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THE FIRST lesson of the Donner Party is to never take a short cut. Stay off the grass. Follow the leader. Do as you’re told. Don’t stick your nose where it doesn’t belong. Keep as far away from Antarctica as is humanly possible. It’s cold and miserable and there’s nothing to film there but penguin documentaries and Buzz Aldrin photo-ops. Everyone is welcome, but if you make an attempt for it men with snorkel gear and guns will greet you because the Antarctic Treaty made the firmament off limits, but come anyways. In the case of the Bermuda Triangle, you may just end up watching a NASA rocket arch into the ocean, and that’s a naughty no-no for the space program hoax. You will then find yourself being chased down by the scary looking astronauts from the set of E.T. or a bunch of shirtless Caribbeans wielding a single harpoon canon and semi-automatics, but they’re not Disney animatronics. Either way, dead men tell no tales. Basically, study your Illuminati approved re-educated pamphlets, and if reading isn’t your thing, then turn on the television, lose yourself in the Lazy-Boy, and let them do the programming for you. The Donner’s screwed up, royally. And the answer on the test, after the commercial break, is cannibalism.

Do you remember that Twilight Zone episode where astronauts were stupid enough to believe they’ve crash landed on an asteroid, despite oxygen and an earthen blue sky? One crew member kills everyone off, hoping for the last drop of water, and then discovers telephone poles. Cue Rod Serling’s cigarette-toting voice. This is kind of like that, and probably none of my business. For all I know, the Donner Party hoax was intended to keep people away from Highway 80 and the Union-Pacific Railroad. And telephone poles. Also, everyone needed to arrive at a fully formed San Francisco right on schedule. I’m not joking either. In my last paper, I Do Not Believe in the 1849 California Gold Rush, I explored the events surrounding the Manifest Destiny push to re-populate California, and no, that’s not a typo. San Francisco was inherited. I specifically detailed how the Mormons and the Masons and the Military were involved in the propaganda, and I’ve barely begun to peel back the onion layers of the Mormon church in relation to the mud flood theory. But here’s a preview. They’re controlled opposition. This led me to a little detail about Freemason James Reed showing up at Sutter’s Fort in October of 1846. John Sutter was a Freemason, and so was James Marshall, but we’ve covered that already. And in case you’re curious, the founders of the Mormon church, like San Franciscan newspaper man Samuel Brannan, were Masons. They’re all Freemasons.

Anyhow, James Reed was a member of the Donner Party.  We shall deal more closely with the events of the Donner-Reed hoax in my next paper, because much like the Donner’s, I’ve taken a detour. I have stuck my nose where it doesn’t belong and that’s bad for business, should I ever care to work in the history department at any accredited Luciferian University. I immediately asked myself where the Donner-Reed Party began. The answer is easy and can be found on Wikipedia. Independence, Missouri.

I called a friend up on the phone, a Missouri man, and he responded: “Lot’s of giants in Missouri. Cannibal giants.”

Makes sense, I shrugged. There were probably dozens of good examples of cannibalism in 19th-century America.

“Cannibal giants,” he once more reminded me.

Sure, but the media isn’t interested in giants. They’re only interested in making news about average-height cannibals, played by actors. That’s how the truth is inverted, and a good indicator for when intelligence communities are invested in it. The CIA likes to remind us of their psyops every five to ten years, mostly for nostalgia purposes, much like Disney pulling an animated movie out of their vault. Every so often they need to spin the narrative, just to keep it relevant or fresh. The Smithsonian was founded by Jesuits and other spooks on August 10, 1846, in Washington DC, just in time for Manifest Destiny. Almost immediately we discover them showing up on random farms to haul off the man-eating red-headed giant bones being dug up, while elsewhere the media simultaneously calls over the loud speakers: “Reservation for Donner Party on Truckee Lake! Report to agent Lansford at Fort Bridger, Wyoming!”

I’ve already given too much away. See, the Donner Party started out on the Oregon Trail. The moral of this story is to remain on the Oregon Trail until the government tells you they’ve finally gotten around to building the I-80 over Donner Pass. I wanted to know why they veered from the established route of a perfectly good floppy disk PC game and who was responsible for leading them there. That’s where a man named Lansford Hastings and a shortcut called Hastings Cutoff comes in. Yup, Hastings Cutoff. Even the name sounds like a proverbial cliff. We might easily imagine agent Hastings making the sspppp sound with a wave of his wormy finger from some seedy alleyway in Fort Bridger, Wyoming. But that’s not what we’re told actually happened. Lansford Hastings left post-it notes in the desert, suggesting that Oregon Trail wagoners entrust him with his newly discovered trail, thereby avoiding the established route and altogether arriving to California weeks ahead of schedule. Donner and Reed took the advice of a piece of paper on a rock. Sounds legit.

