THE CLOSEST example that I could come up with is in the opening segment of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. ‘It’s kind of a western,’ I thought to myself, ‘in so much as it takes place in the American West, despite the fact that Boy Scouts fill each frame.’ If you’re already confused as to what I’m rambling on about, and we’re only three sentences in, it’s because I was laying on the couch just staring up at the ceiling and contemplating, ‘Why hasn’t Steven Spielberg directed a western movie? It only seems logical that he would.’ See, my working theory is that every movie Spielberg has ever made is essentially based upon a lie. You can read about that initial thought here. Spielberg Never Made a Spaghetti Western. Also, the wild west was a hoax, for the most part. And so, naturally, you’d think the two and two would go together.

Spielberg has only ever offered us Boy Scouts in the way of gun-slinging cowboys, but that’s okay, because already, I have plenty of material to work with. I should probably pause here and confess from the very get-go that I was indeed—a very long time ago and in another century entirely—a Boy Scout of America. Sort of. But that is only because my older brother was a Boy Scout. My father was a Boy Scout. His brother was a Boy Scout. Their father was a Boy Scout right about the time when Indiana Jones was a Boy Scout. Probably because his father, my great-grandfather, saw that it was so. And they all attained the highest coveted rank. Fact of the matter is, I never really was a Boy Scout. I was the first in the family to snub the rank of Eagle Scout, and that is by my own design. I was more of a Boy Scout drop-out, if anything. Let’s put it this way, I was the first American-born male in the Hadley family—since the invention of the Boy Scouts—who did not attain the rank of Eagle Scout. That is because I hated the Boy Scouts from the very beginning. Passionately. They only sold me on it because of Indiana Jones and a Kurt Russel film called Follow Me, Boys! If you grew up in a scouting family like my own, then you’ll know the Boy Scouts are a way of life, even into adulthood, which made me a child delinquent. I found scouting to be intellectually dull, void of character, and most of all, spiritually oppressive, without any affinity for Truth. Now I know why. They’re Masons through and through.

So many memories. But which to choose?

Here’s one. I probably wasn’t in Boy Scouts for more than a few months before I got into my first fight and sent another kid through a window.


J.J. Hardy - IMDb


If you tell me the Boy Scouts are officially unaffiliated with the Masons, I will remind you that the coincidences between the two parties are uncanny. Parallels are so easily retrieved that nothing, and I stress nothing, can be found in Scout Law that is not first discovered in Masonry. You needn’t even take a shovel to it. The first important observation to make is that each Scout must make a promise to abide by certain guiding principles and then subscribe to the Scout Law, precisely as a Freemason obliges to do. Furthermore, the Scout and Freemason must mutually believe in God, and I’m talking about the “in God we trust” sort of god on your paper money, if you know what I mean. We’re not even talking about the Catholic Jesus. The entire point of Boy Scouts is to initiate you into the cult of patriotism and then prep you for a world inhabited by Freemasonry. The entire operation is a psyop and another natural progression after handing your child a globe and a cross. It only makes sense that Indiana Jones was a Boy Scout. Wait, didn’t Indy steal a crucifix belonging to Coronado? Sigh. George Lucas and Steven Spielberg are telling you something, because in every single Indiana Jones movie, Dr. Jones was initiated.

The following derives from the Boy Scouts of America official website. Read it. Or don’t. I’ll meet you again afterwards.

Scout Oath
On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; to help other people at all times; to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.


Scout Law

The Scout Law has 12 points. Each is a goal for every Scout. A Scout tries to live up to the Law every day. It is not always easy to do, but a Scout always tries.


A Scout is:

TRUSTWORTHY. Tell the truth and keep promises. People can depend on you.

LOYAL. Show that you care about your family, friends, Scout leaders, school, and country.

HELPFUL. Volunteer to help others without expecting a reward.

FRIENDLY. Be a friend to everyone, even people who are very different from you.

COURTEOUS. Be polite to everyone and always use good manners.

KIND. Treat others as you want to be treated. Never harm or kill any living thing without good reason.

OBEDIENT. Follow the rules of your family, school, and pack. Obey the laws of your community and country.

CHEERFUL. Look for the bright side of life. Cheerfully do tasks that come your way. Try to help others be happy.

THRIFTY. Work to pay your own way. Try not to be wasteful. Use time, food, supplies, and natural resources wisely.

BRAVE. Face difficult situations even when you feel afraid. Do what you think is right despite what others might be doing or saying.

