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FOR ALL I know, Cain is outed as the literal son of Satan in multiple texts. But in this paper, I will only be dealing with the Aramaic Targum. That’s all serpent seed really is. The doctrine tells us what we already know about the sons of Cain and the sons of Seth, that they are two separate lineages, but gives far more clarity. Havah conceived and bore twin sons, one with the serpent and the other with her husband Adam. Too much? Someone somewhere is already digging into the name calling Thesaurus and preparing an indignant eight hour long YouTube rebuttal.

And I know what you’re probably already thinking. Calling or equating serpent seed with the ‘G’ word, Gnosticism, is yet another straw man argument. Sure, the doctrine treats Satan as an enlightened one and Yahuah as the Demiurge of Neoplatonism, but only in the lie itself. The text tells us as much. Contrarily, what serpent seed does is it pulls the measly paper-thin curtain back in order to expose everything. Apologies if you prefer the big floating head rather than the blue-blooded families busy at their humbug work, pushing buttons, dialing knobs, and jostling the levers of our fabricated Construct. I’ll cover more regarding the importance of the seed in my closing argument, though it runs along the same lines of what has already been spoken. Exposition. Meanwhile, just know there is application to be made. We are still living among the cities of Cain. You will have to chose how to live your life accordingly.

You would think our first stop might be the opening chapters of Genesis. Not so long ago however I was reading the whereabouts of Exodus chapter 20 in the Targum when I nearly fell out of my chair. I probably claim that action far too often, but notice how I stress nearly. Perhaps it is only an imbalance issue on my part. I’m fine, thank you for asking. And really, I enjoy having the official narrative flipped on its head, even if it causes me to clutch at my chest now and then. At any rate, I will direct your attention to the the Ten Commandments, also known as the Ten Words. It is the seventh commandment which instructs us not to commit adultery, wherein we read:

My people of the house of Israel, Be ye not adulterers, nor companions nor partakers with adulterers: nor in the congregations of Israel shall there be seen an adulterous people, that your sons may not arise after you to teach one another to have part with adulterers: for through the guilt of adultery death cometh forth upon the world:


Exodus 20:13


Didn’t death come into the world because of Adam and Hava’s first sin? Mm-hmm. Hint, it wasn’t an apple. From this point forward, you are free to burn your copy of the Targum and call me baby-poopy sandbox names like Gnostic, but you will certainly not be able to claim that I’m reading too much into the text, or that my imagination is getting the better of me. Death came forth upon the world because of adultery. There it is. And now you know.

Is it really surprising though? While Moshe spoke with Yahuah from the mountaintop, Israel committed adultery with Ba’al. It happened on their wedding night. The Targum even states that Satan was dancing among them like a second rooster in the hen house. And why did Yahuah eventually hand Israel a bill of divorce? For adultery, of course. Come to think of it, Havah’s eating of the fruit in the mainstream narrative is often if not always painted in shades of promiscuity. Are they trying to tell us something? I think so.

Let’s take a closer look at that first act of adultery then, shall we? The scene before us is the garden. In the garden there is a tree. And in that tree, a serpent. The woman approaches. Let’s listen in.



That’s rich. While playing the part of the accuser and accusing the Creator, the angel of death tells Havah she won’t die by taking part in their little fruit eating ceremony. How adorable. Now, the Hebrew Masoretic says elohim in Genesis 3:5. English translations render it “as god,” whereas the Aramaic Targum explicitly states “as the great angels.” Same difference. For the great angels, you see, are also elohim. The very word elohim is plural. Just don’t confuse a host of lower case elohim with the Most-High Elohim, who is the Creator of all other elohim.

It is here in the Targum, I would argue, where we see a more well rounded vision. The serpents issue isn’t a worship of the Creator so much as the fact that Yahuah has made man from the dust of the Earth and yet still chose to crown him with glory and honor, as Psalm 8 claims, not only giving him dominion over the work of his hands, but putting all things under his feet. Even the angels. Satan didn’t like that. Hebrews 1:14 adds that ministering spirits are sent forth to minister to those who will inherit salvation. Satan doesn’t like that either. We can know the end from the beginning and Satan’s ambition is to mold all of humanity into his image rather than Yahusha’s. Hence, the seed. And eventually, the medicine.

