THE CORONER said it was suicide. But you and I know that Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself. No guards were around. The little red light on every video camera was suspiciously turned off. Most will not recognize the irony. Epstein spent his life recording elite crimes. Those whom he blackmailed did not return the favor by videotaping his suicide. That being said, the story of Jeffrey Epstein isn’t about a rich billionaire abusing underage women, some as young as 14 years-old. The story of Jeffrey Epstein is about a rich billionaire who is entrapping powerful people even more powerful than himself and then blackmailing them after the fact. That is not to say I’m convinced that Jeffrey Epstein actually died, but such inquiries are completely unimportant to the larger implications for our own lives, and from what I’ve so far seen or read, very few if any seem to grasp them. Jeffrey Epstein is predictive programming, which makes him and everyone else involved a character in a Truman Show movie. If you can grapple with that fact, then enough is said. The End. This paper is brought to you by my commercial sponsor, TANG.

If you’re still confused as to how agent Jeffrey Epstein’s imprisonment and suicide is somehow part of the intended script, then let’s flesh out a few more details before addressing the ramifications.


The Gall of Ghislaine Maxwell | The New Yorker


Just the other day I was trying to recall where I was when Jeffrey Epstein was handcuffed. On July 6, 2019, I had just published an article on the rape of Patricia Steere by her accuser, probably one of the most defining papers of my career. We were locked up in a tower built by the flamboyant Apollo-worshiping King Louis XIV, which straddled the French-Swiss border, and I hadn’t slept in several days. Dean Odle and about a hundred of Patricia’s other tormentors were losing their minds online. I looked to my wife and said: “We need a vacation, now.” We were either in Venice or Salzburg, Munich or Bern, perhaps even staring up at the Matterhorn, when Epstein first appeared in the news, and thus totally missed out on the conversation. He was dead one month later, on August 10. That would place us in the whereabouts of Loch Ness. So, you can imagine my surprise when stumbling upon all the talk from my friends that “Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself.” The world is spinning at dizzying speeds for a flat, motionless plane. Take a break from the false narrative on the flat screen for a couple of weeks and one risks falling miserably behind.

By now everyone probably knows that Ghislaine Maxwell is more of a central figure in the Jeffrey Epstein narrative than even Jeffrey Epstein. If you still need caught up to speed, Ghislaine Maxwell was Jeffrey Epstein’s longtime girlfriend; his lover; his Jewish madame; his life acquaintance; his partner in crime. It kind of makes you wonder about Bonnie and Clyde. The 1967 Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker film made spook Warren Beatty a lot of money. Maxwell’s arrest is essentially the sequel to a 2019 summer blockbuster. With the last go-around, everyone was upset that their favorite villain was killed off before he was allowed to talk. You know how Batman director Tim Burton dropped the Joker from a ledge, played by Beatty’s Laurel Canyon friend Jack Nicholson, another royal spook, a moment or two before the closing credits? Fans of the franchise were pissed. This is kind of like that, but it’s okay, because now we’ve come to learn that Epstein was never really the center of anything. Sure, Epstein may have been the face of the operation. But he was also disposable. It was Ghislaine Maxwell who lured his women to the honey pot. Victim Virginia Fray claims Ghislaine Maxwell was directly responsible for grooming her for some royal creep named Prince Andrew. She was 17 at the time. That was Maxwell’s job, to recruit young girls, and in some cases join in with the sexual ritual.

Maxwell was Epstein’s handler.

Epstein was arrested on July 6, 2019 on charges of sex trafficking minors in Florida and New York. Soon after his incarceration, Ghislaine Maxwell went into hiding. Her whereabouts would be likened to Where In the World is Carmen San Diego? She was documented the following month in California, making In-N-Out a photo-op. Rumors persisted that she was being protected by the State of Israel, and was later spotted in Paris just before France’s coronavirus quarantine began in March of 2020. On the morning of her arrest, July 2, 2020, almost one year to the day of Epstein’s, Maxwell was retrieved in the small town of Bedford, New Hampshire. And now that she’s been brought in by the same Southern District of New York investigators as Epstein, essentially vice cops, one can only wonder if she’ll share the same pathologist. Michael Baden.


Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein's alleged madam: Meet the British ...


