Loving the Most High: A Torah Beginners Guide

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Now that we have had a real in-depth look at how we should love our neighbour, I’d like to return to the most important of the commands – that we should love YAHUAH the Most High with everything that we have within us! But who is YAHUAH that we should love Him? Is He the judgmental and cruel God that so many believe Him to be, who completely changed His mind to only love and being nice by sending His Son? Has He changed? Or is He eternal, never-changing? Before I dive into the “how-to’s” of loving the Father, I’d like to have a look at who He really is, let us look to the Word to learn more about who YAHUAH is, who He was, is and always will be!

PDF: Loving the Most High

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Eliyah lives in South Africa with her husband and to two out-of-the-box children. As a daughter of Yah, her aim in life is to draw closer to The Most High, to learn about His Truths, to live life according to His will and to live it intentionally and meaningfully.

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