The Psalm Project: Psalm 25

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Of David





Unto You,


Do I lift up

My nephesh,

My living, breathing essence

Of self.


In You, O, ALOHIM,

Am I secure.

I throw my burdens

Onto Your back.

I fear nothing.

I do not blush

With shame

Nor turn pale

In disgrace.


You, Who are

The Power and Authority

Of Yashar’EL,

Do not permit

Those who huff and puff

In anger,

Those who breathe heavily

In their wrath—

My haters—

To exult over me.


Yea, indeed,

No one who clings to You

Shall be confounded.

Let those who deal fraudulently,

Who act covertly without purpose

Be silenced.


Lead me

From Your trails,


Point out the direction

For Your path.

Teach me

The way I should travel.


Show me the directions

From Your correct path,

Guide me

In the firmly fixed trail.

For You are the ALOHIM

Of my Yeshuah.

From the rising of the sun

Unto the going down of the same—

Every moment—

I cling to You.


Call me to mind;

From the womb of Your favor,

Prick Your memory,


And Your outstretched hand,

Your zeal and ardour

These I will experience,

For, from as far as I can see or observe,

To the edge of the horizon

And beyond.


Behold, my missteps,

When, as a child,

I left the path


Alone and lost,

And do not call to mind

My youthful rebellion,

When You observed

How I had to eat my words.

According to Your ardour and zeal,

On account of Your character and Your name,

Let these prick Your memory,



Functional and correct,



Is the Self-Existent, Eternal One,


Therefore, He will point out

The path

To those who bear their shame.

He will direct them

In the way they should travel.


The meek—

This one who endures

Injuries rather

Than seek revenge—

He will tread with his feet,

The pathway of YAHUWAH

YAHUWAH—He will point out

The directions for the trail

To the afflicted.


All the ways of YAHUWAH are

Eager and ardent desire,

Benevolence and mercy,

Zeal and kindness.

And His Ways exist

As the firmness of truth,

The stability of faithfulness,

The uprightness of fidelity

Unto the descendants

Who keep to His path,

To those who guard

The besieged city

Of His testimonies

And His precepts.


On account of Your name

And Your character,


Show Yourself gentle,

Lift me up

From my depraved actions

And from the missteps

That carry the penalty of death,

For my trespasses are numerous.


What man is this

Whose strength and understanding

Trembles before YAHUWAH.

This one shall point out the trail,

He shall guide others

In the chosen and approved

Course and manner of life.


This one

Whose nephesh—

The living,



Essence of self—

Exists functional and upright;

He shall find lodging

For the night,

He shall continue

To dwell;

His offspring,

The seeds he has sown,

Shall take possession

Of ha’eretz—the land.


The secret counsels


Are with those

Whose works,

Whose strength and understanding

Tremble before ALOHIM.

This one shall intimately,

Completely and utterly

Know the cutting

Of the covenant.


My eyes shall daily,

Morning and evening,

Even for perpetuity,

Look toward EL YAHUWAH.

For He shall cause me

To issue forth,

As from the womb,

To be delivered

From the net spread out

For my feet.


Turn Your face,

Regard me;

Be favorably inclined

Toward me.

For Your beloved,

Only begotten one—

I am wretched and poor,

Meek and afflicted.


The seat of my affections,

My emotions of my mind,

Which have been pressed

Into a narrow place

By my flinty adversary

Have become wide

And spacious.

You did lift me up

Out of my distresses.


See and observe

My affliction,

Look intently

Upon my wretched state

And my weariness

From my labors.

Lift me up

From my stumbling.

Bear me away

From my missteps.

Return me to Your path.


Look intently

Upon my haters,

See and observe

My adversaries,

For they are multiplied

Into the ten thousands,

And with violence

And cruelty

Do they hate me.


Keep watch

Over my nephesh,

Save my living, breathing

Essence of self,

And take me away;

Let me not blush

With shame,

Nor grow pale

In confusion,

For I flee to You,

My Refuge.


The full measure of safety,



And that which is true and upright

Shall keep watch

Over me,

For I am bound

In expectation,

I am strong and robust

As I await You.



Cut free Yashar’EL

From all the vexations

Of her adversary!

Pamela Glasgow

The Psalm Project represents my desire for a deeper understanding of the Word of YAHUAH. It is not a mechanical translation, a one-word-for-word exchange from Hebrew to English. We have those. This is a lyrical adaptation of the many possibilities hidden in the Hebrew, arranged with consideration for the poetic and musical intent of the original writer. I pray you are as enriched in the reading as I was in the transcribing.

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