How Much Did Your Truth Cost?

Guest Writer | Pauly Hart

I had just gotten Toasty and Gondor some grass from outside; they hadn’t liked their new diet at all. It was healthier, but my boys just wanted to eat the junk cat food I found at the dollar store, instead of the healthier food that cost a little more. Silly cats think they know best. At least they wanted a little salad from the lawn and I was happy to oblige their tiny tummies. Now, if I get too much grass, Gondor would hog it all and end up vomiting on something important. If I got too little grass, Toasty would meow at me in constant complaint, letting me know of my sins. You can’t please everyone… And when you do, you pay for it. The best option is to do the best you can with what you have and pray for good results.

When I first set out to write this piece, I was chatting with some friends on Facebook about great book resources for Christians who believe in God’s Word about our earth. Many, if not most, know that I am an adherent to the Bible’s description of our earth—that it is stationary and non-rotating. I’ve been tested and found faithful to God’s Word over this. The exegesis is plain. The diagnosis is clear. The prognosis is apt. YHVH, the God of the Bible, created a stationary enclosed earth. You can disagree with me, but it’s not my opinion. It’s not even a cool opinion. It’s not something that I would have come up with… It’s just what the Bible says.

Now when I say: “The Bible,” what I mean firstly are the first five books. “The Pentateuch.” Secondarily I mean “The Tanakh” which is what Christians call: “The Old Covenant” or “The Old Testament.” Thirdly, what I mean is the “Protestant Canon” which is the four Gospels, the Epistles, and the Apocalypse of John. Not that I disagree with any of the other synoptic texts, but I cannot call them: “Scripture.”

So, I’m an adherent of (and to) “The Word” or “The Bible.” As a child, my dad had me memorize Psalm 1. And when he gets all over me about “Taking the Bible too literally” I challenge him to show me where Moses had written any metaphors. My father is a scientist, but, dang… He’s brainwashed into thinking that peer review trumps the scientific method. Oh, I pray for his mind and heart a lot. His great fault (in his opinion) is to find me “guilty” of having become a Biblical literalist.

At any rate, there I was chatting on Facebook about how good information should be free and that we should give because we have been given to, and a young man (evidently a disciple to strange prophets) called me slanderous names because his hero had written a book and was charging, like, $30 for it. I was very abrupt with my candor, being frank and honest, and told him that charging that much was to fleece the flock he had sworn to uphold. The disciple used the old trick of ad hominem and berated my character in slanderous ways that was not Godly whatsoever. All this in a “Christian Flat Earth Group.” Yes… “And they will know that you are my disciples by your love for one another.” I suppose the man was the disciple of the wrong guy. Maybe we should look to Christ, and not Pastors, for our truths.

I was plugging “my books” as free to the public and commenting how great it was that things were free and how God’s truth should never be sold for profit. I espoused the viewpoint that Christ exhorted his disciples in Matthew 10, “Freely you have received; freely give,” and that’s what I was doing. Chiding mildly those who pay for knowledge as Simon Magus wanted to in Acts 8. I mean, I didn’t call anyone a “child of the devil” or anything, but you would think that I had.

I didn’t expect the backlash of hatred.

But that’s what I got.

“You can’t say that just because someone charges, he’s wrong.”

“Your work is probably inferior.”

“You just copied what they wrote.”

“You’re a thief.”

But let God be true and every man a liar. Dallas Quinley, a hero for the faith, once sent me a tome of information on God’s stationary earth, that I used in researching for the writing of my book, My Flat Earth. I was able to put several pieces into place in 2017 and publish the book to Amazon and Kindle because of this wonderful man, and the help of all of my co-authors. He was such a blessing and gave so much to my work that thanking him publicly is the best thing I can do. Not that he proved to me anything that my heart did not know already, but there he was, freely giving me all of his research… The only thing to do is to freely give it back to others. Again… You know… Matthew 10.

With the Scriptures at the forefront, and books like Jasher, First Enoch, and Jubilees to work from, I was able to piece together what the Bible was really telling me in a cohesive work. I didn’t do the work, the Lord did the work through me… But, while writing My Flat Earth, I felt more like a librarian sorting things together into a cohesive analysis about one certain subject. A compiler for God as it were… I was just the instrument… Yet an instrument is a lone voice without the orchestra around him. It is the work of others that made my work shine so bright. It was the work of the Lord, YHVH, that made us shine at all.

