IT HAPPENED like this.

Marina Abramovic was visiting with shamans in Finnish Lapland, presumably in 2016, when one of them explained to her the purpose of the Trump presidency. They had gotten together in ritualistic seclusion, eating very little and choosing a long stretch of solitude, dreaming dreams. And then it happened. They dreamed the same dream. Abramovic referred to it as collective dreaming.

“The best thing happening on the planet right now is Donald Trump,” the shaman confessed.

Abramovic gasped, “How is this possibly the best thing to happen?”

Because he’s so irrational. That’s why. Because he’s so crazy that he’ll actually be used to create the awakening. “We have had another guy and another guy and everything is similar,” she explained, and with Trump, global consciousness will finally wake up. “He’s so different than anything else. He’s the magician who is waking us up.”

Marina Abramovic actually went there. She called Donald Trump a magician.

A magician is someone who leads people to enlightenment. Abramovic knows what she’s doing. She’s directing our attention to tarot, of which the Magician card is numbered One. And it’s not a coincidence that The Economist made the very comparison in December of 2016. But notice what she did there. She also called him crazy and irrational. That can only mean she’s also referencing the Fool card, numbered zero in the deck. One and zero. Fool and Magician. Donald Trump.

Here’s her direct quote, spoken from a stage during a live interview. I attempted to transcribe it the best I could.

“In Lapland there is a group of them in the shamans there who do something called collective dreaming. They will go together in seclusion and do rituals with, you know, eating very little food and being in solitude for a long time, and they will go and dream the dreams. And the dream have to be called ‘the same dream.’ So, coming out of this dream this one shaman told me that actually, the best thing happened is in this planet right now is the Trump to be the president. I said, ‘How is this possibly the best thing to happen?’ He said, ‘Yes, because-because he’s so irrational. He’s so crazy that it’s actually create that awakening, that we finally wake up, because before we have another guy and another guy and everything is similar. But he’s so different than anything else. So actually, he’s the magician who is waking us up.”


The Trump Card: All The World's Staged, Master Level Occult ...


In tarot, the Magician is associated with the planet Mercury. This is alchemy. He is seen standing with one arm stretched upwards towards the Universe, the other pointing down towards earth, connecting the spiritual realm with the material. As above, so below. It is therefore the Magician who uses this symbiotic relationship as an intercessor to create and manifest his goals in the physical realm. He is the conduit by which energy is converted into matter. The typical Magician tarot depicts four items on the table before him—a cup, pentacle, sword, and wand. They are the four elements. Water, earth, air, and fire. The Economist substitutes these symbols for four houses, which the Magician is creating from a 3D printer, and the virtual reality goggles reminds us that everything is an illusion. The typical Magician card depicts a belt which doubles as an ouroboros, a snake eating its own tail. The Economist however keeps to the infinity symbol above his head. We are reminded that Trump wields unlimited eternal resources, to implode and expand the material realm.

Trump is a Wizard. We can expect great things out of him.


经济学人》说,2017年的世界运势就在这8张塔罗牌里了 | The magician ...




THE HEBREWS saw time as linear. Contrary religions surrounding Canaan did not. For the Hebrew however, there was a beginning (creation), a middle (Messiah), and an end (apocalypse, and again, Messiah). Some will argue against this point, and to be clear, I understand perfectly well the cyclic feast days on the Hebrew calendar. The seven holy days are eternally stacked upon one another, but that is not to say Scripture’s Messiah, whom we know as Yahushua HaMashiach, is fashioned after some Saint Germain prototype, who has come and gone in order to guide the various enlightenment’s, appearing in flesh throughout the ages. Nor will humanity be expected to fall back into sin once Yahushua makes all things new and the redemptive story concludes. This is important. A linear telling is very likely how most of my readers process the days we live in. The kingdom of heaven and final restoration of all things are soon approaching. Not so, however, for the secret society and neophyte.