The rest is history.


How Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Handles "Stresses of Being Global ...


I often remind you that Wikipedia likes to deliver the important accomplishments of their spooks in the opening sentence of each bio. Lansford Hasting has a page and it is there where we immediately learn that he “was a white supremacist, American explorer, and Confederate soldier.” Oh dear. Talk about having absolutely no redeeming value as a spook. Will somebody in the CIA-run Black Lives Matter please pull his statue down too? If you tell me he was also an American explorer and at least had that going for him, Wiki then states: “He is best remembered as the developer of Hastings Cutoff, a claimed shortcut to California across what is now the state of Utah, a factor in the Donner Party disaster of 1846.” Take a mental note of that. Hastings made a name for himself giving crappy roadside directions to cannibals. Mm-hmm. Hastings. Hastings. The name sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Where have we heard that before? Oh yes, Reed Hastings is the co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Netflix. Another spook. You can read about Netflix and the Obama psyop here. Disney Westworld.

Are they related?

I checked. Lansford and Reed are kissing cousins. But that is only the tip of the iceberg. You see, Lansford and Reed Hastings, though nearly two centuries removed, derive from the royal house of Hastings. Even more illustrious than their noble birthright is the fact that their family tree includes the Earl of Huntington line. Also, as true royals, they’re related to King John. That’s only slightly confusing, since King John was the villain in Robin Hood, and the very first Earl of Huntington is often believed to be Robin Hood.

Let’s look at some notable Americans related to the Hasting family tree, shall we? The long list includes inventors, governors, educators, university presidents, congressmen, justices of the supreme court, and reforming ministers of the Unitarian church. Basically, the entire Luciferian system that will never employ me ever again. And here’s a few to boot. Lemuel Hastings Arnold (January 29, 1792 – June 27, 1852) was the 12th Governor of the State of Rhode Island and a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. James R. Mead (May 3, 1836 – March 31, 1910) was a founder of Wichita, Kansas and state legislator. Eliakim Hastings Moore (June 19, 1812 – April 4, 1900) was a U.S. Representative from Ohio.


Finding Hawaii's Treasures - WSJ


And since today’s topic is roadside directions, let’s turn now to Plymouth Rock’s counterbalance weight in this Manifest Destiny tale, specifically, the Hawaiian islands and the Judd branch of the Hastings family. Gerrit Parmele Judd (April 23, 1803 – July 12, 1873) was a physician and missionary, arriving to the Kingdom of Hawaii in 1827, then known as the Sandwich Islands. He later renounced his American citizenship in order to become a trusted advisor and cabinet minister to King Kamehameha III. Take a note of that. Though the emphasis is mine, Wikipedia told me he was a “trusted advisor” in the opening sentence of his bio. Wink-wink. Agent in place. Already, the path to American enslavement is being paved for the Pacific islander. But trust me, there’s more.

His two sons were Colonel Charles Hastings Judd (September 8, 1835 – April 18, 1890) and Albert Francis Judd (January 7, 1838 – May 20, 1900). Charles Hastings served as Chamberlain and Colonel of the military staff of King Kalākaua, making Kalākaua sound very much like a puppet. And as we know, Kalākaua was the last king of Hawaii. So there you go. This makes sibling Albert Francis all the more interesting. He was a judge of the Kingdom of Hawaii, serving as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. If big titles don’t impress you, it’s the little details that count. Wikipedia describes his agents role with the following opening statement: “He was a stabilizing influence throughout the turbulent overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii in 1893, Provisional Government of Hawaii, Republic of Hawaii, and finally formation of the Territory of Hawaii in 1898.”

If you recall my paper on the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York, President McKinley employed the World Fairs as a dissemination of the Old World Order and ushering in of the New. Americans, now a generation or two removed from the mud floods, were further indoctrinated into the cult of state worship. And it was there that McKinley was fatally shot on September 14, 1901. The 1901 World Fair, like the 1893 Chicago World Fair, were psychodramas. You can read about them here. I Do Not Believe in the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. And I Do Not Believe in the 1901 Pan-American Exposition.