Moving on.

The woman has now offered the fruit to her husband. They have both eaten, wherein we read:


וְאִתְנַהֲרָן עֵינֵי תַּרְוֵויהוֹן וִידָעוּ אֲרוּם עַרְטִילָאִין אִינוּן דְאִיתְעַרְטְלוּ מִן לְבוּשׁ טוּפְרָא דְאִיתְבְּרִיאוּ בֵּיהּ וַהֲווֹ חַמְיַין בְּהַתַתְהוֹן וְחַטִיטוּ לְהוֹן מְטַרְפֵי תֵּנִין וַעֲבָדוּ לְהוֹן קִמוּרִין 

7 And the eyes of both were enlightened, and they knew that they were naked, divested of the purple robe in which they had been created. And they saw the sight of their shame, and sewed to themselves the leaves of figs, and made to them cinctures.


Genesis 3:7 [Targum]


You should be asking yourself why Adam and Havah suddenly woke up to the fact that they were inhabiting an Italian nudie painting. Were they too stupid prior to feel the breeze on their bum or notice the strong emphasis on skin tones? How is it possible that the sight of their nakedness was a point of praise one moment and disgrace the next? Being set apart is not the same as being morally ambiguous. The simplest answer is most often correct. Because they had previously worn clothes until the moment when they didn’t. You will tell me that Genesis 2:25 in the Hebrew Masoretic frames a picture in which “they were naked and unashamed,” but that is only to contrast when, a little later on, they were naked and ashamed. It is why the verse prior states:

בְּגִין כֵּן יִשְׁבּוֹק גְבַר וּמִתְפְּרַשׁ מִן בֵּית מְדַמְכֵיהּ דְאָבוֹהִי וּדְאִימֵיהּ וְיִתְחַבֵּר בְּאִינְתְּתֵיהּ וִיהוֹן תַּרְוֵויהוֹן לְבִישְרָא חָד

24Therefore a man shall leave, and be separate from the house of the bed of his father and of his mother, and shall consociate with his wife, and both of them shall be one flesh.


Genesis 2:24 [Targum]

The command given to us is to do as Adam and Havah did. Take our clothes off and become one flesh. That is, make a child. If we follow through with what they were instructed to, then we will become imitators of the Creator without shame. The Christian answer seems to suggest the notion that humanity was somehow intended as a nudist colony and that everyone was wonted to walk around showing off their private business until they realized the lifestyle was evil rather than good, via forbidden fruit, though I have never seen a satisfactory explanation for it. Ignorance is bliss, I guess. Are we expected to believe snug fitting underwear is the result of sin and that Adam preferred the chaotic sway of a pendulum? Context is everything.

Ironically, the nudist lifestyle is an explanation best ornamented by the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Mind you again, nakedness within the shared bed of a man and woman is not a shame. However, when viewed by others, nakedness is a sin. Always has been. Leviticus 18:8 instructs us: “Do not uncover the nakedness of your father’s wife; it is the nakedness of your father.” Even assuming Adam and Havah inhabited the world alone, you figure the subject of clothing would eventually come up, once the children came along. Remember, the instruction to become one flesh, which is the forming of a child via seed planting in the womb, predates their rebellion. Therefore, clothing was expected.

If you’re paying attention, what follows is a total perversion of Yahuah’s command. And at any rate, we have just read how they were created in purple robes. That is because they were intended to be vested high priests over humanity and all of creation. Psalm 8 again. Another thing about Christianity is that they will have you believe the Law was never intended for nor given to man until Sinai, and if so, they are grossly in error. Earlier on in chapter 2 we read:

וּדְבַר יְיָ אֱלהִים יַת אָדָם מִן טַוָר פּוּלְחָנָא אָתַר דְאִתְבַּרְיָא מִתַּמָן וְאַשְׁרֵהּ בְּגִינוּנִיתָא דְעֵדֶן לְמֶהֱוֵי פְּלַח בְּאוֹרַיְתָא וּלְמִנְטַר פִּקוּדָהָא

15 And Yahuah Elohim took the man from the mountain of worship, where he had been created, and made him dwell in the garden of Eden, to do service in the law, and to keep its commandments.