For the Occultist, the apocalypse is nothing more than an unveiling. They are pulling back the curtain so as to give meaning to the symbols which have always been before us, and thereby initiating everyone. The other day I had a ten year-old telling me about the eye of Horus as a capstone of the pyramid and how the Illuminati manipulates everything from behind the scenes. I asked him how he could possibly know such a thing. He shrugged. What kid doesn’t?

Like the Big Bang itself, time is an eternal cycle of ever-expanding and constricting material objects within the womb of the Mother goddess. Out of chaos comes order. This is precisely why, I believe, catastrophes like the destruction of San Francisco, the first and second World Wars, the Spanish flu, the Plague, and September 11 are gravely important to the breathing rhythms of the New World Order. When we look back upon history, either real or imagined, we can undress orchestrated Big Bang events, like the primordial soup explosion that was Rome contracting into the abysmal dark ages and then expanding again with the Renaissance.




This circular (non-parallel) doctrine or eternal cycle of life, death, and re-birth, is something called the Ouroboros, and is represented by a snake eternally eating its own tail. The Ouroboros is what Plato described as the first living thing in the universe. An immortal, perfect creature. It should not surprise us to find that the Ouroboros which, once translated from the Greek, means “tail,” “food,” and “I eat,” originated from spiritual Egypt—the Egyptian Book of the Dead; the Mysteries of Isis—furthermore arising from the chaotic waters before creation, and was therefore adopted into Neo-Platonic Gnosticism and Hermetic-ism.

Essentially, alchemy.

When the narrative of history—including the modern day events we find ourselves in—is manipulated into an Ouroboros construct, the grand wizards of our society are aspiring for spiritual transcendence through magic.

In The NeverEnding Story, you’ll probably remember that the Ouroboros is essential to the plot. Though “The Nothing” is completely destroying the astral-realm that is Fantasia, it is through the boy (the son of Aleister Crowley’s ‘Moon Child‘) and the Empress (who the boy furthermore names ‘Moon Child‘), that creation expands again through the act of sex magick. If you recall, the Empress and Moon Child’s adolescent union in the vagina space fortress quickly materializes the fortune dog-dragon into a real creature on the material plane.

They’ve conjured a demon. Sex Magick.

If you haven’t already, then I suggest you read my papers on Aleister Crowley and sex magick. The Day E.T. Visited the U.N. and Tom Cruise. My children and I have been referring to the coronavirus as The Nothing since its conception. COVID-1984. There is indeed a war in heaven. Chaos reigns supreme. Trump has likewise declared war upon “the invisible enemy.” That enemy lives within you. Try not to let cognitive dissonance win the day. The Nothing is destroying everything in order that our own reality in the astral realm (and therefore, in cyclic fashion, here on earth) might be manipulated and created anew. To the Occultist-mind, order comes out of chaos. This is precisely why the COVID-1984 planned-demic mirrors the ancient alchemist constriction of a global cosmos. Corporations are expanding from their own primordial soup in order to actively chew, swallow, and digest the old world into alchemical poop. The phoenix or whatever. The capstone is finally touching down upon the pyramid. A ten year-old could tell you that.

And wizards are behind it all.


Picasso to Abramović: introducing our 2020 exhibitions | Blog ...




MIND YOU, Trump isn’t the only Wizard directing his fingers between the ethereal and material realm, making things happen on the television. For anyone paying attention, Microsoft’s co-founder has totally exposed himself. Bill Gates. On purpose too. He’s a wizard. He’s a wizard. And in case you missed that. HE’S A WIZARD.

Meanwhile, I’m encountering individuals who are justifying why they’ll take the U.N. and Rockefeller-backed ID2020 implant when it’s rolled out by attempting to assure me (in a rather cyclical deductive argument): they’re not deceived. Therefore, ID2020 cannot possibly be the Mark because, you see, they’re not deceived.

“Where’s the spiritual component, Noel?


We return once again to spirit cooker Marina Abramovic who, on April 10, 2020, was featured in a promotional video for HoloLens 2, a pair of mixed reality smartglasses developed and manufactured by Microsoft, kind of like the VR glasses Wizard Trump is seen wearing on The Economist’s tarot card. In the commercial, the Aleister Crowley protege mixes menstrual blood, breast milk, urine, and sperm into a paint mixture, and then writes the following message:


Well, if that doesn’t sell software, then I don’t know what will.