This current paper is all about rabbit trails. We shall find a few connections between the house of Hastings and the World Fairs, and here’s the first. Sanford B. Dole (April 23, 1844 – June 9, 1926) is reportedly responsible for declaring Hawaii an independent republic. Yeah, the pineapple guy. Wiki states: “Spurred by the nationalism aroused by the Spanish-American War, the United States annexed Hawaii in 1898 at the urging of President William McKinley. Hawaii was made a territory in 1900, and Dole became its first governor.” The Spanish-American War is now sounding a lot like the Mexican-American War. And guess who followed Dole, but Albert Francis Judd. Both were missionary kids. Is that irony? Maybe. If anything, it gives us a clearer understanding of how their parents were structuring church money. Gerrit Parmele Judd renounced his American citizenship so that his children could claim the islands for America.


Joseph Kahahawai's Murder | American Experience | Official Site | PBS

Grace Hubbard Fortescue and Thalia Massie, reading important stuff.


George Robert Carter (December 28, 1866 – February 11, 1933) was the second Territorial Governor of Hawaii, also related. But it’s Lawrence McCully Judd (March 20, 1887 – October 4, 1968) who I want to spend a little time with.

Lawrence McCully Judd was a politician of the Territory of Hawaii, serving as the seventh Territorial Governor. Here’s something interesting, and entirely related, that I learned along the way. After Grace Hubbard Fortescue and her daughter, Pearl Harbor Navy wife Thalia Massie, were convicted of manslaughter in the death of prizefighter Koseph Kahahawai, her 1932 trial became the focus of worldwide press coverage, something called the  Massie Affair. It also put Pearl Harbor on the map ten years before the fact.

Remember, the media isn’t concerned with real murders and their resulting murder trials. The CIA-owned media’s job is to create news and then invest in their own stories. The world is a stage and we’re expected to take the bait, so as to be reeled into a never ending gauntlet of psychodramas. Case in point, Grace Hubbard Fortescue was the niece of Alexander Graham Bell. She was also the granddaughter of Gardiner Greene Hubbard, the first president of the National Geographic Society. Mm-hmm. They’re all members of the same club. Fortescue furthermore hired defense attorney Clearance Darrow. This is the same guy who was brought into the deliberately staged Scopes-Monkey trial to combat William Jennings Bryan. You will tell me that Darrow lost the Scopes-Monkey trial. That’s because it was a conquer and divide operation. Darrow lost the Massie trial too. But here’s where it gets really good. Massie’s sentence of ten years in prison was whittled down to one solitary hour while visiting Lawrence McCully Judd in the governor’s chambers at ʻIolani Palace. It was all a hoax. They let her off just to screw with everyone caught up in the drama. And the Judd branch of the Hastings family tree was behind it all.


Dorothea Dix – the woman behind the Union nursing effort | Civil ...

Dorthea Dix


Next on the Earl of Huntington line we have agent Dorthea Dix (April 4, 1802 – July 17, 1887), who created America’s first generation of post mud flood mental institutions. They probably served two purposes. One, inherited buildings constructed by a superior people needed to be filled. The improbable fact that elaborate buildings would be designed and financed for mental institutions needs to be discussed some other time. But secondly, those who failed their final exam in the re-education camp needed disposing of. What if One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest wasn’t simply based upon Ken Kasey’s own experiences with LSD in the Mk-Ultra program? Manchurian candidates have been around for a long time. During the American Civil War, Dix served as a Superintendent of Army Nurses. Perhaps we should look a little closer into what was really going on there as well. I’ve included a picture of agent Dix giving two men who stuck their noses where it doesn’t belong a proper dosage of medicine. But let me ask you something. Does Dix really look like a 60 something year-old woman? I’m sorry. That’s nobody’s grandma. She looks 30. Probably even has a date lined up in a couple of hours. That is, after she lops off the arms and legs of another hundred men. All in a days work.


Biography of Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Theodore Parker (August 24, 1810 – May 10, 1860) was, according to Wikipedia, “an American Transcendentalist and reforming minister of the Unitarian church.” Wiki then states: “A reformer and abolitionist, his words and popular quotations would later inspire speeches by Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr.” That’s because blood is thicker than water, and Rothschild-owned spooks like MLKJ like to quote their own. You can read more about Lincoln the Slave Master and MLKJ the slave here. You Are a Slave. And here. George Floyd Is a Hoax.