Epstein rose to influence only after meeting Ghislaine Maxwell, but more importantly, after being introduced to Ghislaine Maxwell’s father. This informs us that there are far larger players in the blackmail scheme than Ghislaine. Robert Maxwell was a newspaper baron in the United Kingdom and a Yiddish-speaking Jew who escaped Nazi occupation in the modern day Ukraine. His part in the Czechoslovak resistance, and connection to communist leaders, played a crucial part in the Czechoslovak decision to arm the State of Israel during Jacob Rothschild’s 1948 Arab–Israeli War. The entire Maxwell family has close ties to the Rothschild’s. Actually, the people whom he can be found standing next to in pictures is a who’s-who in the world of Zionism. Names include Henry Kissinger. And obviously, Rothschild’s. So, right away, you know this guy was in deep. On November 5, 1991, Maxwell took a plunge from his yacht in the Canary Islands, supposedly suicide. Mm-hmm. Sounds legit.

Here’s the problem I have with Robert Maxwell. Wikipedia tells you he’s a spook. They lay the case right out there for you. I take umbrage with that. Wiki states, Robert Maxwell “was a British media proprietor, Member of Parliament, suspected spy, and fraudster.” Do you see what they did there? In a world where hardly anyone pulls the curtain back on real spooks like Jack Nicholson, Wiki wants you to believe they’re doing the heavy lifting for you. Also, “suspected spies” are fraudsters, because real spooks, people like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, or Bill Gates, are people whom you can apparently trust. Under a section titled Mossad allegations, Wiki further writes: “The Foreign Office suspected that Maxwell was a secret agent of a foreign government, possibly a double agent or a triple agent,” and “a thoroughly bad character and almost certainly financed by Russia.” Oh dear. Triple agent. Bad character. Financed by Russia. That’s a mouthful.

Maxwell was a member of Mossad. He was given a state funeral in Israel. He’s buried in Jerusalem. But don’t you dare relate his life as a spook to the fact that he’s also a Jew, because then you’re an anti-Semite. If the word “anti-Semite” has immediately invoked your mind to wander towards the holocaust, and how the Zionist and American governments and the CIA and Zionist owned media would never lie to you about something like that, then you’re doing precisely what they’ve trained you for in uncomfortable moments like this. When in doubt, turn to the holocaust as a default while your mind reboots, and mourn for what the Illuminati and Steven Spielberg films insists Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels did to the Jews.

Just look at the above photograph. It’s father-daughter day at the baseball stadium. Maybe they’re at the race track. Perhaps they’re watching their nephew’s t-ball practice. I don’t know, you tell me. But from the look of things, you’re inclined to believe an undercover journalist is taking shots from a high powered lens and neither Robert nor Ghislaine Maxwell know about it. Even while seated together, we’re expected to believe they’re speaking some espionage dialect. All that Maxwell’s official narrative tells me is that Big Brother is once again welcoming us into their unfolding drama, whereas fiction blends with reality, and that melting cauldron is television. Epstein and Maxwell are Bond villains. The irony is that even imagined Bond films are used as a weapon against you.

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How Jeffrey Epstein Used the Billionaire Behind Victoria's Secret ...


Another central figure in the unfolding Epstein/Maxwell drama is billionaire businessman and Jew Leslie Wexner, Maxwell’s go-to. Epstein made most of his money from business ties with three men. Leslie Wexner, Donald Trump, and Bill Gates. The official narrative, via The New York Times, claims Epstein and Bill Gates met in 2011, despite Epstein making a butt load of money with Gates as early as 2001. But even the MSM dangled that last fact like a carrot for your consumption. As the richest man in Ohio, Wexner is the founder and chairman emeritus of “L Brands,” a holding company for such firms as Victoria’s Secret, Abercrombie and Fitch, Express, and Bath & Body Works, and he’s a major donor for Mormon Mitt Romney. In February 2020, only one month before the coronavirus quarantine, Wexner announced the sale of a majority stake in Victoria’s Secret and stepped down as CEO of L Brands, but that’s probably none of my business.

In the early 90’s, Les Wexner and the Bronfman Brothers co-founded a group of some ten Jews which was referred to years later in The Wall Street Journal as “the Mega group” or the “study group.” Movie mogul Steven Spielberg is a member, as is well-known hedge fund manager, Michael Steinhardt. Mega has ties to the national crime syndicate, which was formed in the 1920’s. Think Jewish mob. Oh sure, they’ve rebranded as philanthropists. But if you’ll recall, J.D. Rockefeller was a philanthropist. That’s precisely how billionaires with ulterior motives lull us to sleep, through public relations and a gleaming eye. Les Wexner’s tax attorney Arthur Shapiro was whacked in 1985. Though the crime was never solved, the Columbus Ohio police report thought to discuss Wexner’s ties to the mob. And I’m inclined to speculate if Shapiro has genetic ties to OJ Simpson’s hoax attorney, Robert Shapiro. The national crime syndicate has deep political and intelligence ties to the U.S., but far more importantly, Israel. Political policy depends upon the mob. Les Wexner was the best of both worlds. He was working for the Jewish mafia. He was working for Zionist Israel. THE END.


