The Unexpected Cosmology

The Problem with Stonehenge: History Is a Hoax - THE RAIN wet our faces like every other day in Scotland and Ireland or practically anywhere else in the United Kingdom. Such were the weekly weather reports. Rain. Rain. Chances of rain. Probable rain. Definite rain. Keep your boots on rain. So I guess you could say I wasn’t prepared for what we were going […]

Raise Your Child In Freemasonry with the Boy Scouts of America! - THE CLOSEST example that I could come up with is in the opening segment of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. ‘It’s kind of a western,’ I thought to myself, ‘in so much as it takes place in the American West, despite the fact that Boy Scouts fill each frame.’ If you’re already confused as […]

The Donner Party Is Keeping It All In the Family - THE FIRST lesson of the Donner Party is to never take a short cut. Stay off the grass. Follow the leader. Do as you’re told. Don’t stick your nose where it doesn’t belong. Keep as far away from Antarctica as is humanly possible. It’s cold and miserable and there’s nothing to film there but penguin […]

I Do Not Believe in the 1849 California Gold Rush - THE YEAR was 1849. That’s when it happened, in 1849. 1849 is all you really need to know. 1849. 1849. If you happened to miss that, 1849. San Francisco did not exist before 1849, give or take a year, and something about gold. Oh, haven’t you heard? Everybody flocked to San Francisco in 1849 for […]

Kill the Indian to Save the Man: a History of Racism - THE FIRST THING a friend said to me, having learned that we bought a house in Charleston some five years ago, was: “What are you, a racist?” And I understood exactly what he meant by it. I grew up in sunny Southern California, cruising the Pacific Coast Highway in a Jeep convertible, and let me […]

Attack & Dethrone God: The Esoteric Reality of the World We Live In - HOW DO YOU SPELL SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL?   THE STATUE of Sir Winston Churchill is under siege in London by brainwashed zombies wearing Langley approved re-education masks, and just like that, snap, Winston Churchill’s image goes missing from Google. I’m only a couple of sentences in and already you should be asking yourself, Who has […]

50 Years Later, the Truth About Woodstock Is Still Being Hidden - THE BRILLIANCE of PBS is its constant reminder that the arts need our financial support in order to survive. This is no doubt intended to gain our sympathies and draw us into the illusion of free agency when in fact everything is scripted. On May 1, 1969, Fred Rogers put on a splendid performance while […]

The Lost World of the Mud Flood: Fallen Women, Foundlings, and the 19th-Century Human Reset - PDF [UPDATE]: Children of the Mud Flood [12/1/2022: I’m keeping the original article below but I highly recommend the PDF update instead. At present, I’ve taked on another 30 pages or so of information. I cover the orphan train as well as the incubator babies and the original cabbage patch babies, but also, the return […]

I Do Not Believe in the 1901 Pan-American Exposition - SEVERAL NIGHTS of good conversation and beer at the 2019 Flat Earth International Conference in Dallas finally led me to begin looking into the mud flood theory. Just so we’re clear, I knew only so much on the subject as to begin my investigation with a keyword search. Tartaria. It basically went down like this. […]

I Do Not Believe in the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair - YOU WERE TOLD that the city of Chicago once held the World’s Colombian Exposition to publicly celebrate Columbus discovering America. The year was 1893, and the Great Economic Panic was already underway. Some 27-million people, a number equal to half of the entire United States population, arrived from all over the world to behold 200 […]