Jean Coleman


Sure, the backlash was strong. Silly Billy was pressed to take it down. But it tells you right there what’s going on. Billy-Boy is openly showing his hand. He’s binding the entire world under a spell. At present, there is no page for Spirit Cooking on Wikipedia. I looked. Marina Abramovic however does. Follow along. I have often stated that Wiki likes to detail the accomplishments of spooks in their introductory sentences. Abramovic is no exception. Here we read: “Her work explores body art, endurance art and feminist art, the relationship between performer and audience, the limits of the body, and the possibilities of the mind.” I hope you brought your A-1 steak sauce because that’s a mouthful of spook. If you haven’t already, I suggest you read my papers on Jackson Pollock and it’s direct follow-up, Andy Warhol, in order to better understand how the CIA created art as a weapon against us.

What I want you to specifically pay attention to is Abramovic’s use of art to explore “the limits of the body, and the possibilities of the mind.” As above, so below. I found nothing on her Wiki page which remotely suggests her devotion to the works of Aleister Crowley, but I suspect his absence serves a purpose. In 1996, Abramović compiled a cookbook of “aphrodisiac recipes” with Jacob Samuel called Spirit Cooking. These recipes, which included breast milk mixed with sperm, were intended to evoke “instructions for actions or for thoughts.” Also, spirit cooking is an invitation for spirits. But Wiki leaves that little detail out. Spirit Cooking is sex magick.

In a 2013 Reddit Q&A response to a question about the occult in contemporary art, Abramovic said: “Everything depends on which context you are doing what you are doing. If you are doing the occult magic in the context of art or in a gallery, then it is the art. If you are doing it in different context, in spiritual circles or private house or on TV shows, it is not art. The intention, the context for what is made, and where it is made defines what art is or not.” This is the deductive argument which Wikipedia wants to leave you with. The official narrative is hoping to pull the wool over your eyes. Follow along, and try not to let your head hurt.

“Occultism isn’t magic if it’s art.

Marina Abramovic relies upon art in her magic.

Therefore, Abramovic’s occultism is just art.”


Faux Generosity: How Bill Gates Bought His Power and Influence


Microsoft’s co-founder only recently called Apple founder Steve Jobs a Wizard. Yeah, you heard me right. Bill Gates said: “I was like a minor wizard, because he would be casting spells, and I would see people mesmerized. Because I’m a minor wizard, the spells don’t work on me. I could not cast those spells, but I’d see them and I’d say, ‘Hey, don’t!’”

Please take a pregnant pause to think about that for a moment. Schedule as much time as you need. If Gates is only a minor Wizard, and both he and Jobs successfully pulled the entire world into a spell, then we can only imagine the power of grand wizardry with the Illuminati’s antichrist. If you’ll recall the 2016 Gotthard Tunnel ceremony, the makers of that engineering marvel clearly ascribed their capability to Baphomet. It’s straight out of Enoch. Watcher know-how. You can read my paper on the Watchers’ contributions to humanity here. Worthless Mysteries. Also, their release from prison. Watchers Released. Much like Microsoft’s commercial featuring Abramovic, what we are witnessing is ritual magic. Crowley encouraged an attitude towards art whereas the magician’s imaginative willpower might be imposed upon the world. Mostly, it’s all about the subtle spiritual virtues. Mm-hmm, kind of like Marina Abramovic.

Oh, that’s right, performance witchcraft doesn’t really exist. September 11 wasn’t performance witchcraft. The Space Shuttle missions weren’t performance witchcraft. The Titanic wasn’t performance witchcraft. John Lennon isn’t performance witchcraft. Walt Disney World isn’t performance witchcraft. Because Wikipedia and Marina Abramovic don’t believe in performance witchcraft, even though it is the most common usage of magic in the occult world. Meanwhile, there weren’t enough people who bought her cookbook, so Marina Abramovic is invoking a recipe for demon possession upon the entire world.