BBC World Service - Newshour, Ari Ben-Menashe on Sudan, Mugabe ...


There’s also Ari Ben-Menashe, Israeli intelligence. Because we just can’t get enough Mossad in the unfolding Jeffrey Epstein drama. As you will correctly assume, Ben-Menashe worked with Maxwell’s father. Also, Maxwell knew Prince Andrew years before they were known to have met, and actually grew up with the royal family. I’ve included a picture of Ari Ben-Menashe photo-bombing an otherwise perfectly content chair in a rather strange room. I mean really, it’s a strange photograph, is it not? There’s a couple of decorative books on the desk and a vase on the shelf. Everything else is empty.


Ghislaine Maxwell arrest sends shockwave through Epstein's celeb ...


Precisely one month ago I wrote a paper on a who’s who in the spook community based upon their ability to stand next to spook William Burroughs, but mostly Andy Warhol, which you can read about here. Andy Warhol. It once again involves spook Jack Nicholson. This time around, I decided to revisit the people standing next to Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein. For example, Mick Jagger was photographed having dinner with Ghislaine Maxwell. But he also simultaneously had dinner with both William Burroughs and Andy Warhol. That’s quite an accomplishment in the spook world. Sure, there are many notable new faces to be found standing next to Epstein and Maxwell, but only because they’re a generation removed from Burroughs and Warhol. Mick Jagger is just old.

Courtney Love wins the prize for having a former husband (Kirk Cobain) photographed with William Burroughs, while she herself can be found standing next to Prince Andrew. Really, it’s a tangled web, and essentially the same circle of spooks. The people found standing next to Epstein or Maxwell include the following names. Bill Clinton. Donald Trump. Stephen Hawking. Lawrence Krauss. Alan Dershowitz. Tom Barrack. Mort Zuckerman. Woody Allen. Larry Summers. William Barr. Ken Starr. Steven Pinker. Roger Schank. Harvey Weinstein. Kevin Spacey. Chris Tucker. Katie Couric. George Stephanopoulos. Chelsea Handler. Sergey Brin. David Blaine. Alec Baldwin. Ralph Fiennes. Ted Kennedy. David Koch. Bill Richardson. Bruce King.

Ghislaine Maxwell comes off like the latest Where’s Waldo book. I’ve included a picture of her at Chelsea Clinton’s 2010 wedding. Hillary Clinton apparently didn’t mind that Maxwell is likely the person responsible for luring Bill to Epstein’s sex island. Perhaps it’s because the Clinton’s own involvement in Iran-Contra revolved around the covert activities at Arkansas’ Mena Airport, which involved the CIA front company Southern Air Transport, and occurred while Bill Clinton was governor. I do have a point to this, because a few years into the Clinton presidency, Les Wexner and Jeffrey Epstein had a part in relocating Southern Air Transport to Columbus, Ohio. Ohio officials made a point of suspecting that Wexner’s company, The Limited, was more than likely smuggling for the CIA.


Elon Musk denies knowing Ghislaine Maxwell after 2014 image ...


Elon Musk can be found standing next to Ghislaine Maxwell too. In February 2018, the founder of SpaceX claimed his Tesla Roadster served as the dummy payload for a Falcon Heavy test flight and became an artificial satellite of the Sun. In other words, he claims to have launched an electric sports car into space. Elon Musk makes many claims, including one recent claim, that Ghislaine Maxwell photo-bombed him and that he otherwise in no way knows the woman. Mm-hmm, seems legit. Hair slightly disheveled. Bow-tie crooked. Still sporting spots. We are expected to believe a slosh-faced Musk asked a random photographer to take his own portrait and cougar Maxwell, always salivating for the opportunity to rock the cradle, dashed across the room. Also, after being photo-bombed by Ghislaine Maxwell, Musk claimed to have introduced Epstein to Mark Zuckerberg. The only thing more ridiculous about Musk not knowing Maxwell is the fact that Zuckerberg and Epstein needed introduced by him. Musk’s claim to a Tesla Roadster in space is more believable. They’re all spooks.

Look at that shady deal going back on stage left. The far likelier scenario is that this was the annual company Christmas party at Langley and everyone was busy discussing how to screw with our heads. “Let’s tell everyone we’ve lost the technology to return to the moon and then make the gullible sheep think we’ve sent a Tesla Roadster to space! Bwa-ha-ha!”