I was blessed to have John Conrad, Micheal Fuller, Adam Gray, Brengle LC Lalhimpuia, Jessica Mason, Todd Monachello, Brad Pubwaite, Travis Seidenstriker, Thomas Thompson, and Dani’al Amatyahu all work with me. Without their help, the book would have been not much at all… Maybe only a few chapters.

I think of all the biggest names in the faith, and think of their selfless sacrifices; I think of all the biggest names in “Flat Earth” and think of all our selfishness. I am still astounded on a daily basis to learn that the first shall be last and the last shall be first. Or, rather, did I know that all along? Those who serve others will be blessed in the end, by the greatest servant of all… The Man, The Messiah, The Word: Christ. Those who seek to blow themselves up or puff themselves out, will be the least of the brothers.

Maybe it’s not astoundment (which I don’t even believe is a word) or perhaps astonishment that I find those who have compiled before me puffing themselves up and letting money become their reward for their labor. I am constantly reminded of Matthew 6, “And when you pray, do not be like hypocrites. Oh how they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men. Truthfully I tell you, they already have their full reward.” That’s it. “TO BE SEEN BY MEN.” That’s how we survive the fight for the holy. The verses directly preceding this one mark the instance with more clarity. “So when you give to the needy, do not sound a trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the street, to be honored by men. Truthfully I tell you, they already have their full reward. But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. Your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.”

So then, the reward is the knowledge in itself? Or is the reward in the giving? Like with my cats: “The best option is to do the best you can with what you have and pray for good results.” I think back to doing the work. Yes, it was thrilling; yes, it was exciting and new and fun! But, what then, would be the result of the compilation? What would I do with the book once I had finished it? The answer was plain and simple: Give it away… Or charge as little as I could when I did charge at all… Enough to pay the printers.

But even in the writing of it all there are a thousand questions that I have to ask myself to stay meek and lowly so as not to puff myself up in my own mind, or in the mind of others. When I write a book: Do I put my name on it? Do I publish under a pen name? What can I do to remain holy? The first step that I have come up with is to not charge for truth. And I’m not all the way there yet. Publishing on an open blog such as this one is a great step for my humility, and yet, I’m not there yet. There’s so much work for me to do in the meantime, I know I need to get started moving forward, but it’s a struggle. I’m sure Paul charged for his tents… But he never charged for his ministry.

And therein lies the question: How much did your truth cost?



Case Study: Bean Rooster


There is a man who pastors a small church in the swamps of Louisiana who burst onto the scene several years ago with stories of being a stunt double in Hollywood, of wrestling alligators, and of his new teaching – How to prove NASA wrong. He and I got to know each other tentatively through e-mail. I would listen to his sermons on his “divine revelations” while I was painting houses, doing my day job. I would take notes and look up the verses that he preached on. He seemed like a swell guy, who owned a lot of guns. I was impressed, and, having recently published books on the “Flat Earth” – I wrote him many times on his interpretations and his progress. Until one day, from the pulpit, he called me out as a “Judaizer” and I quit talking to him. He now sells his “revelations” on his website for $30 a book.



Case Study: Gad Boberts


Gad started following Bean a little after I did. He first popped onto Facebook as the famous “Samuel Rowbotham” but the moderators at said website made him change his name to his real name. We had a great many conversations about Jesus and the stationary earth until one day, while he was driving down to Bean’s church, we started talking about keeping the Sabbath. He was real quiet with me and I felt I had broached a topic that was taboo for him on keeping the Ten Commandments. He soon stopped talking to me and now insults me online. This is from the guy who swears he was never a “flat earther” to begin with. He sells his book for $20. Not as pricey as Bean, but still. That’s a load of cash for a poor boy just trying to get by.



Case Study: Ptolmy Zerbaz


I got to know Ptolmy online around 2015. He’s one of the first people that I had ever heard of actually say out loud that he believed the earth to be motionless. We had some quick email exchanges. I knew he was a reprobate from YHVH and did not serve The Lord, but he pointed out several glaring issues in my “religion” and I encouraged him to seek repentance through The Messiah, but he refused. So be it. He lives in South East Asia and charges for his material. But he also releases some material for free. Since he is not a saint, I cannot condemn him for working inside the world to that end. Every man must eat. He’s woken a lot of minds, and whether he wants to admit it or not, it’s all to the glory of God.