Enlightenment thinking craftily blended the Mysteries with thinly-veiled Christian values through music, paintings, masonry, and Science, in order to blind the masses and massage the world, bind and enslave it really, into the spell of antichrist system. The intent, the impressions, and the resulting belief is everything. And personally, I believe Apple and Microsoft were employing Crowley-stylized ceremonies all along. Only now, they’re bringing it out into the open.

Everything hidden is uncloaking itself.


History-Changing Entrepreneurs Like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs Are ...




Federal Reserve

IT WOULD feel pretty good, wouldn’t it? Clinton in cuffs. Pope Francis on trial. IRS goes bye-bye. CIA shredded into a dozen pieces. Classified becomes declassified. Rome exposed. The political, corporate, religious, and Hollywood elite arrested worldwide. You know, drain the swamp. All these things, Q-Anon promises. Its entire narrative from beginning to end is dripping with dueling psyops and spy vs spy espionage, all of which promises a climatic ending beyond anything we’ve yet to experience in human history. And it’s Trump. Trump is riding in upon a white horse. MAGA. Make America Great Again. Trump has arrived to save the enlightened. Never mind the fact that President Trump is holding hands with Zionists, or that Q-Anon promotes Trump as Superman, hence the Zionist Messiah.

“Trust the plan,” we’re told.

Just trust the plan.


Carole Radziwill Reflects on Her Bond with Carolyn Bessette ...


Several months ago I started digging into the Q-Anon Movement. I wanted to become intimately aware of the phenomena currently sweeping the worldwide web. I subscribed to Q-Anon YouTube channels. I scoured Twitter for its latest Q-Anon posts. I learned that the death of John F. Kennedy Jr. and Carolyn Jeanne Bessette-Kennedy was probably a stunt in order to flush out the deep state from behind the scenes. Seemed legit, and for the record, that’s not sarcasm at all. I do believe his plane crash on July 16, 1999 was a probable hoax. Along the way I discovered something called the Saint Germain Trust Fund, but more on that in a moment because, as my research into Q-Anon’s claims consumed the hours, I found myself confronting something nearly just as disturbing as the evil it pronounces upon its enemies. While stars and stripes bleed from the eyes of its American Patriots, “Q” is an obvious worship of the Beast system—the very Beast its adherents claim to be fighting against. It’s essentially blended with New Age spirituality, all of which is cleverly camouflaged under a skin-deep Biblical facade.

For example, the personality behind “Q” appears to favor John 3:16. Q-Post #34 directly states: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

Elsewhere, Q-Post #790 (2018-02-19) states:


There it is again. John 3:16. Q-Anon’s very next post, #791, quotes from Jeremiah 29:11, and reads:

“‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’”

While Trump holds hands with Zionists, apparently Jesus is holding hands with Trump, or something to that effect. For the Q-Anon patriot, the coming purge will be a victory for God. The pimp who once pronounced himself as a handler for Playboy bunnies, an obvious MK-Ultra operation, is now an agent for God. You can read about that here. Shel Silverstein. Jesus is working with Trump to reclaim America.

Q-Post #793 claims:


And yet, the Q-Anon Movement can best be summed up in one recent tweet, where a woman wrote: “Much will be revealed when the strange trance humanity is in is lifted.” Kind of reminds you of Marina Abramovic, doesn’t it?  Put it in slightly other words, if “Q” is to be believed, we’re about to enter the long promised age of Aquarius. Evil will finally be vexed. Trump will prove himself so much more than an elite entrepreneur and politician. He will be a spiritual shaman; a miracle worker; the agent of mass-awakening. Peace and safety. If this is in any way legit, and “Q” follows through with even ten percent of its promises, then I expect whatever is waiting for us on the other side is far worse than what its online army of patriots dare to imagine. Trump is looking more and more like a substitute for Messiah.

One thing led to another, and I then started looking into the Saint Germain Trust Fun. Here is what I learned.