You may be confused as to why I added a picture of Justine Musk standing next to five tricycles and a dog after discussing Elon Musk getting photo-bombed by Ghislaine Maxwell. What I have to say is completely off topic, but not really, because this, like everything else, is a fabricated reality. The photo originates from a 2010 Marie Claire article, allegedly written by Justine Musk, shortly after their divorce in 2008. Clearly, Justine Musk photo-bombed five tricycles and somebody’s dog. If you tell me it’s because Justin Musk had five children with Elon Musk and didn’t get around to cleaning up the yard before the photo-shoot, I will remind you that the article in Marie Claire, again, supposedly written by Justine Musk, talks about Elon Musk and yet makes absolutely no mention of their children, and that’s odd. It’s very odd, especially since she decided to have someone associated with Marie Claire photograph her with five empty tricycles and a dog. I’ll let you think about the implications. The world is a stage, just like this photo. The narrative is a script. And they’re constantly screwing with our heads.


Prince Andrew's decades-long friendship with Ghislaine Maxwell ...


Speaking of photo-bombs, why would Ghislaine Maxwell stand in the background of Prince Andrew’s London house while he posed with his arm around Virginia Roberts? She was 17 at the time. You have to remember, at the turn of the millennium, we were still taking photos with Kodak 35mm roll film, 24 exposures, or 36 if we were feeling especially motivated, all of which would have to be developed at the local 24-hour photo stand. For all I know, this same roll also included several shots from Prince Andrew’s vacation to Catalina and that awkward picture of Queen Elizabeth II blowing out her birthday candles. My entire point is, if you’re luring sex slaves into your home, you’re probably not going to pose together and get caught doing it unless the big reveal some twenty years later is part of the psyop. Then again, perhaps Prince Andrew is simply an incompetent nerd. You tell me. Contrarily, why would Virginia Roberts 501c3 non-profit organization, “Victims Refuse Silence,” use a symbol which invokes the monarch butterfly for those who she’s attempting to reach? Everything about the Epstein case feels as natural as the cover to a Michael Jackson album.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s presence in the photo doesn’t make any sense either, unless the praying mantis were simply leaving her calling card. Maxwell knows how to manipulate everyone. Then again, so does the CIA created media. We’ve established the fact that Epstein was entrapping wealthy world leaders with minors, but for the record, this is exactly what Hugh Hefner did. He set up a video recorder over a bear skin run, drugged a couple of underage girls, and then invited the wealthy elite to enter through one of Warren Beatty or Jack Nicholson’s underground tunnels. Entrap. Blackmail. It’s a Hollywood pastime. Black Dahlia. Is it any wonder that the casting couch was investigated and tried only after his death? The Hef ran a CIA-backed Mk-Ultra program. He was a spook. Bill Cosby invested an exuberant amount of time in the Playboy Mansion before being pointedly cast as America’s dad. That’s how they invert morality on a subconscious level. I wrote about that here. Shel Silverstein. And while residing in the Playboy Mansion probably makes Cosby a rapist by default (come on, it’s an Mk-Ultra beehive), I’m willing to bet his accusers were faked, every last one of them, because that’s precisely how the CIA inverts our televised reality, with reality television.

We are told more often than not that the FBI and the CIA are here to expose the bad guys. But fact of the matter is, the FBI and the CIA were never created nor designed to help us. They’re here to entrap us. If they’re feeling especially frisky, maybe even move the furniture around in our home while we’re gone for the day. Swap out a gold fish. Make your daughter’s KITTY KARRY-ALL doll go missing and then frame her younger brother for the crime, because the CIA probably had a hand in writing every episode of The Brady Bunch. Child trafficking is state sponsored. Some people are finally picking up on that fact, which is the entire point of the Epstein narrative. And if you’re wondering why they’re bringing their operations out into the open now, it’s because there’s a changing of the guard. This isn’t the 1970’s anymore. They don’t need to lure some rich middle aged white guy into a basement with a leather-clad German woman named Helga and a drugged under-aged Mk-Ultra in order to blackmail anyone. They can entrap you in your home. They have the internet. They have your cell phone. They have your television. They’re recording everything we do. Skynet has already taken over the world. They don’t need to dig up dirt on Trump or the next presidential candidate. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s sins are already recorded. If they release anything to the public, they’ll do so as part of the script. Impeachment investigations might as well be scripted by chain smoking monkeys clapping away at typewriters in a back room.


