COVID Vaccinated Are Being Tracked via 5G Cellular Towers

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HAVE you rolled up your sleeve yet and taken the jab like a good boy or girl? If so, then you’ve been chipped. But that’s really not a very big deal, is it? I figured not. Try to refrain from too much excitement over your new pet collar. Why a slave would beg their Masters in the Big House to keep tabs on their every whereabouts, just to be certain that they don’t step out of line after a full day of picking cotton, is beyond me, but here we are in history. The most patriotic of slaves even forsook the old Egyptian nasal test and went for the butt swab. For God and country, I guess.

Technically, it’s not even a vaccination, so let’s start calling it what it truly is. Gene therapy. Everyone wants to become the image of the serpent. Latest craze in the barracoon, but are you really surprised? The tragedy here is that viruses aren’t even living. If your body is bloated with an excess of viruses, it’s because you’re unhealthy and your body is attempting to detox. But the witch-doctors down at the local Pharmakeia coven have convinced you differently, haven’t they? They told you to open up and say aaahhhh, didn’t they? I knew it. So ridiculous. You figure if The God-verment were really concerned about our health, they’d have agents showing up at our front door, demanding that we get our fat ass off the binge-watching couch and take several laps around the park—but no. If you need caught up to speed on why germ theory is a ridiculously flamboyant hoax, on par with a powder-faced wig-wearing French king going over his list of names with limp fingers, trying to figure out who he should behead today, then I highly recommend the following papers. AIDS hoax. Big PHARMA Exposed. Polio hoax. Malaria hoax.

Gene therapy is a topic for another time, because today we’re talking about 5G and you. Remember when our Slave Masters forced everyone into their homes and then the scenery had changed, soon as they let us out again? 5g Towers. Nearly every day I receive tips offs, news oddities, or bread crumbs from various readers. Today I am passing along one such story. It involves a hacker with a Russian accent and something which he’s only recently come to learn on the black web. Recipients of the COVID-1984 gene modification jab give off radio signals. They’re being tracked. Every moment of every day. Even while they sleep.

In the linked video below, the Russian hacker shows us the noc list and then explains: “Well, situation is like this. We know that our government is doing stuff. Mass jab stabs. And not everything—not everything is as they tell us. Heard recent news that the vaxxed database, our Sputnik vaccc, has been leaked. I dug for several days at the dark net respectively. I found this database. It can be found in open access through sit torium.”

He then wanted to see if any of his friends had been jabbed. “And I found all my friends who have taken Sputnik jab,” he said. He found one such friend named Ljosha. “Because this MCST chip is located in Ljoha’s blood circulatory system, therefore it is connected with the base station with 5G.”

We can then see all the information about each willing participant. Name. Date of birth. Address. Location. Coordinates. “Right now Ljoha is sleeping. It’s 3am.” Ljoha is at home being a good boy. Further information show that he received his first jab on February 22nd. Second in March. We even see the address where he received each jab. “And now the interesting part. Firmware. Firmware date. And the CPU info. It is what they said in the news. There it is. Elbrus, E2K MACHINE. There it is, Elbrus-e2k-e2c+. Low enough cpu frequency 496.580 MHz.” He concludes: “The data is enormous.”

It’s not like Ljoha wasn’t warned. Til death will they part.

You can view the video below.