If I haven’t already, I should probably let you in on the news. The Transcendentalists were spooks. Then again, so were the abolitionists. I’ve really been wanting to write about the Transcendentalists for some time, so you can imagine my excitement at the discovery. Parker was in deep with Ralph Waldo Emerson, Amos Bronson Alcott, and Henry David Thoreau. Emerson is pictured above, and may in fact have been their recruiter. The idea was to introduce the idea into Christianity that the world itself, and thus the person, is divine. This, as my reader will hopefully and immediately recall, is nothing less than the Mystery religions repackaged. Athens employed Plato to bring the Mysteries out into the open, thereby initiating everyone. Washington DC used spooks like Emerson and Parker. Agent Emerson was effectively launched at the first Boston Masonic Temple in 1835, and he lectured there repeatedly for many years. If he found a captive audience, it’s because the spook community made it so. That’s how the world works. Spooks sell you on other spooks and make it seem like it was your idea. Theodore Parker devoted himself to this idea. Wiki writes: “Parker gradually introduced Transcendentalist ideas into his sermons. He tempered his radicalism with diplomacy and discretion, however. ‘I preach abundant heresies,’ he wrote to a friend, ‘and they all go down—for the listeners do not know how heretical they are.'”


Anne Morrow Lindbergh: You'll Have The Sky | KCET

Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh


Here’s an interesting member from the royal house of Hastings. Susannah Willard Johnson (February 20, 1729/30 – November 27, 1810) was captured with her family during an Abenaki Indian raid on Charlestown, New Hampshire in August 1754. This was undoubtedly done in order to help fuel propaganda for the French and Indian War, and it helped to launch the captivity narrative genre. Though not the first, her account was the most widely analyzed and read. If you’re asking why that is, it’s because intelligence communities like to invest in their own. The capture and rescue of Jemima Boone story-line was likely faked too. In July of 1776, Daniel Boone rides in like a punk and takes his daughter back from Cherokee-Shawnee raiders. As one captor was shot, Jemima yells, “That’s Father’s gun!” Sigh. Much like Susannah Willard Johnson’s episode, the Boone event likely helped motivate colonists to enter the Revolution, and James Fenimore Cooper later created a fictionalized version of the episode in his 1826 novel, The Last of the Mohicans, because spooks like to invest in their own.

Speaking of which, we find another kidnapping hoax in the royal house of Hastings, because every so often intelligence communities like to dust off an old script from the shelf and produce a remake. Anne Morrow Lindbergh (June 22, 1906 – February 7, 2001), once again of the Earl of Huntington’s, married Charles Augustus Lindbergh (February 4, 1902 – August 26, 1974) and he was a spooooooook. Just in case you’re wondering, the Lindbergh kidnapping was a hoax.

Moving on, Frederick S. Coolidge (December 7, 1841 – June 8, 1906) of the royal house of Hastings was a U.S. Representative from Massachusetts and the father of United States Senator Marcus Aurelius Coolidge (October 6, 1865 – January 23, 1947).  Both Frederick and Marcus brings us back to President Calvin Coolidge, and once again, to every other United States President through King John.

I stumbled upon a certain Paul Hastings, founder of Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP. His firm serves a diverse client base that includes many of the top financial institutions and Fortune 500 companies. Probably a CIA front.


Idaho State Building

Idaho State Building, Chicago World Fair, 1893


Tower of Jewels and Fountain of Energy 1915 Panama-Pacific ...


I found two architects in the Hastings family, and wasn’t disappointed. Thomas Hastings (March 11, 1860 – October 22, 1929) designed the Tower of Jewels and Fountain of Energy for the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco. Need I remind you, I only began this rabbit trail after looking into the San Francisco World Fair. I haven’t even written on the Exposition yet, but already a red flag is planted.

Kirtland Cutter (August 20, 1860 – September 26, 1939) was also an architect, designing the Idaho Building for the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago. I will refer you once more to the World Fair here. Chicago. And my conclusion is thus. The 1893 World Fair in Chicago introduced America to the ancient mythical Camelot city of Chilaga, because essentially nobody on the roster built it. They could only invite Americans to watch them destroy it. The irony here is that Kirtland Cutter’s design looks to be one of the very few buildings that was actually slapped together for the Fair. Either way, he was in on it.

After learning that the house of Hastings had two architects directly involved in the World Fair psyops, I then discovered that the family invested prominently in railroads. This is not at all surprising, and in fact expected, since the railroads likely already existed before the 1812 mud-flood event, and the very reason for agent Lansford Hastings bad directions. Frederick H. Billings (September 27, 1823 – September 30, 1890) was President of the Northern Pacific Railway. There’s a doozy. Paul Pardee Hastings (October 22, 1872 – September 16, 1947) was a prominent executive of the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad. Daniel Willard has a city named after him, and was an executive of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad from 1910 to 1941. For the record, the B&O is my favorite Monopoly railroad.