The Fund was apparently started nearly 300 years ago and has been compounding interest ever since. At present, and I had to check sources on this, Saint Germain’s world trust has presently accumulated over one Quattuor-decillion dollars. I really don’t know what goes beyond a quadrillion dollars, which contains 15 zeroes. Apparently, Microsoft Word doesn’t either, because spell check doesn’t even register “Quattuor-decillion.” I had to look this up. A Quatttuor-decillion has 45 zeros behind it. That’s a lot of tacos. And it looks something like this:


The Trust will be launched in the United States under the name NESARA, an acronym for “National Economic Security and Reformation Act.” Apparently, NESARA was secretly passed by the US Congress in 2000. It’s non-American worldwide counterpart is GESARA, or “Global Economic Security and Reformation Act,” and was part of the Paris Agreement in 2015.


Image may contain: 1 person, suit


That begged the next question. Who is Saint Germain?

I found my answer in Theosophy. Accordingly, Saint Germain is an Ascended Master and an alchemist who will be directly responsible for ushering us into the Age of Aquarius. He is often referred to as “the violet flame,” an invisible spiritual energy who literally appears violet to those who’ve attuned their occultist spidey senses. He’s actually promoted by master occult writer Manly P Hall and others with any number of enlightened accomplishments, including writing the plays accredited to Shakespeare, and I find his amalgamation with Francis Bacon to be of particular interest, because Bacon, as many of us know, is the father of the Scientific Method. Actually, it doesn’t take much research to conclude that Saint Germain is a stand-in for “the light-bearer.” Germain’s followers are even known as “the torch bearers.” Yeah, they’re one and the same.

But getting back to the Saint Germain Trust. The New Age Movement describes it as “a spiritually directed financial program that can be attributed back to Saint Germain.” As in, the violet flame. The light-bearer. “It was designed to provide a new economic system for the world during the time of transition.”

When the psychodramas have had their fill and the world economy successfully crashes, another intended psychodrama, the 45-zeroes in NESARA funds will first be used to buy out all corporations, banks, Big Pharma, you name it, and therefore cancel out their debt. Some suspect even the Federal Reserve will be done away with. Among NESARA’s remaining money, and there should be plenty, funds will be doled out to people.

This will be heralded as a new Jubilee.

But there’s a catch. There always is. Before the American people and the world can take part in the NESARA and GESARA programs, they’ll be required to take an oath to the Illuminati and the All-Seeing Eye.


The Eternal Oath of the Illuminati – Illuminatiam


It goes something like this.

“Upon this eternal oath, I freely pledge to:

Dedicate my mind to the discovery of knowledge
Dedicate my soul to the pursuit of enlightenment
Dedicate my efforts to the process of abundance
Deciate my existence to bringing all people, in all places, into unification
And to dedicate my life and days upon this planet to the protection and abundance of the human species

On this day of ____________


Takes this Eternal pledge”


Do you remember that episode of The Twilight Zone where the alien leaves behind his “play book” in the United Nations assembly and, once decoded, it’s a cook book? This time around, it’s a Marina Abramovic cook book. Satan is playing everyone. Eternal inheritances are at stake.

Esau threw away his birthright for a piece of bread.


Donald Trump Has Never Explained a Mysterious $50 Million Loan. Is ...




AS YOU can already tell, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Donald J. Trump. It seems like almost everybody has turned on him. I find that interesting. Let’s look at just a few names who’ve turned. The list is dizzying.

James Comey. Steve Bannon. Omarosa Newman. Jeff Sessions. Ron DeSantis. Don McGahn. Michael Cohen. Rick Gates. Michael Flynn. David Pecker of National Enquirer. Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report. Paul Manafort. John Bolton. Judge Andrew Napolitano, legal analyst for Fox News. John Kelley. H.R. McMaster. General James Mattis. John Down. Former president George W. Bush has already cast his vote for former vice president Joe Biden. Mitt Romey too. Colin Powell told CNN that Trump “lies all the time,” which is ballsy for the man who lied about Saddam Hussein’s phantom trucks before the United Nations. But whatever. Even Kim Jong Un has turned.

