John McAfee Didn’t Kill Himself

by | Jul 6, 2021

I HAVEN’T the faintest clue if John McAfee owned an apartment at the 12-story beachfront that collapsed last month, let alone the city of Miami, or if the missing Tweet, which testified to the files he’d stored in the fated condominium, holds a smidgeon of truth to it. What I do know is that the June 25th collapse of the building at 8777 Collins Avenue South looks like a demolition. The demolition of the World Trade Center and Building 7 precisely twenty years ago was such a success that they’re rubbing it in our faces now. Demolishing dozens, hundreds or thousands of innocent people in the dead of night and then denying their dirty work is probably destined to become a genre in and of itself.

In case you’re still left unaware, John McAfee was arrested in October of 2020 in Spain for refusing to file his tax returns in Tennessee and concealing assets, including a yacht, from 2014 to 2018. The IRS is the Mafia and they’re not pleased when you don’t pay up. “How dare you withhold what we’ve rightfully stolen?”  On June 23, 2020, the two-time US presidential candidate was found dead in his cell after Spanish authorities granted the United States’ extradition request. Bummer.

That being said, the murder-suicide of John McAfee in a Spanish prison cell and the Miami demolition two days later are probably connected, but only superficially. The Media has gladly been swinging the McAfee residency like a slobbering Doberman with a chew toy, hoping to jaw every last squeak out of it for the sheeple’s amusement. That tells us they’ve been granted permission to do so. It also means the sheeple are supposed to hear about McAfee’s eerily predictive Tweet. Just like the terrorist passports found in New York City after three airliners, passengers, and every scrap of luggage completely dissolved into something smaller than subatomic particles. Mm-hmm, the McAfee apartment story is fake, and this time, they’re using conspiracy theorists to spread it.

I did a little digging, and it appears as though the individual who broke the apartment story was someone named Nikki Karis. Never heard of her. Lovely Dutch name though. On a side note, have you ever considered how many spooks work social media, generating rumors? Who are these trolls, and why should we argue with them in the comments section? Some years ago, I had a simultaneous online debate in an Infowars comments section with a Catholic priest and, quite separately, a Muppet Nazi. The dude screwed up and started responding for the Muppet but in the persona of his clergy avatar. I called the priest out on that fact. The Muppet then said LOL and they both immediately left. For all I know, Muppet Nazi slash Catholic Clergy had dozens of accounts, each with a different personality, political party, and purpose. See what I mean?

The Intel-net further tells us the McAfee Tweet employed by Nikki Karis was a fabricated image. Not that I care for a moment what the Ministry of Truth “fact checks” for me, nor do I need them for the task, but already I can smell it. Gas. Oh, I smell gas, alright. You should too. Deepthroat is on the job again, letting his cheeks rip. They’re gaslighting us. The Intel community is dangling our next clue. And just to make absolutely certain that those naughty conspiracy hounds take the bait, they’ve closely linked the condominium story to the QAnon crowd. Sigh. Oh sigh. Is there a more painfully obvious psyop in the history of the Truther Movement than the QAnon A.I. project? If you can come up with an alternative, then do tell.



I also managed a screenshot of the Nikki Karis Tweet. You can see that it was posted on June 25, within hours of the condominium collapse, wherein McAfee is quoted to have claimed on June 8, at 10:03 AM, some two weeks earlier:

If anything ever happens to me, please know that the 31TB of files I have are located on hard drives in my condo near 88th Street and Collins Avenue just north of Miami Beach.

Karis then writes:

John McAfee owned a unit at the building that collapsed. The address of the building was 8777 Collins Avenue South. Here is a Tweet he put out on June 8th.

John McAfee was suicided or whatever on June 23. And again, his Tweet was published on June 8, 2021, at precisely 10:03AM . Twitter for Android. The Silicon Valley entrepreneur has millions of followers. How is it that nobody else picked up on a post like that? It should have gone viral. Even if Nikki Karis was the only person to happen upon his confession and then save it to her phone before Intel managed a good scrubbing, how and why did she wait until after the condominium collapse to publish the message? Exactly. It’s a fake.

Even more humorous is the mere thought that McAfee would give the Deep State a detailed x-marks the spot where his incriminating evidence against them was stored. “Whatever you do, don’t help yourself to the key under the Welcome Mat at 123 Fake Street and steal my only blackmailing evidence while I’m stuck in prison, guys.” Wink-wink. It would be a total shame if the building was found to be…. unstable. An even better question is why McAfee would be Tweeting from a despairing prison cell in the first place. Yeah, I visited his Twitter page too. He Tweeted often. I thought they only gave you a dull pencil and a pad of paper for writing out your memoirs. What ever happened to that one phone call to your lawyer? Nope, just Tweet him, and Tweet him often. But then again, the only prison I’ve yet to enter was paid admission in an Alcatraz cell, so what do I know?

The bigger story here is that the Orwellians have become so efficient at combating Truth seekers that they’ve apparently instituted a new branch of Government just to spread conspiracy theories. The woke lap this stuff up. Even fake news is a conglomerate of the Ministry of Truth. But not everything is despairing. You are under no obligation whatsoever to believe the murder-suicide McAfee story. Isn’t that a relief? They may be poisoning our skies, but when it comes to digesting the ongoing Intel script, you can choose to breathe the fresh air in your skull. Freedom of mind is about all we have left, but even that is getting cracked down upon.

Until somebody can prove otherwise, John McAfee is in on the joke.





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