Genesis 2:15 [Targum]


Hopefully you will come to terms with the fact that humanity, beginning with Adam and Havah, were intended to be administrators of the Torah long before Moshe threw down Aharon’s rod. Even at its return, the Edenic vision will not be complete without Torah. This is what Yahusha meant, as our second Adam, when he said:

17 Do not think that I came to throw down the Torah and the Prophets, on the contrary, I came to confirm. 18 I say unto you in truth, that not one word will be diminished from the Torah – that it would not be performed until the end of the world.”

The Hebrew gospel of Matthew 5:17-18

Understanding mankind’s desire to do away with Torah gives a much clearer picture of what the tree of knowledge of good and evil actually stood for. Adam and Havah were already wise, as the Targum states: “And both of them were wise, Adam and his wife [Genesis 2:25].” Therefore, the tree of knowledge did not bring wisdom. Only death. Like the serpent before them, Adam and Havah sought wisdom apart from Yahuah’s set-apart ways. There are two ways in life, you see, the path of righteousness and the path of destruction. The blessing and the curse. The menorah or the Christmas tree. Both are symbolized by the tree of life and the tree of knowledge. Proverbs 14:12 reminds us: “There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.” You too can pick door number one or door number two, Yahuah’s wisdom or your own.

After their transgression, the tree of life may have been hidden from man, but the decision remains. We are given a choice in or day to day actions, the tree of knowledge of good and evil or the tree of life. You shall see what I mean as we continue on.


וּדְבָבוּ אֵישַׁוֵי בֵּינָךְ וּבֵין אִתְּתָא בֵּין זַרְעֲיַת בְנָךְ וּבֵין זַרְעֲיַת בְּנָהָא וִיהֵי כַּד יְהוֹן בְּנָהָא דְאִתָּא נַטְרִין מִצְוָתָא דְאוֹרַיְיתָא יֶהֱוְיַן מְכַוְונִין וּמַחְיָין יָתָךְ עַל רֵישָׁךְ וְכַד שַׁבְקִין מִצְוָותָא דְאוֹרַיְיתָא תֶּהֱוֵי מִתְכַוֵין וּנְכִית יַתְהוֹן בְּעִקְבֵהוֹן בְּרַם לְהוֹן יְהֵא אָסוּ וְלָךְ לָא יְהֵי אָסוּ וַעֲתִידִין אִינוּן לְמֶעֱבַד שְׁפִיוּתָא בְּעִיקְבָא בְּיוֹמֵי מַלְכָּא מְשִׁיחָא

15 And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between the seed of thy son, and the seed of her sons; and it shall be when the sons of the woman keep the commandments of the law, they will be prepared to smite thee upon thy head; but when they forsake the commandments of the law, thou wilt be ready to wound them in their heel. Nevertheless for them there shall be a medicine, but for thee there will be no medicine; and they shall make a remedy for the heel in the days of the King Meshiha.


Genesis 3:15 [Targum]


Take a mental note of the fact that the serpent has a son. I went so far as to highlight it in red so that you wouldn’t miss it. Havah did not need to wait another dozen weeks to realize she’d missed her period. The announcement has already been made. His name is Kain.

There’s more to this passage of course, and that is obedience to the Law. If you tell me this is demonstratively fake news (as Yahuah’s Torah has finally been done away with once and for all, says Christianity), then I will direct your attention to Revelation, where we see the same serpent from the garden at war with the saints. If there is a war going on, then we should probably ask ourselves, who are the saints, and what is the qualification for sainthood? Revelation 14:12 tells us.


12 Here is the patience of the qodeshiym: here are they that guard the commandments of Elohiym, and the faith of Yahusha.


Revelation 14:12 [Cepher]


Commands of the Father and the faith of Yahusha. The two are dependent upon the other. Revelation 14:12. Got it. The tree of life will be a healing medicine for the nations, and those who eat from the tree of life will be administers of Torah. It’s all there in the Genesis Targum. See how we can know the end from the beginning and vice versa? Satan was at war with those who kept the commands in the garden, and he will be at war with the same sort until the end of time.