CLEAN. Keep your body and mind fit. Help keep your home and community clean.

REVERENT. Be reverent toward God. Be faithful in your religious duties. Respect the beliefs of others.


The eccentric world of Robert Baden-Powell


Finding a cognitive handshake between the Boy Scouts of America and Freemasonry is the easy part. Clearly, propaganda is at play. From here I decided to take a closer look into the organizations beginnings, and wasn’t let down. It’s founder was a certain Sir Richard Baden-Powell (1857-1941). The old man is pictured above. If they attempted to teach me this as a Tenderfoot, then it just goes to show that I totally fumbled my way through every merit badge possible. Another thing I failed to realize is that the Boy Scouts was not started as an American institution. Baden-Powell was an agent for the crown. Huh, go figure.

The “Sir” in Richard planted the first red flag. This tells me that Baden-Powell was a recognized guardian of the realm. More specifically, Lieutenant General Baden-Powell holds the title of 1st Baron. Care to know another notable Baron? I’ll tell you anyway. Rothschild. The Rothschild title was created in 1885 for Sir Nathan Rothschild, 2nd Baronet, a member of the Jewish Rothschild banking family. We can thank the Rothschild’s for countless foreign wars and the modern-day Israel deception. Presently, Jacob Rothschild inherited the title of 4th Baron Rothschild in 1990. One look at his skull and you can’t help but wonder if he’s Nephilim. Speaking of Barons, if you want to learn about the royal house of Hastings connection to generations of American hoaxes and psyops, then I suggest you read my paper on the subject here. Donner Party Hoax. Anyhow, it only took another moment to discover that Sir Baden-Powell was, by his own confession, a spook.

Mm-hmm, when he wasn’t killing Zulu chiefs during the Boer War, Baden-Powell served as a spy for Her Majesty, Queen Victoria. He actually wrote a book on the subject. And just so there are no questions as to which chapter or page I’m sourcing, he titled his auto-biography: “My Life As a Spy.”


Source: Domain

Source: Domain


The idea was that agent Baden-Powell posed as a bug and butterfly enthusiast among those whom he wished to infiltrate. He would freely wander enemy territory with his butterfly net, paints, and sketchbook, marking down enemy positions and encoding them within the anatomy of his insects. Nobody once thought to question him.

The following is a quote from his bio, My Adventures, which describes the original sketches above:

“This sketch of a butterfly contains the outline of a fortress, and marks both the position and power of the guns. The marks on the wings between the lines mean nothing, but those on the lines show the nature and size of the guns, according to the keys below.”

Very few will pick up on the irony. Agent Baden-Powell preformed the exact same sleight of hand with the creation of the Boy Scouts.

The organization was officially started sometime in 1907 with as few as twenty boys. We’re expected to believe that the Boy Scout Handbook, first published one year later in 1908, simply came together from the many useful facts which Baden-Powell was teaching the young men handed over to him. That’s what we’re told. After its publication, the Boy Scouts exploded on the scene. That doesn’t just happen. You don’t just sit around a campfire teaching helpful knots and pocket-knife demonstrations and then suddenly have former President Teddy Roosevelt catapulting your weekend camping club to worldwide sensation. Whether you recognize it or not, the Boy Scouts promise a foot in the door precisely in the same manner as Freemasonry. In this way, they’re both symbiotic to each other. For example, only 4 out of 100 boys in the United States will enter Scout-hood, but when it comes to leaders of religion, business, and politics, 3 out of 4 started out as Boy Scouts.

Consider the following facts.

  • 26 of 29 of the first NASA astronauts were Eagle Scouts
  • 11 out of the 12 men who walked on the moon were Eagle Scouts
  • 133 of the 233 NASA astronauts were Scouts
  • 64% of Air Force Academy graduates were Scouts
  • 58% of West Point Graduates were Scouts.
  • 85% of FBI Agents were Scouts.

Today, Scouting is active in over 150 of the nearly 200 Watchers-approved world countries. Again, that doesn’t just happen. Movements like this don’t happen without spook know-how. And let me tell you, Americans love grassroots movements. Spooks know this. The CIA wants you to believe they’ve attempted to infiltrate every grassroots movement possible. They’ve infiltrated Women’s Lib. They’ve infiltrated Black Lives Matter. They’ve infiltrated the Hippies and LGBTQ. But that’s simply not true. They want you to believe they’ve infiltrated the Civil Rights and Anti-War Movements when the truth of the matter is, they created every mainstream civil movement imaginable and then sold you on the purity of its origin. If you don’t know how this works, then I highly suggest you read any one of the following papers. Jackson Pollock. Andy Warhol. Shel Silverstein. Woodstock. The hippies. Jim Morrison. Walt Disney. George Floyd. Statues. Ilhan Omar. Jeffrey Epstein.

