plan which he has ordained for them.




1 Now, the father of the spirits of all men created man to rule the earth and set before him the ways of life and death, truth and falsehood.

2 Thus was man made free, even from the beginning to choose for himself the good or the perverted until the final judgment when the works of every man shall be revealed and each shall receive a just reward according to his works requisite with the mercy of our Elohim.




1 The origin of truth lies in the fountain of light, while the origin of falsehood lies in the well of darkness.

2 All that practice righteousness are under the domination of Lucifer (or, “light”) and walk in the path of light while those who practice perversion are under the domination of Tenebre (or, “darkness”) and walk in the path of darkness.

3 Tenebre (or, “darkness”) is the Devil (note: if this word was read in Greek, it would simply mean “slander” or “oppression”), that evil spirit who lies in wait to entrap the souls of men and drag them down to misery and woe.

4 He (or, “It”) lies in wait at any opportunity to lead the unwary soul into sin and error so that through his (or, “its”) perverted influence, even the children of light are led to commit those things which are grievous in the eyes of Elohim.

5 When men of their own free will choose to follow the influence of this enemy of all righteousness, they fall from the favor of the Elohim of heaven and must turn from their iniquities that Yahuah can visit them in his mercy and redeem them from their sins, that they may know to sing the song of redeeming love.

6 All the afflictions which befall the children of men, all their trials, all their sorrows result from the acts of this prince of perversion.

7 He (or, “It”) and all his (or, “its”) hosts (or, “ministers”; “followers”) are dedicated to causing the children of light to fall and become entangled in their snares.

8 Nevertheless, the Elohim of Israel with all his holy messengers is always nearby to assist the sons of light and save all those who will call upon his name from the power of the evil ones.

9 Yahuah Elohim has given unto man his ability to choose the good or the evil.

10 Yahuah loves righteousness and will unto the ages to come and is always pleased with those who walk in the paths of righteousness, but he hates the perverted and those who walk in the paths of evil will be cast out of the presence of Yahuah at the last day, for Yahuah cannot look upon evil with any degree of acceptance nor can those who love evil dwell in his presence.




1 These are the fruits of the spirit of Yahuah: enlightenment whereby a man can perceive the ways of Elohim to walk therein; discernment to know the good from the evil; reverence for the name of ELOHIM and consciousness of the approaching judgments of Elohim; humility; patience; abundant charity; love of righteousness; vision; wisdom; trust; faith; confidence in the power of the Almighty Elohim; knowledge, self-mastery; sanctity; pure thoughts; abounding love for all who follow the truth; purity; modesty and the ability to hide within oneself the secrets of Elohim which one has received.

2 All these things come unto men in this world through communion with the spirit of truth.

3 All those who walk in that path which is set before them by the spirit of truth shall receive health in their navel and marrow to their bones and shall find wisdom and hidden treasures of knowledge.

4 These shall inherit eternal life without end.

5 Eternal shall be their blessings and everlasting their joy in the realms of glory, for they shall be crowned with light and robed in glory and shall dwell in everlasting burnings in the presence of our Elohim.




1 With the wicked it is not so, for the fruits of wickedness are greed; malice; falsehood; pride; presumption; deception; guile; insolence;  unrighteous anger; folly; arrogance; lewdness; unchastity; blasphemies; selfishness; blindness of the eyes; deafness of the ears; stiffness of neck and hardness of heart.

2 Such men walk entirely in the ways of darkness and all their works are evil and abominable in the eyes of Elohim.

3 Those who walk in the paths of evil shall receive a multitude of afflictions at the hands of the holy messengers of Elohim.

4 These are the sons of destruction who are subject to the wrath of Elohim.

5 Eternal contempt is their end and perpetual reproach, even the disgrace of final annihilation in the fire, for they shall dwell in outer darkness until their end which is extinction without remnant or survival and after this, their lot no man knows nor is it revealed to any man except those who are made partakers thereof.




1 These, O Elisha, are the ways placed before every man that he may choose the good or the evil.

2 Man is free to choose for himself, for Yahuah will force no man to choose the right and the devil (or, “demons”) cannot force him to choose evil.

3 Between good and evil there is an eternal enmity; they cannot exist together in peace.

4 But Yahuah ELOHIM has appointed a time of judgment when he shall destroy evil for all time.

5 Then truth will emerge triumphant and shall cover the earth as the waters cover the seas.

6 Then shall the sanctified, those who have been refined and purified from all evil and all the effects of wickedness through the fire, reign with Yahuah upon the sanctified earth.

7 Elohim has chosen these to be joint heirs in his eternal covenant that they should inherit his glory.

8 Then will the earth be redeemed; death and sheol shall be no more and men shall dwell in the presence of Elohim, those who have been sanctified, for all time, worlds without end.




1 Now, Elisha, my son, I shall soon leave, but I shall leave with you the keys which are necessary for you to do the work which Yahuah has appointed you.

2 My mantle also shall fall upon you and the pure in heart will know your voice and will follow you.

3 Farewell, my son.

4 May the favor of Elohim attend you all your days and may the peace of Elohim be in your heart. Amen.