Just this morning I read that the European Union will be rejecting Americans from entry due to Trump’s handling of the coronavirus hoax. Trump. Trump. Trump. And the other day something about Trump’s niece, Mary Trump. She’s writing a tell-all book about him, but she’s certainly not the first. I hear John Bolton is a page turner. Those who surround his inner circle have a habit of writing for the gossip column. Makes you wonder why that is. Before you tell me it’s because he’s a soggy diaper with a god-complex, let me remind you that the drama all serves a purpose. I had begun this paper by talking about a tidbit which has only recently alerted my attention. Marina Abramovic called Donald Trump a Magician. But not just any Magician. In tarot terms, he is both the Magician and the Fool. He is intended to be the hot-headed, reckless gun slinger that we know him to be. The world is a stage and Trump was selected to fulfill a very specific purpose. The Apprentice is a Masonic ceremony. Everyone is supposed to hate him. It’s all by design.


经济学人》说,2017年的世界运势就在这8张塔罗牌里了 | The magician ...


I will refer you once again to The Economist’s tarot card, the Magician. Notice the Magician’s robe. It’s white, symbolizing purity. His cloak is red, representing worldly experience and knowledge. In order to understand the Magician’s role, we need first acknowledge that performance witchcraft is a ceremony. We should furthermore probably become acquainted with the Master of Ceremonies, or lord of the wheel, also known as the “chakreshwara.”

The chakra wheel is important. The term chakra essentially refers to the various focal points in the body used in a variety of ancient and esoteric meditation practices, all of which collectively stem from ancient Hinduism and Buddhism. Tantra is the practice, technique, and application of chakra. According to the science of tantra, the human being is his own miniature universe. All that exists within the created cosmology exists also within himself. This cosmology is a manifestation of pure consciousness, and yet, consciousness seems to be divided into two aspects—shiva and shakti. The first, shiva, represents the unchanging manifestations of reality, while shakti, being the subtler unseen realm of the psyche, has the potential to bring for the entire manifest cosmos. The tantric problem however is that the unconscious does not speak our present Babel language. It speaks in symbols. Therefore, it is through altered states of consciousness that the unconscious becomes vulnerable to reprogramming. In order for this to happen, the conscious mind must be put to bed in its altered state long enough for the symbol to be transformed. On this point, sex magick is applicable. Sexual energy, specifically arousal and the orgasm, when paired with visualization of the desired result, is a potent force which can transcend one’s normally perceived reality.

The master of ceremonies, or “lord of the wheel,” is also known as the chakreshwara, essentially the one who has mastered all the dimensions of energy within his own cosmology. Hence, the white robe and red cloak. He therefore cleanses the utensils before the meal, if you will, and officiates the opening ceremony so as to create the division between spirit and nature, ego and non-ego. Spiritual fluid runs through the blood. Accordingly, it is even more potent in the semen of men and vaginal fluid of women. Spirit cooking. The lord of the wheel hopes to ignite the Kundalini; the coiled, serpentine, female energy sleeping in the sexual region of one’s body, often bogged down in the lower three chakras, therefore keeping each practitioner dis-empowered and left unaware.

Notice how Marina Abramovic isn’t inciting the enlightenment of Q-Anon or Saint Germain when calling Donald Trump a Magician. Q-Anon is not the awakening. It’s the delusion. The slumber. But so is everything else. It’s difficult to see Q-Anon as anything other than a psyop used to pacify the gun toting right while Trump plays the part of the Maestro. Trump is doing precisely what he was intended to do, and that is to take a baseball bat to the wasps nest. COVID-1984 is the awakening. Spending trillions is the awakening. George Floyd is the awakening. Destroying Confederate statues is the awakening. Black Lives Matter is the awakening. CHOP is the awakening. Racism is the awakening. Are you following? If Rome burns, it’s because he’s playing the fiddle. And getting everyone to take ID 2020 is the end game. This is performance witchcraft. Bottom of the ninth, last inning. And they’re making slaves of us, once and for all.

It’s 2020, and if we’re living in a comic book movie, it’s because the POTUS is also the Joker.



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