The Unexpected Cosmology

The Trickster and Lucille Ball: Television Is Alchemy - Every generation occupies itself with interpreting Trickster anew. Paul Radin   Pedigree Has a Name   EVERY WEEK I have the habit of turning out a new paper. And then Friday rolls along, and I’ll ask myself (having already pushed the publish button) if I have enough personal encouragement or the mental tenacity to research […]

The Man In Marilyn Monroe - “…old Jack magic had them in its spell That old Jack magic that he weaves so well…” . Frank Sinatra   NOBODY KNEW they were living in Camelot until it was over. And that is because the story was spun only after its king had departed from the world stage land of the living. On […]

The Atomic Bomb Was a Hoax: Trinity Alchemists Exposed - THE ELDERS of Zion needed their Zionist State, and wouldn’t you know it, a Second World War had already been offered up on the menu. It’s all too convenient. But to pull it off, because why waste a good psyop on one meal when you can milk the cow for decades, they decided to add a little […]

Marie-Curie & the Crossroads of Mercury - “Be less curious about people and more-curious about ideas.” Madame Marie Curie GREAT MEN are selected. Women too. That’s just the way of it. It’s how the flat, motionless world spins on its axis. No, I am not bitter. Mind you, we are still dealing with the children of Cain, and I’m willing to bet […]

Enuma Elish (The Babylonian Epic of Creation) - Enuma Elish (The Babylonian Epic of Creation)     Tablet I   1   When the heavens above did not exist, 2   And earth beneath had not come into being — 3   There was Apsû, the first in order, their begetter, 4   And demiurge Tia-mat, who gave birth to them all; 5   They had mingled their […]

The Sacred Geometry of Baseball: A Masonic Ritual - AN ARTICLE on baseball would never be complete without mention of my father. I don’t know why. Perhaps this is another shrink issue and I should altogether stop writing articles on my hangups over the fact that we’re being lied to about everything. Sure, he took me to Dodgers and Angels games as a child, […]

The Problem with Stonehenge: History Is a Hoax - THE RAIN wet our faces like every other day in Scotland and Ireland or practically anywhere else in the United Kingdom. Such were the weekly weather reports. Rain. Rain. Chances of rain. Probable rain. Definite rain. Keep your boots on rain. So I guess you could say I wasn’t prepared for what we were going […]

Counterfeit Pentecost: Origins of the Tongue-Speak Deception - EVER SINCE first writing this article some two year ago, and then others like it, Pentecostals and Charismatics alike have protested my outing Charles Fox Parham as a Freemason on the basis that he was apparently no longer attending the local lodge when he started his “Full Gospel” ministry. How adorable. Mostly, they just succumb […]

Pinocchio Is Dead: The Meaning of Life According to Alchemy - ANOTHER THING that recently came to my attention, and this surprised me, was the number of home school parents who read my work. Perhaps I didn’t frame that quite right. Let’s try this again. They read my work to their home schooled children as an added bonus to their curriculum. I still don’t know what […]

Raise Your Child In Freemasonry with the Boy Scouts of America! - THE CLOSEST example that I could come up with is in the opening segment of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. ‘It’s kind of a western,’ I thought to myself, ‘in so much as it takes place in the American West, despite the fact that Boy Scouts fill each frame.’ If you’re already confused as […]