THE BRILLIANCE of PBS is its constant reminder that the arts need our financial support in order to survive. This is no doubt intended to gain our sympathies and draw us into the illusion of free agency when in fact everything is scripted. On May 1, 1969, Fred Rogers put on a splendid performance while testifying before the Senate Committee to defend $20 million in federal funding, which Nixon was prepared to cut. I have to sigh at my own compliance. Not so long ago, my Slave Masters would hand me a box of tissue and tell me to cry, to which I would answer: If you’d prefer, I can sob. Bravo, Big Brother. Bravo. How many people know that the Corporation for Public Broadcasting is governed by a nine-member board of directors, all of whom are personally selected by the President of the United States and confirmed by the Senate? Some people will protest that PBS is funded by the people, to which I will respond: So is the CIA.

PBS is commercial-free propaganda, pocketed by the people. I love PBS, by the way. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by the denial. While researching this paper I was surprised to find that some people still prefer a BBC which is somehow not government controlled, despite a thinly disguised veil. Like I said, there was a time not so long ago when the CIA could have played my heart strings like a harp and I would have given them all my money to do it. Before going on I should pause and ask if you’ve read my recent paper on the CIA’s funding of abstract expressionism, employed as a weapon against the moral fabric of humanity, because I won’t be repeating myself. You can read it here: Jackson Pollock. Also, Andy Warhol.

Anyhow, I was watching the PBS Woodstock documentary a couple of nights ago, which was released as part of the music Expositions 50th anniversary, and I thought to myself: 50,000 advanced tickets were sold and 450,000 kids showed up. Nothing like this just happens. That’s not how the world works. They may want you to think that’s the way the world works, but it’s only to hide the intended alchemy.

There’s a slight of hand behind all of this, I thought to myself. And I’m going to find it.


Michael Lang at Woodstock with Motorcycle

Michael Lang


Woodstock’s Bensonhurst boys


I needed to start somewhere. So I began my investigation with Woodstock’s visionary co-founder, Michael Lang. Nothing really jumped up and bit me on his Wiki page except for one passing phrase. “Lang was born in Brooklyn to a Jewish family.” Brooklyn. Jewish. Got it. I then moved on to Woodstock’s second co-founder, Artie Kornfeld. And there it was again. Jewish.  “Kornfeld was born into a Jewish lower-middle-class family in Brooklyn.” Only this time Wiki highlighted, “lower-middle-class.” Why would they stress his meager Jewish family income? I took another mental note of that and then moved onto its two financiers. Joel Rosenman and John P. Roberts.

Under Childhood and education, Wikipedia said of Joel Rosenman: “He is Jewish.” And I was like, Wait, what? The PBS documentary never thought to bring it up, but for whatever reason, Wiki found it important. I started to get the feeling that this is how Wikipedia passes notes during class. It’s almost like Wikipedia is telling you, “They’re Jewish. Wink-wink.”

The only person who wasn’t mentioned as Jewish was John P. Roberts. EDIT: Never mind. He’s Jewish. Roberts had a multi-million dollar trust as an heir to the Polident/Poli-Grip denture adhesive fortune. His New Jersey based Block Drug Company was started by Russian Jewish immigrants.

They’re all Jews. Woodstock was created by Jews.


Woodstock 50th anniversary festival to be held at original site ...


I know what you’re probably thinking. It’s all a coincidence. Woodstock is not a Jewish affair. There couldn’t possibly be any more Jewishness involved, and also, so what if there was? I thought the very thing. It had to be some sort of bizarre coincidence. Wink-wink. Knowing that Woodstock involved a farm in Bethel, New York, I thought I should probably check out the farmer. His name was Max Yasgur.

Huh. Sounds kind of Jewish, doesn’t he?

The short of his biography reads like this. Yasgur was born in New York City to Russian Jewish immigrants Samuel and Bella Yasgur. At the time, he was the largest milk producer in Sullivan County, New York. His farm had something like 650 cows. We are told he was a Republican who supported the Vietnam War and also the free-expression of hippies, but mostly that he was Jewish.

