2020 WILL go down in history as the year when we entered every movie genre possible, minus the traditional guy gets girl ending or basically anything worth paying the babysitter for. There are still six months to go, so the Ed Wood alien invasion movie is not yet out of the question. Seriously, it’s like predictive programming went into Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah mode. In case you’re wondering, that’s a reference to the movie which Disney has repeatedly reminded us they will never re-release, despite the fact that there’s a log flume ride based upon it, because Uncle Walt’s depiction of Uncle Remus is deemed too racist to sing a tune. In 2020, everybody’s a potential coronavirus infected racist, because we’re stuck in a zombie apocalypse film. Or put into slightly different terms, a VHS tape that needs rewound and permanently put back into the Disney vault. In Seattle, the CIA has decided we’re going with the plot line to The Dark Knight Rises. You remember, The Dark Knight Rises, don’t you? It’s the movie premiere which sponsored the Aurora shooting hoax. This time around the premiere based upon the Christopher Nolan movie is being called the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.” CHAZ for short. Or is it CHOP now? Whatever. It’s a stand-in for Gotham, and Trump is a cross between James Gordon and Harvey Dent.

The story goes that after several nights of violent protests in the area surrounding the Seattle Police Department’s East Precinct building, Mayor Jenny Durkan ordered the blue bloods to not only stand down, but hand over the entire precinct into the loving embrace of Black Lives Matter and other CIA-created entities. Follow along on Wikipedia. “The zone, covering approximately six city blocks and a park, was established on June 8, 2020 by George Floyd protestors.” There he is again. George Floyd. He’s the CIA hoax which keeps on giving and giving. You can read about our initiation into the tattoo of George Floyd here, 8:46. And it’s follow-up, attack and dethrone god. We’ll consider this yet another follow-up, albeit a brief one. More like a cheap spin-off from another coronavirus franchise spin-off.


Seattle protesters set up 'autonomous zone' after police evacuate ...


Back in the day, we had to wait every four to eight years before we could alternate between the good cop-bad cop POTUS routine. I’m convinced that President Trump is determined to play both. It’s up to us to figure out which quality of cop has entered the door with each White House press briefing. In his ongoing Twitter smack talk, like something from WWE, Trump referred to its occupants as “ugly Anarchists” intent on burning down the city. Pitted off in this present day binge watching spin-off from the George Floyd psychodrama is Mayor Durkan, who has described the occupation zone as “the summer of love,” and “four blocks in Seattle that is more like a block party atmosphere. It’s not an armed takeover. It’s not  military junta. We will make sure that we will restore this but we have block parties and the like in this part of Seattle all the time … there is no threat right now to the public.”

The press is brilliantly spinning this to custom fit their own particular brand of American sensationalism. Right-wing media will remind their viewers that the very first thing CHAZ organizers did was to build a wall. Establish national borders. In CHAZ, right-wingers will remind you, you are welcome to deliver ideologically driven speeches preaching the most extreme left-wing positions, whereas InfoWars apologists will be hauled off stage and threatened with a stick. You will also be assaulted or raped the moment the sun goes down in the autonomous zone. Contrarily, USA Today hearkened it something akin to the Burning Man festival, reporting that protesters who had previously clashed with police “have had their rough edges dulled by tens of thousands of tourists and sightseers.” Here they add, “CHAZ has morphed into what looks and feels like a mini Burning Man festival.”

So far, we have been treated to pictures of kids wearing hockey pads for security purposes and something neon which might have been borrowed from the set of Joel Schumacher’s Batman or Tron. A person is walking around in a Donald Trump mask asking people to beat him with a pool noodle. The Seattle Police Department has become the Seattle People Department. Reports insist white people are begging other white people to pick up a baseball bat and play security so that black people don’t take on the burden, apparently. The entire episode sounds like something Ken Kasey and the Merry Pranksters would whip up during a bad acid trip, and he was a spook. This is one of those stories that deserves a fifteen minute montage of Tucker Carlson’s dumbfounded facial expressions.

The New York Times declared the Autonomous Zone “a homeland for racial justice.” That should tell you everything you need to know right there. It’s all a script. And the press is in on it. CNN and ESPN are in on it. Fox News and Tucker Carlson is in on it. They so desperately want their Dark Knight Rises revolution. Groups of Antifa, anarchists, and progressive community activists did not take six Seattle blocks and a police precinct by force. Stuff like that doesn’t happen, unless it’s a movie. They were handed it on a silver platter. Scratch that. A trash can lid. The 2020 American people’s revolution is a total fabrication by a CIA-run media whose job it is to make news for a living. Seriously, it’s stuff like this that makes me miss New World Order teleprompter Greta Thunberg. Can we spend the rest of the year watching her cry again? Oh, the nostalgia. 2019 was like that cute and cuddly Mowai creature before the Gremlins showed up.


Meet Raz Simone, The Alleged 'Warlord' Of The Capitol Hill ...