I ask you this question. If becoming an Eagle Scout means upholding the truth of Scout Law, then how the hell did they get so many Eagle Scouts to take part in the space hoax and Apollo moon landing deception? Try not to let cognitive dissonance win the day.



Here’s another question I’ve been asking myself ever since stumbling upon the above picture on The Wikipedia. How does someone exactly run around Africa with a butterfly net and end up on a government sponsored postcard? The year was 1900. Baden-Powell was still operating as a spook for Her Majesty, and wouldn’t even form the Boy Scouts for nearly another decade. The Wikipedia is spook literature. It’s how they pass notes from spook to spook in broad daylight because they have you believing it’s written by anonymous volunteers and upstanding citizens. Even if The Wikipedia calls him a spy, they’ll have you thinking his duties included lovemaking on a leopard print rug to some seven-foot tall Zulu war chief’s daughter named Tasty Plumsakka, because actual spook films like 007 have engineered everyone’s thinking. The tagline is: “EITHER CONQUER OR DIE.” Do you think agent Baden-Powell retired that slogan when he trudged off into the woods with twenty boys? As an African butterfly catcher, they’re telling you his agent’s role.

Baden-Powell devoted his life to promoting Freemasonry. You will tell me there’s no evidence that agent Robert Baden-Powell was a Freemason. In fact, Freemasonry insists as much, despite his close friendship with countless Freemasons, including Freemason Rudyard Kipling. Baden-Powell and Kipling kept very close association from the start of their friendship, which began somewhere between 1882 and 1884 in Lahare, India. Kipling once sat down at the same table as agent Mark Twain and Twain was a Freemason. Twain couldn’t stop talking about his bromance with Kipling. Wink-wink. If this seems unimportant to you, then let me just remind you that spooks tend to swim in the same circle. We haven’t heard the last of agent Twain. And at any rate, there are as many as six Masonic lodges named after Baden-Powell. The naming of a Masonic lodge after a living person is not only extremely unusual, but naming one after a man who himself is not a Freemason is a naughty no-no in every sense of tradition. I can only conclude that outing the Boy Scouts founder as a Freemason was an insurance issue, when the ultimate task was to initiate as many children as is humanly possible.


W.D. Boyce


The next story we’re told is that Chicago publisher and Freemason W.D. Boyce (1858-1929) was visiting foggy London in 1909. The apparent purpose of the trip was to visit his daughters in Italy and then organize a safari to Africa, or whatever. Why he ended up in London, we are not told. At any rate, Boyce soon found himself lost in the fog. It took an unknown Boy Scout, fully uniformed but who never once identified himself, to come to Boyce’s aid and guide him to his destination. Also, the boy refused a tip. His explanation on both accounts is that he was a Boy Scout and was merely doing his daily good deed. The Chicago publishers story falls flat after quickly visiting with Boy Scouts Headquarters and, by some accounts, its founder. Baden-Powell had only begun the Boy Scouts one year earlier, with as few as twenty boys, and we’re expected to believe that the unknown soul could not be identified among his band of merry do-guiders. Whatever. Boyce incorporated the Boy Scouts of America on February 8, 1910.

The rest is history.


Daniel Beard | American illustrator and author | Britannica

Uncle Dan


Another name that came to my attention was a certain Daniel Carter Beard (1850-1941). Apparently, all the cool kids called him “Uncle Dan.” That is, if being a successful Boy Scout is cool, and I wasn’t. Again, it took me all but a minute to learn that Beard was not only a Freemason, initiated in the Mariners Lodge No. 67 (that is, New York City), he also had an award for Masonic Scouters named in his honor. At the turn of the century, precisely when millions of Americans were being carted out to the World Fairs in Chicago, Buffalo, and San Francisco for a taste of Tartaria, an orchestrated effort was likewise underway to establish boy clubs. Obviously for indoctrination purposes. The cult of patriotism. Freemason and President Roosevelt claimed boys were too girly, or something to that effect, when the obvious explanation is that our Slave Masters were easing the next generation into the New World Order. If this confuses you, then I suggest you read the following papers on the World Fairs. Columbian. Pan-American. Orphans. Beard founded the Sons of Daniel Boone in 1905, which later merged into the Boy Scouts of America in 1910. The Wikipedia describes Beard’s Sons as based upon American frontier traditions, and that got me thinking.