Case Study: Joel Radcliff


I met Joel Radcliff (and on this website also known as Noel Hadley) randomly on Facebook when I heard he was going to visit “Answers in Genesis” – I asked him if he would challenge any of their pseudo-evolutionary beliefs and he said that he might. This was after he had written his first flat earth book. We’ve had great conversations and I actually spoke to him today about this article that I’m writing. “Truth shouldn’t be sold,” was the result of our conversation. And he’s right. He’s admitted to me that he’s had a change in stance on how to receive money relating to truth-telling… None at all. He expressed to me that when you attach a dollar sign to receiving money, you become a slave to that dollar and your accountability is now relegated to a finite thing, instead of to The Infinite Person. He’s a wise man, and he’s obviously holier than I am… I’m still charging money for certain materials.



Case Study: Strobe Amoeba


Strobe, the man of action that he is, has been called names before for his stylized way of presenting Biblical truths. As a small point of reference, I ran a Facebook page in his name, up until recently. He’s a TV star, a bodybuilder, a web-designer, a book publisher, and a movie-maker. He’s your all-around GI-Joe superhero in a box type… That he believes the same things as I believe (for the most part) is miraculous. But he’s been kind of a jerk to me. The larger his “ministry” gets, the more he seems to be a servant to the dollar, and not the Word. One day, during the course of our conversations, I asked him why he believed that The Natash had sex with Eisha in the garden of Eden, and he quit speaking to me. So, I let him go. Sure, he’s got great teachings, and they’re all for sale, but… Nah…



Case Study: Gad Rompson


Gad is one of the most fun and most erratic people I’ve ever met. He’s YouTube famous (if that’s a thing) for accosting people and telling them about the Stationary Earth. I’ve known him for a little while and helped him with a Facebook security issue once at 2 in the morning (long story). I agree with him and his ideals, but not so much his strategies. He makes money from the truth by selling mini-stickers, and mini-flyers, and by taking donations. This is almost the only thing I can understand as far as spreading the truth. To get a little green for printing and distribution? Sure, yes, fine. To accept donations? Sure, yes, fine. He’s super busy now. He doesn’t write, he doesn’t call. He was in jail the other day for being bold. Poor kid. I hope he doesn’t get shot that way too.


Case Study: Rapier Walls


Rapier is an independent researcher that came up with some astounding information in 2014, around the same time that Ptolmy and Strobe did… And his was the first publication from a Godly perspective that I found to be of any large merit that had real life data along with Scripture. Rapier published the information on his website but took it down within months. It was too contagious and too infectious and too much of a mind-blow for his normal audience. He is famous for the creation of free materials… This one was just too good for the Hoi Polloi to swallow. Although it was free… It was redacted. I found it among three broken PDF’s and put it back together to share. He gave his blessing, and that’s all to that topic.



Case Study: Zany Whim


Zany is one of those heroes that no one hears about. A working single mother who still has time to create infographics (so-called: “memes”) and share them with others. She preaches to whomever she meets, in real life or online, no matter who it is, she has time for them and loves to share what she knows to be the truth. She’s not written any book, nor pamphlet, nor carved her name into history with a great work of art… Yet she preaches all the time, and, even though she has kept her family afloat through the most difficult of times, she loves God with all her soul, heart, and mind. Her money comes from regular labor and she gives away the truth for free.


So then, what is the level of “love” that I can attribute to the dollar sign and still call it “love?”

What is the level of “Godliness” that I can attribute to the workers of content creation when it comes to the subject of “the stationary earth?” How can we measure people who give freely? Are we even supposed to measure? What could come from measuring? What good can be gleaned from understanding the measurements?

Philippians 1:9  tells us: “And I pray this, that your LOVE MAY ABOUND yet more and more in knowledge and IN ALL JUDGMENT.”

So then, shall we judge our brothers? Sure. I guess you could draw your own conclusions from my experiences on zeal, works, love, profit… But it goes against my grain to spell it out for you. Rather, I think that I should go ahead and do a case study on myself, so you can also glean from the information: And I hope to be impartial and honest… As much as I can be.



