The Unexpected Cosmology

‘Books of the Natsarim’ Preorder and TUC Club Release! - ‘The Books of the Natsarim’ TUC Club Release and Pre-Order! Join the Club ADAM Fink and I go way back. Back to the very beginnings of his ‘Parable of the Vineyard‘ YouTube channel. Back before all those extra-Biblical books he’s explored over the years, and even before he went Torah. And so, I am not […]

TUC Store Sale! New Book: ‘Biblical Cosmology’ by Pauly Hart! - The TUC Book Club and ‘The Cave of Treasures’ Release! Join the Club OUR very first book for the TUC Readers Club is finished and has already been sent out to our ministry partners. We had a wonderful turnout of supporters. Thanks go out to Rebecca L. Gould for the beautiful work on ‘The Book […]

The Book of the Cave of Treasures is released! -

Announcing the TUC Book Readers Club & 2023 Conference -

John McAfee Didn’t Kill Himself - I HAVEN’T the faintest clue if John McAfee owned an apartment at the 12-story beachfront that collapsed last month, let alone the city of Miami, or if the missing Tweet, which testified to the files he’d stored in the fated condominium, holds a smidgeon of truth to it. What I do know is that the […]

About That Scene In the Movie Where Bill Cosby Walks -   BILL Cosby was released from prison after a short three-year stint, but are you really surprised? I’m not. Cosby accepted his slice of the pie back in the Sixties, and again in the Seventies, and then again in the Eighties, living gratuitously off the Powers that Shouldn’t Be. Eventually, you have to pay your […]

COVID Vaccinated Are Being Tracked via 5G Cellular Towers - HAVE you rolled up your sleeve yet and taken the jab like a good boy or girl? If so, then you’ve been chipped. But that’s really not a very big deal, is it? I figured not. Try to refrain from too much excitement over your new pet collar. Why a slave would beg their Masters […]

Can We Still Talk About Kyle Rittenhouse? That Was a Hoax. -   REMEMBER this kid….? Kyle Rittenhouse. He gunned down three protestors last summer in the streets of Kenosha, and I kept my mouth shut about it. You see, conservatives everywhere were making a case for him, including an overwhelming number of Truthers on social media, despite the painfully obvious fact that it was another staged […]

About That Mohsen Fakhrizadeh Assassination Hoax -   YOU’RE PROBABLY already telling yourself that war with Iran could not possibly happen based upon the assassination of a single person. Then remind yourself once again of Franz Ferdinand. The Elders of Zion needed their first of three World Wars, and it resulted from a single corpse. Ferdinand was probably a hoax. I say […]

Ghislaine Maxwell Did Not Kill Herself - THE CORONER said it was suicide. But you and I know that Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself. No guards were around. The little red light on every video camera was suspiciously turned off. Most will not recognize the irony. Epstein spent his life recording elite crimes. Those whom he blackmailed did not return the […]