See, Uncle Dan was agent Mark Twain’s illustrator. I told you we wouldn’t see the last of agent Twain. Uncle Dan’s most famous contributions appear to be his illustrations for A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Court. He was also friends with James Gordon Bennett, Wild Bill Hickok, Buffalo Bill Cody, and Billy the Kid. They’re all spooks. And actors. They’re ultimately responsible for creating dime novel entertainment for public intoxication, specifically an idea, and that is the Wild West. If you haven’t picked up on where I’ve been leading over my last several papers, including the Donner Party hoax, it’s that the 19th-century was essentially a series of psyops, cover-ups, lies, and psycho-dramatic exercises, essentially one large ambitious reprogramming event, intended on burying the past and alchemically transforming humanity into a new image.

Here’s something else I learned along the way. Beard became an Eagle Scout at the age of 64 on February 15, 1915. How adorable.


Scouts BSA Marketing Tools | Boy Scouts of America


Uncle Dan’s leading contribution to the Boy Scouts of America involves his adoption of the Fleur-de-lis. You know, the French lily employed by flamboyant French kings for the esoteric purposes of promoting the Copernican Revolution and their own third-eye awakening. Same thing. Unlike the pinecone, which ultimately serves the same purpose, the flower acts as a subtle roadmap of sorts, without being nearly so provocative as the coiling kundalini twin-serpents on the Caduceus. Properly understood, Fleur-de-Lis is the tree of life.

But that’s not the story Uncle Dan tells.

Uncle Dan thought the symbol was neat. Uncle Dan explains it like this. “It is the Badge of the Scout because it points in the right direction and upward.” Sure, Uncle Dan. Mm-hmm, whatever.

What Uncle Dan further failed to explain is that the Fleur-de-lis, aside from its flamboyant heritage among powder-faced and wig-touting royals, parallels the Masonic Square and Compass in that all points of the hexagram are represented. The Star of David. All roads lead to Zionism. You can think of the star as two equilateral triangles interlocked. The triangle with the apex pointing down is emblematic of the creator, whereas the triangle pointing up is representative of man. As above, so below. But far more importantly, the Fleur-de-lis can be traced back to the Babylonian Mysteries. The Sumerians worshiped three primary gods—Nimrod, Semiramis, and Tammuz—all of which instituted the basis of sun worship and formalized the world’s first Trinity. This is undoubtedly why the Babylonian Trinity are all three known as the “horned-gods,” hence the sacred three-pronged Fleur-de-lis worn on their helmets. I cover more of this in the following papers. Marie Antoinette. Origins of the Trinity. Origins of the Cross. Origins of the Steeple.

Meanwhile, Uncle Dan explains it like this: “The three points remind you of the three points of the Scout Promise, being Duty to God and Country, helping others and keeping the Scout Law.” Silly Beard.


James E. West Chief Executive | Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of ...


Another early contributor to the Boy Scouts Movement was military man James Edward West (1876–1948). I checked. He’s a Freemason. The Wikipedia likes to describe their agents role in the introduction without giving away the sinister details. West’s reads like this: He “was a lawyer and an advocate of children’s rights, who became the first professional Executive Secretary, soon renamed Chief Scout Executive, of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), serving from 1911 to 1943. Upon his retirement from the BSA, West was given the title of Chief Scout.”

Hopefully by now you’re picking up on the little details. Wiki wants you to remember West as “an advocate of children’s rights.” See what they did there? Secret societies invert everything. High ranking Freemasons play the part of the angel of light by setting up innocent sounding organizations in order to control, blind, or slowly draw the everyday lamb into an initiation. 


Norman Rockwell and the Boy Scouts – Muscarelle Museum of Art


One final name that came to my attention while thinking about Boy Scouts and Freemasonry is a certain Norman Rockwell. You may have heard of him. Rockwell got his start as an art director for Boys’ Life Magazine, the official publication of the Boy Scouts of America, though he had received his first commission painting Nimrod Mithras Winter Solstice Christmas cards. In both cases, he was still a budding teenager. He wouldn’t be commissioned to paint his first cover of The Saturday Evening Post until he was 22. Kind of slacking there, Norman. Within a fifty-year career, the artist would only paint as few as 321 Saturday Evening Post covers and 4,000 original works in his lifetime. Kind of unambitious, don’t you think, Norman? In order to create America’s canvas, the Boy Scouts were repeatedly revisited. Running out of original ideas, Norman? I thought so.

