When Does YHWH’s Day Begin?

I INVITED author Diane Covher to contribute an article sometime late last year and now here we are on the fifth article. Zen Garcia has often stated that the only reason he's never written a book on the lunar-solar Sabbath is because Diane Covher has already been...

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Behold, Tomorrow Is New Moon Day

BEHOLD, TOMORROW IS NEW MOON The placing of the new moon dayYHWH’s timepiece and calendar is a finely tuned watch with the main spring and cogs and wheels.  Having the correct day for the beginning of each of His months is one of those cogs.  This is what we will be...

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The Potpourri Calendar of Today

pō″poo͝-rē′   noun A combination of incongruous things.We have been brought up in a society that we have been told is the way it is and the way it always has been. Take for instance the calendar and keeping time today.  What calendar do we use?  Where did it come...

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