Letting Jeffrey Epstein's Pals Off the Hook | The New Republic


Before concluding this paper, we need to talk about Mossad and mass surveillance, because Zionism’s goal is to slap the eye of Horus onto everyone’s forehead. In Israel, there’s a company-building venture group called “Team 8.” They recently hired  former United States Navy admiral Mike Rogers, who served as the second commander of the U.S. Cyber Command and 17th director of the NSA. It’s main funders are Microsoft, Qualcomm, Cisco Systems, and Walmart. Eric Schmidt was Google’s former CEO. He currently sits on the US Department of Defense’s Defense Innovation Advisory Board and he’s funding the project as well. They’re all represented on the National Security Commission for artificial intelligence. That’s really what Team 8 is about, introducing A.I. into corporate society. Mass surveillance is being implemented under the cover of COVID-1984. As the capstone is finally set down upon the pyramid, Horus has his eye pressed upon everybody.

Another Israeli surveillance start-up company, “Carbyne,” was funded by Epstein and a guy named Ehud Barak. Small world. It’s replacing the 9-11 call system in the U.S. with the intended purpose of netting all the data from your smartphone, should you choose to call for help. With the provided data, Carbyne will not only analyze your history, but also predict what you will do in the future. In October 2019, attorney General William Barr issued a memorandum to all U.S. attorneys, law enforcement agencies and top ranking Justice Department officials announcing the imminent implementation of a new “national disruption and early engagement program.” His announcement arrived with very little fanfare. “Pre-crime” is a term coined by science fiction author Philip K. Dick. His 1956 science fiction novella, “The Minority Report,” was later turned into a 2002 Steven Spielberg film. Mm-hmm, Spielberg again. Barr’s selling point is that pre-crime is aimed at detecting potential mass shooters before they commit any crime. Do you see what they did there? The CIA invented the problem, a series of mass shooting hoaxes, in order to offer the solution.

Now, Big Brother can finger whomever they want. And that means you.

In other news, artificial Intelligence uses data and information on everyone to lead you down a predestined path.  Guest writer Justin Russell wrote a magnificent paper on this very issue. Westworld. If you’re somebody who wants to rise against the system, they’ll gladly recruit you for those purposes. If you change your mind, then Skynet will discard you and expose you like Bill Cosby. Or Jeffrey Epstein. Then again, they’re both agents simply fulfilling their intended purpose. So, there you go.

Hopefully you’re finally beginning to understand what I meant by predictive programming. This is a war of attrition. Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell are just another part of the initiation into the New World Order. They want everyone to know that the State owns you. Skynet wants to experience every detail about you on an intimate level, and just in case you haven’t figured this much out yet, Skynet does know more about you than you know of yourself. Intimately. Amazon Prime only works because Jeff Bezos anticipates what you’re going to purchase before you even get around to figuring that out. Skynet knows your purchase history; your log-in history; your online searches; your nasty online comments to other flesh and blood people; the stuff your fingers think about and where your eyeballs roam when nobody else is around. Skynet can even calculate what you haven’t gotten around to yet.

If you think about it, Yahuah the Most-High Elohim knows everything. We have a word for that. Omniscient. He is also omnipresent, which means Yahuah’s Spirit is everywhere on the earth at once. Nothing can escape His knowledge. Several lines back, I had stated that Artificial Intelligence uses data and information on everyone to lead us down a predestined path. That’s precisely what Yahuah does. The intent of our heavenly Father is to nudge our will towards His instructions in righteousness, which Yahushua followed perfectly and is the only saving path. Notice however that He doesn’t employ His divine abilities to entrap or blackmail us. There’s a great passage in Enoch, chapter IX, where-as the angels Michael, Uriel, Raphael, and Gabriel, after observing the cries which have reached the gates of heaven, approach Yahuah’s throne in frustration because the Most-High knows everything and doesn’t always share it with His own entourage.

Occultism is the flip side of that very coin. Satan can only attempt to become like the Most-High. And it’s the entire point of the A.I. machine. Skynet’s true face is its spiritual counterpart. Satan. The CIA is working with Mossad to consolidate everything and create the worship of the divine. They want to manipulate your free will by guiding you down a predestined path of enslavement and eventual destruction. And much like Bill Cosby, Jeffrey Epstein, or Ghislaine Maxwell, imagine a mock trial, like the many who will one day stand before Yahuah, only this is the moment of your execution. Before the guillotine slices your neck in two, the all-seeing eye may take an added moment to read off your history in front of a live studio audience. That is, for entertainment purposes.

Your sins are being documented.




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