Carole Lombard | Carole lombard, Edith head designs, Hollywood


Our final member from the royal house of Hastings is the one and only Carole Lombard (October 6, 1908 – January 16, 1942), aka Jane Alice Peters. I say “the one and only,” but that’s because she’s an Earl of Huntington. Also, a pretty face. Like Anne Morrow Lindbergh. And let’s be honest, Dorothea Dix was a looker. But also something which all three had in common, they were Hastings. If you’ve ever wondered how Carole Lombard managed to become the highest paid actor in Hollywood in the 1930’s, now you know why. As an added bonus, she married Clark Gable. They don’t call them Hollywood royalty for nothing. It kind of makes you wonder about the plane crash that supposedly ended her life. The year was 1942. America had just entered the Second World War. Lombard was 33 years-old. According to Wiki: “The cause of the crash was determined to be linked to the pilot and crew’s inability to properly navigate over the mountains surrounding Las Vegas.” Mm-hmm, that’s probably it. The Hastings have a habit of initiating wars with hoax kidnappings or deaths, but that’s probably none of my business.

You notice how celebrities never seem to die from roller-coasters, tall ladders, lightning, bee stings, or fireworks. I checked. They’re all more likely than dying in an airplane. Even death from falling out of bed is more likely. So few people die in a plane crash that odds are barely calculable. That’s how few people end up falling out of the sky. And yet, Hollywood royalty make it a dirty habit. Ritchie Valens, Buddy Holly, Ricky Nelson, Otis Redding, Rocky Marciano, Glenn Miller, James Horner, David Angell, Aliyah, all died in plane crashes. And I’ve yet to deal with the dozens upon dozens of politicians, rulers, sports stars, astronauts, and the like who met the same fate. I will leave it up to you to theorize or make sense of that. But like Kobe’s recent death hoax, which appears to have kicked off COVID-1984, it does not surprise me that Lombard went down with her mother, Bess Peters. It’s for the exact same reason that Carolyn Beset-Kennedy went down with her sister, Lauren Beset. Why not take a loved one with you while living the rest of your life in solitude?

Thus concludes our first lesson in the Donner-Reed Party narrative. Never veer to the left nor the right of the narrative. Also, the interstate. Your Slave Masters have provided every gas station, hotel, and coffee diner for your convenience at the following exit. If you need an added thrill, then keep to the fast lane. And if you do wander off beyond the horizon, just know there’s electric fences or men with guns to greet you and absolutely nothing interesting to see. I’ve barely dug into the Earl of Huntington’s, and we haven’t even touched upon the European dynasty. With such an easily accessed list, I can only suspect that many key agents are scrubbed from nobility.

Now, considering everyone we’ve looked at, I admit, Lansford Hastings received the crappiest job of them all. He’s the guy who went down in history as giving out the sort of directions which led to cannibalism. I mean, Carole Lombard, right? Unfortunately, agent Hastings work was not yet done. But before we get to that, I find it interesting that he was a delegate to the 1849 California Constitutional Convention. If you recall my last paper, it was a Freemason affair. Who would possibly want to hire Lansford Hastings to something like that? Oh, that’s right. Hastings is one of the boys. After securing California for the union, he then moved his family to Yuma, Arizona and served as a postmaster and territorial judge. I’d like to look into that sometime.

We next find him traveling to Richmond, Virginia, in 1864, for a private audience with Confederate President Jefferson Davis. That’s kind of a big deal for a guy who sells maps in the desert. The plan, we are told, was to separate California from the Union. Keep in mind this is 1864. The war would be over with the Abraham Lincoln assassination hoax in April, 1865. But apparently, at one point during the War, this was in the stack of cards. They were going to extend the franchise with a California spin-off. It’s kind of like the original draft to Back to the Future II, where writer Bob Gale had Marty McFly traveling back to 1969 rather than 1955. Originally, Darth Vader was never intended to be Luke Skywalker’s father in The Empire Strikes Back, or Leia his sister in Return of the Jedi. Script changes happen. It’s all a part of the creative process. The unused Confederate-California plot-line was to be called the Hastings Plot. Kind of like Hastings Cutoff. Cute. Actually, Hastings Plot was technically rebranded. Agent Hastings began colonizing Confederates in Brazil. In 1867, he even wrote a book about it. The Emigrant’s Guide to Brazil. Had the Corporate States of America decided to milk this commercial property, would it have ended like the Alamo false flag event or the Donner-Reed Party? We shall never know.

It’s a script which would once again be dusted off the shelf some seventy years later.

This time for the Nazis.




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