No surprise, Rockwell was a member of Red Mountain Lodge No. 63, Vermont. Mm-hmm, Freemason. Because people like Norman Rockwell don’t simply happen. That’s the lie you’ve been sold. HaSatan once tempted Yahushua by offering him all the kingdoms of the world, and we know how the story ends. Yahushua’s disciples did not even fight for him while he was hung from a tree, because his kingdom was not of this world. You want your own slice of the pie, then you know who to call upon. No, you don’t necessarily need a phone book, though it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if he’s listed as a Ned or a George with an all-American sounding surname and home address and two-car garage to go along with it. If you’re still confused, then I’ll give you a hint. His name in Freemasonry is “God,” as printed in the Square and Compass, and many lost souls call upon him. In God we trust. And if you search back far enough, you’ll find them in the Mysteries of Babylon.


There was a time when I’d gaze dreamily into a Norman Rockwell painting and consider a bygone era which I had never once experienced. Perhaps it is because my mother was really into her Norman Rockwell plates. It was the eighties, and I naturally concluded that my mother decorated our household with objects usually intended for food consumption because she was hearkening back to a familiar pastime, one in which she had once been intimately familiar with. Now I know it simply wasn’t so. Rockwell was given a task, which was to close every curtain possible, warm up the baby bottle and put everyone to bed, and then call the syrupy vision he materialized in spook magazines America. The Boy Scouts of America became one such curtain. Just another part of the Matrix promising Truth and Light with a path-finding Compass. Nothing to see here. Climb into the crib of a Norman Rockwell painting. Sing a lullaby of times bygone. Roughly translated, let Lucifer lull you back to sleep.



My great-grandfather was a Freemason. Linwood Hadley. I’ve never confessed that before, but there’s a first for everything. Apparently, he was a lifelong devotee to the Lodge. I guess you could say I started to become acutely aware right around the time when my grandfather died. Albert Hadley. This would be in the years following the 9/11 Commission. I remember turning in a 360 at the cemetery, where his body was presently being inhumed, and having my eyeballs slapped with the Square and the Compass on too many grave markers to count. “How many people are in on it?” I let that dark thought set in. And this was several years before flat earth. It’s still fermenting. My grandfather had chosen a cross for his own marker. He had attended church his entire life, but if he held convictions for Yahuah, the Most-High, he never let me in on it, except for the sparse prayer before food. I asked my father about Albert’s perchance for Freemasonry and he said he’d visited the Lodge with his father as a child but chose a career in the Boy Scouts of America instead. Interesting trade-off. Albert Hadley was really into ceremony. Flags. Printed programs. Eagles. John Wayne. And to his dying day, the Boy Scouts of America. I checked. John Wayne was a Freemason.

In other news, my father is greatly embarrassed by everything I stand for, which is also odd, considering he taught me as a child to base my entire reality, first and foremost, upon the Testimony of Yahuah found in Scripture and to disregard the rest as a deception of devils. That’s just what I’m doing. I’m pursuing precisely what I was raised to do, the only difference is that I’m showing other people how to apply the principle. Problem is, exposing the lie is no longer convenient for most. Young-earth creationism was established by spooks as controlled opposition in order to blind Evangelical Christians to the Apollo moon missions. That right there assures the fact that I’m an embarrassment to my father, an embarrassment to my brother, an embarrassment to my uncle, and I’d be an embarrassment beyond belief to my grandfather and great-grandfather.

There are no women born to the Hadley family, and there haven’t been for several generations. Only men. The women arrive as hired hands. Therefore, I’m the very first kink in that chain. I’m the very first Hadley male to snub the rank of Eagle Scout. I mean, I begged my father for years, fleshed with tears, to let me drop out. He grudgingly agreed, but only before I could become an embarrassment to the Boy Scouts of America, hence generations of Hadley men.

It’s a shame. And I’m not bitter. Really, I’m not. I’m sad—woefully sad for the willful obstinance and hardened hearts among those who claim allegiance with Scripture but don’t even take the slightest interest in the fourth Commandment, for starters. The Boy Scouts of America served its purpose. If my family prefers the cheap lie over the astonishing Truth of Yahuah, which He is revealing to the circumcised hearts of this generation in ways we never could have imagined, it’s because they’ve marked themselves with the merits afforded by a Luciferian morality system. Eagle Scouts for life.

Whether they realize it or not, they’re entire world view was spoon fed by Freemasonry.




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