Maybe this was all just a series of freak coincidences. After all, the Bethel location had only been chosen after the town of Wllkill withdrew permission for Lang and Kornfeld to throw their festival there. There was a man named Elliot Tiber who offered nearby land, but Lang wasn’t inspired by it. I looked Tiber up anyways. He was not only Jewish, but a Bensonhurst boy. If there were other people who offered Lang and Kornfeld land, we are not told. It appears as though history simply wants certain people to know that Jews, wink-wink, were involved. It was only after I learned that their real estate agent went by the name of Morris Abraham that I knew something much larger was going on.


Nobody puts these bangers in the corner: 'Dirty Dancing' keeps on ...


Have the time of your life in the Jewish Alps


I then decided that scouting out a larger swath of geography might be productive. You know, start peering into trees. Look under rocks. Get a better lay of the land. I knew Bob Dylan had famously resided in Woodstock during the mid-sixties, and he was Jewish. It didn’t take long. I quickly discovered that the Catskills were run by Ashkenazi Jews. Entire generations of Ashkenazi Jewish immigrants, most of whom had settled into New York City or Brooklyn, vacationed there each summer, and referred to it as the Jewish Alps. It’s otherwise known as the Borscht Belt. The word Borscht is Ukrainian in origin and refers to an ethnic soup. I immediately recalled the movie Dirty Dancing, which was about a Jewish family visiting the Catskills for the summer. Dirty Dancing was written by Eleanor Bergstein, a Jew from Brooklyn. Its producer, Linda Gottlieb, was Jewish. And though Patrick Swayze is repeatedly claimed by the Jewish community to not be Jewish, co-star Jennifer Gray was indeed one of their own. Further reading informed me that the Ashkenazi Jews were really into comedy, so I started looking up comedians who got their start in the Catskills and then bookmarked each of their following Wiki pages. Wink-wink. Over and over again, Wikipedia just slaps you in the face with it.

Joan Rivers was born in Brooklyn from Russian immigrants, Jewish. Don Rickles was Jewish, born in Queens. Carl Reiner was the son of Austrian-Romanian immigrants, Jewish. Rodney Danger was the son of Austrian-Hungarian immigrants, Jewish. Danny Kaye was the son of Ukrainian immigrants, Jewish. Red Buttons was the son of immigrants, Jewish. George Burns, born Nathan Birnbaum, was the son of Polish immigrants, Jewish. Mel Brooks was the son of Polish and Ukrainian immigrants, Jewish. Milton Berle, Jewish. Jerry Lewis, Jewish. Jackie Mason, Jewish. Bill Dana, Jewish. Allan Sherman, Jewish. Jack Benny, aka Benjamin Kubelsky, Jewish. Jerry Seinfeld, Jewish. And the list goes on. I was incredibly curious as to why Richard Pryor’s name came up as a Catskills performer. I then discovered that his daughter Rain Pryor was raised by her Jewish grandparents after being born to a Jewish go-go dancer.

Apparently, the Yiddish speaking, Ashkenazi Jews from Brooklyn preferred comedy acts over musicians. But I was still able to pull the following names. Mitch Miller, Jew. Steve Lawrence, Jew. Eydie Gorme, Jew. Barbra Streisand, Jew. And wouldn’t you know, Catskills regular Sammy Davis Jr. became one.


Woodstock Forever: A Personal Reflection - UConn Today


Creating Woodstock


After satisfactorily concluding that Woodstock’s location was carefully selected in an area where Ashkenazi Jews launched the professional careers of countless other Ashkenazi Jews, I turned back to Lang and Kornfeld’s small proximity of staff members to see if the theme might continue. It did. Stan Goldstein had already worked with Michael Lang at Miami Pop in 1968 and was hired again to run Woodstock’s physical infrastructure. As his name suggests, Goldestein was a Jew. Goldstein brought in friend Mel Lawrence as Director of Operations. Jew. The stage at Woodstock was designed by Steve Cohen. Undeniably Jewish. Also on the team was Lee Mackler Blumer. She was in charge of security and community relations. Jew. Even the Woodstock poster, which depicts a dove perched upon a guitar, was designed by artist Arnold Skolnik. Mm-hmm, he’s a Jew.

The battle for histories greatest concert gets even stranger. While reading through Wiki’s stack of articles, I stumbled upon a certain Bill Graham. Graham was a rock concert promoter and apparently furious to learn that Michael Lang was booking many of his own acts. Graham was a Jew. I did a little digging and learned that Lang coerced Graham to Ratners, a famous New York restaurant, to calm him down and settle their differences. Ratners was kosher.