Case Study: Paul Blart


Paul started writing about the flat earth in early 2016 after being convicted of his long held beliefs that something was wrong with Star Trek. He wrote a missive, called an epistle, about it, among his other writings, and them went full bore and wrote “My Flat Earth” along with others. He let them do all the marketing and made a few dollars, which he tried to pay his co-authors with, but most refused. He released the book for free on the website and then wrote another book that was pure exegesis on, mostly, the book of Genesis, with co-author Grant Brussels. That book is also free. He writes other books for profit because he thinks one day, someone will think they’re cool. His “truther” books are set at near the bottom of Amazon’s price structure, sure, but there’s a lot more he could do. He’s not zealous, has few friends, and tries to be a good husband.

There you go my fellow earthlings. In case you’ve missed the joke, it’s not Kevin James I was speaking about, but myself. Let us judge then, if judge we must, for we are all called to judge the ekklesia around us. Are we our brother’s keepers? Yes.

I’m going to start in the most obvious place for the worldwide ekklesia in today’s modern times. The big old chunky list that Paul wrote to Timothy, the list of the qualifications of “Deacons.” It’s super long and full of insight but I’m going to seriously paraphrase.

Deacons must be dignified, not double-tongued, not drunks, not greedy for money, doctrinally pure, tested, above reproach, dignified, not slanderers, temperate, faithful, having one spouse, a good house manager, and a good parent.

That’s at least, the gist of the passage in 1 Timothy 3. It’s a good one, full of worthwhile study… But for the sake of this piece, I’m going to just arrange the judgements into broad categories, mostly grouped by two.


Judgement #1 – They possess dignity with truth.

Judgement #2 – They aren’t covetous for gain.

Judgement #3 – They are Godly and proven.

Judgement #4 – They keep their mouths pure.

Judgement #5 – They are loyal.

Judgement #6 – They are a good family leader.


And sure, let’s go ahead and throw in the Galatians 5 stuff. Love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. But I think more importantly… Or perchance I should stress MOST importantly, many of the world’s greatest flat earth Bible teachers have forgotten the sermon that the Word-Made-Flesh gave. We call them “The Beatitudes” for whatever strange reason. I will paraphrase a little. You can look them up. I’m sure you know where to find them… And if not, then find the “New Testament” and flip forward 3 to 10 pages.

1) Be a servant of all.

2) Have empathy.

3) Be patient.

4) Pursue righteousness.

5) Be merciful.

6) Be pure.

7) Be a peacemaker.

8) Be such a good person that others blame you for stupid shit.

The owner of this blog, our great and wonderful Noel Hadley, wrote a book about one of the pioneers of the movement, Patricia Steere… Coincidentally, this entire blog is named after the story’s pursuit in that book.

Now, obviously, one can look at the modern “Flat Earth” movement and find some pretty awful examples of not following the beatitudes. Whether it’s Noel, or Patricia, or Dallas Quinley, it doesn’t matter. What does matter are the questions:


Should the pursuit of the truth cost money?

Should the sharing of the gospel contain a dollar sign?

Should we (those who scribble for nibbles) be paid to write about the truth?

Is writing the truth blasphemous? Don’t we already have The Bible?

Are writers supposed to be lowly in stature and nature for service?

Are writers supposed to be exalted above others in achievement?

Is writing better than digging ditches?


I’ll not be answering any questions now, nor do I think I shall be answering them any time soon. That is up for you to decide. That is up for you to retain wisdom and judgement. You are best suited for your own opinions.

I just want you to be aware that you don’t have to pay thirty dollars for someone’s collections of Bible verses and logical arguments. I just want you to be aware that the truth shall set you free. I just want you to be aware that men are not gods. I just want to be aware that I could charge $300 for a book and it would be more valuable to you than a free book because you’ve been programmed to think that way. I just want you to be aware that those who live righteously can often write garbage. I just want you to be aware that those who live horribly can write tomes of righteousness… Maybe.

Pursue good knowledge, yes.

Pursue righteousness, yes.

Pursue wisdom, yes.

“Whoever breaks The Commands to the smallest degree…
And teaches others to do likewise to the smallest degree…
Will be called the smallest in the kingdom of heaven…
HOWEVER! Whoever practices and teaches The Commands
Will be called the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”


Pursue that.

Practice and teach the Commands of YHVH.


I love you.


-Pauly Hart



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