Biblical Food Laws: A Beginners Guide

by | Sep 12, 2022

Yahuah, in creating all the animals of the air, water and land of earth, knew the purposes of each creature and, in His wisdom, also knew which animals were fit to be eaten by His people. Some animals were created to be decomposers, filters or cleaners of the earth, and so therefore unclean and unfit for us to eat. These creatures could, and still can, make people sick or give them dangerous parasites.

Yahuah therefore provided us with a list of clean and unclean animals in His Torah, so that all those who believe in Him would be kept healthy and set apart to Him!

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Eliyah lives in South Africa with her husband and to two out-of-the-box children. As a daughter of Yah, her aim in life is to draw closer to The Most High, to learn about His Truths, to live life according to His will and to live it intentionally and meaningfully.

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