From what we are told, the hip-hop artist and so-called “warlord” of CHAZ, Raz Simone, has attempted to position himself as the leader of the “No cop, Co-op” Movement, and since we’re on the subject of The Dark Knight Rises, appears to be cast in the role of Bane. Wikipedia has this to say regarding his career as a Seattle-based rapper: “Upon release of his debut solo EP, Solomon Samuel Simone, Simone garnered the attention of 300 Entertainment executives Lyor Cohen, Todd Moscowitz, and Kevin Liles which resulted in a partnership between the newly established 300 Entertainment and his Black Umbrella Imprint.” Rap music is a CIA weapon against humanity, though their bulls-eye is black people. It took me all but a minute to look up Cohen, Moscowitz, and Liles. They’re all three Jews. The name Cohen signifies someone who derives from the high priesthood of the second Temple. If you need catching up to speed on the fact that Jews run the music industry, I suggest you read the following paper. Woodstock. This is how Wikipedia passes notes in class, and they’re telling you, wink-wink, who is holding Raz Simone’s leash. The Seattle-based rapper has never left the cotton farm. And the media knows it. Also, nobody is hiding that fact. I’m just a racist for point that out and now you’re a racist for knowing about it.

Another player in the unfolding CHAZ binge-watching drama is firebrand socialist city councilwoman Kshama Sawant. Let’s just say she’s cast as Catwoman, because you really don’t know which side of the paradigm she’ll ultimately end up on. Will she blow up the barrier in the end and let the people escape or help Bane war with the cops? The media knows about her too. Sawant was instrumental in Occupy Wall Street. In a lot of ways, she reads off like Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. Omar is a Muslim, but what’s important to notice about her religious ties is that she’s only a brand of Muslim. Specifically, she’s how Americans want to ideologically perceive a politically correct Islam in the Corporate State of America, but not what Islam truly is. Islam is not a franchise but Corporate America is hell bent on making it one. I figure Kshama Sawant is the modern equivalent to whatever the CIA intended out of Hillary Clinton in the 1970’s,when she was sharing a Wigwam with John Lennon’s handler, Yoko Ono. The fact that she and Bill Clinton are both kissing cousins, rotten apples fallen from the King John family tree, is no coincidence. Their marriage was arranged. But Mary Tyler Moore tossing her hat up on a bustling New York City avenue no longer sells to the youth generation raised on nanny government values today. They need CIA groomed immigrants like Sawant and Omar to play the part.


Police station in Seattle's CHAZ should be community center: pol


I’m dealt a decent dosage of my propaganda at the gym. They spoon-feed you a dozen different Big Brother-approved television screens, catering to almost everyone’s preferred brand. That’s where I was pushed over the edge again yesterday, while attempting to flatten the curve on the elliptical machine. Some guy named Dan Le Batard was on CNN with two black co-hosts, which is another thing I’ve recently noticed. We’re no longer calling them African-American anymore. That, after so much effort convincing my generation to stop calling them blacks in the 1990’s. In 2020, they’re just black guys again. And then one of them said, “I never thought I’d live to see the day when a black man became The Bachelor.” In case you’re confused, The Bachelor is a long running Disney reality television show, whereas hot single women compete for the sole affection of a snooty alpha male, still mooching off his parents money. The show started in 2002, and the bachelor this time around is a black man named Matt James. ESPN’s response should tell you that social justice issues have now become a parody of being cast on a Disney television show. It’s the same sort of reaction that was aroused with the ending of Star Wars IX: The Rise of Skywalker several months back, when a lesbian couple kissed in celebration of Yahuah’s demise, I mean, of the resurrected Demiurge’s demise (and his armies of heaven), before the closing credits and lesbians everywhere were taking to Twitter in tears: “I never thought I’d see the day when a lesbian couple kissed before the closing credits of a Star Wars movie.” Sigh. The CIA created Walt Disney World does it again.

The United States is a Corporation and the Constitution does not apply to us. So, when it comes to corporate sponsored psychodramas like Disney, never underestimate the power of a franchise. In the 1970’s, the long-running sitcom Happy Days launched several spin-offs. Laverne & Shirley, Mork & Mindy, Joanie Loves Chachi, Blansky’s Beauties, Out of the Blue, and a kids cartoon called, The Fonz and the Happy Days Gang. 2020 is going the Marvel route by spinning coronavirus into a comic book ensemble of heroes and villains. Actors are everywhere and there’s a story line for everyone.

Before penning this article, I had to first ask myself on the elliptical machine, justify really, why I should write on something that hasn’t even been revealed yet. I have absolutely no clue how this is going to end. A friend was just on the phone asking me, What’s next, Noel?

My answer to him was this. I don’t know what’s next. But when the next happens, I’ll know.

Would I write about Waco and the Davidians only days into the siege? Probably not. Might as well wait for the fireworks. In Seattle, it’s all too fresh. And I despise binge watching. Just tell me the ending and I’ll pick it apart, piece by piece. CHAZ or CHOP or whatever is no Height-Ashbury. It’s certainly no Woodstock. It’s more like that supposed dynamite keg they keep telling us they’ve got buried under Yellowstone. At any given minute, the whole thing’s gonna blow. The press needs their revolution. They’re going to milk their coronavirus spin-offs for everything it’s worth. And they’re going to make certain that Yahushua’s prophecy, ethnicity rising against ethnicity, comes true.

CHAZ is going places. Apparently, it’s where you hang in 2020 if you’re a kid and want to meet a real girl outside of Facebook and maybe even burn an effigy. Basically stay dope. Because life in 2020 is a binge watching psychodrama parodying itself. Nobody’s even trying to hide that fact anymore. It’s all a video game. Bread and circuses, and something about Nero playing the Fiddle while Rome burns. Players are wanted.

Seriously, though. Do the cool kids still say dope? I’m asking for a friend.



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