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I INVITED author Diane Covher to contribute an article sometime late last year and now here we are on the sixth entry. Zen Garcia has often stated that the only reason he’s never written a book on the lunar-solar Sabbath is because Diane Covher has already been covering the subject so extensively. I myself have pointed out that I do not follow the lunar-solar Sabbath calendar. Not yet, at any rate. However, I am more than pleased to host the discussion here. The information which Diane presents is invaluable to the world of research. 


Diane Covher was born  in 1951 in St. Paul,  Minnesota into a family of six. She has always been fascinated with small things (miniatures) and the details of small things. Her attention to detail has earned her  the reputation of not only being a superb housekeeper but also rarely forgetting the details of life no matter how far back you go.

Diane has pursued, researched, and followed the leading of her heavenly Father to uncover His truth in this matter since 2011.  She loves YHWH with all her heart.  The most important thing to her is following up on every puzzle piece to put this truth together for others to read. To follow YHWH’s instructions is life.

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