His job title is in the name. Satan. He hopes to accuse you of breaking the Law. Convincing you that the Law has been done away with is even better. Therefore, if you choose to forsake the commands or claim they’ve been done away with, then by definition, the accuser has won. “But when they forsake the commandments of the law, thou wilt be ready to wound them in their heel.” The houses of Israel and Yahudah were tossed from the land and disbanded over the face of the Earth due to their obstinate attitude towards the Law. However, there would be a medicine in the days of the King Meshiha.

Reading on.


לְאִינְתְּתָא אָמַר אַסְגָא אַסְגֵי סְגוּפַיִךְ בַּאֲדַם בְּתוּלִין וְעִידוּיֵךְ בְּצַעַר תַּלְדִין בְּנִין וּלְוַת בַּעֲלִיךְ תְּהֵי מַתְוָךְ וְהוּא יְהֵי שַׁלִיט בִּיךְ לְמִזְכֵּי וּלְמֶחְטֵי

16 Unto the woman He said, “Multiplying, I will multiply thy affliction by the blood of thy virginity, and by thy conception; in sorrow shalt thou bear children, and to thy husband shall be thy desire, and he will have rule over thee unto righteousness or unto sin”


Genesis 3:16


Consider how the monthly cycle of minstrel blood makes a woman ceremoniously impure, according to Leviticus 15. Between that and the pain of childbearing. the connection to Havah’s rebellion is not confused. Havah would not scream out at the pain of bearing Kain and Habel because she simply ate from a piece of fruit. But what of Adam, you ask. Well, his clothes were off, for one. This tells us that intercourse between Satan and Havah was a shared event. Perhaps Havah invited him in and he only partook in the fruit while he watched. For this reason, in the very least, he would labor for something as simple as a meal.



Notice the order of events. Havah conceives a twin son with her husband only after first conceiving a son whom she dually calls a man and the Angel of Yahuah. The message is clear. Satan wanted to mold Yahuah’s prized creation into his own image. Even from the very moment when the Word of Yahuah promised king Mashiach’s arrival, thereby toppling the newly founded confederacy of darkness, the serpent set out to destroy Adam’s entire lineage.

Kain murdered Habel.

Still, if there is any more doubt as to the picture being conveyed, we finally learn in the following chapter that Adam took one look at Kain and realized Havah’s child didn’t look like him.


And Adam lived a hundred and thirty years, and begat Sheth, who had the likeness of his image and of his similitude: for before had Hava born Kain, who was not like to him; and Habel was killed by his hand. And Kain was cast out; neither is his seed genealogized in the book of the genealogy of Adam. But afterwards there was born one like him, and he called his name Sheth.

Genesis 5:3 [Targum]


I had promised to give the importance of serpent seed as the crux of my closing argument, but if you’re a regular reader of my work, then you already know that all spooks are related. The children of Kain as the lineage of Satan exposes everything about the world we live in. They are our governors and politicians. Our entertainers and musicians. Our discoverers of Science. Theorists. Story tellers. Philosophers. Explorers and inventors. Our writers of history, architects of the American dream, Pharmaceutical wizards, plantation Slave Masters. I told you, you would have to choose how to live your life according to this knowledge, because there is a conspiracy against the Most-High, and it involves the kings of the Earth. Their goal is to aid the dragon in his war against the set-apart ones. Those who keep Yahuah’s commands and the testimony of Yahusha. Everything they offer is a counterfeit to the real thing, and more importantly, a distraction. Even the tree of life they dangle like a carrot is a knock-off. You too can have a slice of the pie, but Babylon is only set up to enslave you.

Readers often challenge me as to the reliability of Scripture when in fact the creation story, Eden story, tree of life story, Watchers story, giants story, flood story, and Babel story can be read on every earthen continent, just as assuredly as the Mystery religions can be found in every ruinous and habitable city alike. The worship of the serpent is everywhere. This, they say, adds credence to their argument. Contrarily, the devil is in the details. It is only Enoch, Genesis, and the writers of Scripture who exposes them.

I choose to believe that.




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