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Bill Cosby freed from prison, his sex conviction overturned


BILL Cosby was released from prison after a short three-year stint, but are you really surprised? I’m not. Cosby accepted his slice of the pie back in the Sixties, and again in the Seventies, and then again in the Eighties, living gratuitously off the Powers that Shouldn’t Be. Eventually, you have to pay your dues to your Slave Masters, as productions go, and star in their latest Intel project, even if it’s reality television and you don’t like the part. Thus concludes Bill Cosby’s prison movie. What comes next for the Cosby script legacy? I wouldn’t have the slightest clue, as I’m not a crystal ball—thank Yah. We shall have to sit in the darkened theater and watch the flutter of pigeon wings on the stage very carefully, seeking a sleight of hand. At present though, he is already passing notes in class and confessing to the illusion, as we can clearly see Cosby throwing up his allegiance to Satan and the Secret Societies with the kabbalist “V.” Winston Churchill has convinced the world that the Roman “V” is for victory, but you and I know better.



Somebody posted this meme on the Intel-net over the last week or so. Don’t ask me where I found it. It’s only been a few days and already I can’t recall. Bill Hick’s hard drive, for all I know. Intel put out far superior movies in the Nineties. But that’s just a side note to the fact that the meme provided is a clever spin of Steven King’s The Shawshank Redemption, in that Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Cosby are fill-ins for Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman. All four are actors. What this tells me is that somebody else on the motionless plane is woken enough to know the Epstein and Cosby are both manufactured narratives, and that even King is a contributor to the script. No, Hillary didn’t kill Epstein. Epstein lives and the Cosby trial was a fake.

What you really want to know is my thoughts on the victims. Were real women fed a special dosage of pudding while thrust on the casting couch by Dr. Huxtable? The Media certainly wants you to conclude that fact now—don’t they? Bill Cosby. America’s dad. Rapist. Notice how they keep dangling that juicy carrot across every headline imaginable while leading you right past the front door of the Playboy Mansion, expecting you to pay it no mind. We’re constantly being dealt the underhandedness of inverted realities. Oh sure, Judy Huth claimed Bill Cosby sexually abused her in 1974, inside the Playboy Mansion of all places, while she was still 15. Has anyone in the CIA-controlled media asked the next logical question: What the hell was a 15-year-old girl doing inside Hugh Hefner’s pleasure dome? There is no possible reason that anybody would go into the Playboy Mansion except to pop pills, take their clothes off, and have sex with as many people as possible, all while being videotaped by the Hef. Bill Cosby spent an erogenous amount of time in the Mansion. The trial may have been faked, and the witnesses scripted, but Cosby’s tenure in the Mansion alone makes him a rapist. Satisfied? Probably not.


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Donald Trump partied hard at the Playboy Mansion. And when he appeared on the cover of Playboy Magazine, there’s no mistaking the fact that he was a controller. The dude surrounded himself with MK-Ultra Bunnies. You see what I’m getting at? Perhaps not. Recall how the Barack Obama administration is defined by an insane level of public school, black church, and gay nightclub shootings, and then remind yourself again how they all conveniently went away while Trump was president. Nobody else it seems is putting the two-and-two together. That is not to say that The Don didn’t green-light Intel scripts. Some of them even featured his own buddies. Epstein. Maxwell. And other members of the Mile-High club. Even the Clinton’s were a part of it. Why has nobody else made the connection?

The Coz was probably released so that they could tie up loose ends after the Trump administration came to a close, and also so that he could continue with his stand-up comedy career. That’s what we’re told, at any rate. Bill Cosby will continue with his comedy career. Seems rather desperate, don’t it? Because an 83-year-old man needs your laughs real bad. Again, not surprised. He sold his soul for it decades ago. I would say that black people are the victims of the biggest psyop ever, but white people, as well as men and women of all seventy nations, are too. The defining difference is that black people definitively receive the shorter end of the stick. All white men aren’t expected to be gay or castrated quite yet, and we’ve done fairly well over the last century in getting pulled over by Lodge brothers cops and not receiving a beat down.

Meanwhile, black comedians are forced to dress up in drag and Black Lives Matters is a CIA run psyop. Seems like they’re all pimped out. Bummer. That’s only the half of it though. The sadder reality is that people of all colors will gladly enslave their own for a slice of the Plantation. Case in point, Bill Cosby.




Hugh Hefner Demands Dismissal of Lawsuit Claiming He Conspired With Bill Cosby – The Hollywood Reporter