Another prominent character in the Woodstock mythos is political activist Abbie Hoffman. You guessed it. Jewish. The official narrative loves to remind us how Hoffman alone threatened to stir the Aquarian peace into something of a sabotaged event after learning that organizers were cashing in upon the counterculture. Don’t believe the hype. Hoffman is probably just another actor. Learning how Lang had offered Hoffman money in order to print flyers for the crowd, and also to appease Hoffman’s self-destructive tendencies, was the final straw in my investigation. History may have pitted him against the CIA created flower power hippie, and even he says so, but I’m willing to be Abbie Hoffman was the illusion of choice, which also makes him a spook. Official history wants us to believe Woodstock was the perfect storm of creative intuition stemming from various independent counter-cultural agencies, all holding hands in some sort of LSD ecstasy, but I’m no longer buying it. If the CIA wasn’t a part of Woodstock, then they wouldn’t spend the next half-century pushing its propaganda in our faces. Woodstock was their baby.

The CIA controls everything.


Photos from Artie Kornfeld (artiekornfeld) on Myspace

Artie Kornfeld at Woodstock


The first President of Rock


I decided I needed to revisit Michael Lang and Artie Kornfeld again. Lang gave me little material to work with. And yet, so many red flags and other wink-winks dot the life of Artie Kornfeld, it’s difficult to read him logically. Remember how Wikipedia stressed Kornfeld was born into a Jewish lower-middle-class family in Brooklyn? They want you to think he’s a self-made man, but that’s not the case at all. Kornfeld attended American University in Washington D.C. to study “pre-law.” American University is a career center for CIA recruiting. According to his own auto-biography, The Pied Piper of Woodstock, one of his housemates was a guy named Skip. His full name was Hubert Horatio Humphrey III, but everyone just called him Skip. For the record, Skip was the son of Hubert Humphrey, the guy who would, in the matter of months, sit down in the vacated seat of United States Vice President after Lyndon B. Johnson filled in for an assassinated John F. Kennedy. Skip went on to become the Attorney General of Minnesota. It was there in the cafeteria where Kornfeld claims to have met Cass Elliott, long before her claim to fame with the Mamas and the Papas, a group which literally screams pimps and handlers and prostituted mamas in the Mk-Ultra program. Apparently, Kornfeld and Elliott would sit around in the cafeteria for hours singing.

From here on out, taking binoculars to Kornfeld’s story is shaky at best. It appears as though he may have been an American University dropout, but if he was recruited into intelligence, his exit from college is probably just a cover. Wiki simply informs us that American and its predecessor, Adelphi College, furthered his musical career. I find this claim odd if he was attending American for purposes of pursuing law. I have otherwise learned little to nothing concerning his musical training except for singing sessions with Cass Elliott and the fact that his mother was a Teeny Bopper who was really into Frank Sinatra and big band music. We next find Kornfeld writing hit songs for The Angels. Their 1963 follow-up to My Boyfriend’s Back was I Adore Him, an Artie Kornfeld original. Quite suddenly, Kornfeld can be spotted sliding up on the piano bench right next to Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys. Together they wrote the Jan & Dean classic, Dead Man’s Curve. That doesn’t just happen. Artie Kornfeld was an east-coast Bensonhurst boy. Brian Wilson was a west-coast Hawthorne hick and a musical genius on par with Mozart. There is absolutely nothing natural about this transition. Nothing at all. What credentials does Kornfeld have to show? None. But it gets worse. By the age of 21, while most of his University classmates were studying for their mid-terms, Artie Kornfeld became the vice-president of Capital Records.

Vice-president. Capital Records. Sunset Boulevard. Twenty-one.

Sorry. In the real world, that doesn’t just happen.


Frank Avruch Cause of Death: How Did Bozo the Clown Die? | Observer

The original Bozo


If he was twenty-one, that would make the year 1963. Or 1964 at the latest. That’s the year when the Laurel Canyon band the Byrds were formed. I haven’t yet written on them but I’ll give you a one-word preview. Spooks. 1964—that’s the year when night clubs started cropping up on Sunset Boulevard and Vito and the Freaks were brought in to attract crowds. By all accounts, Vito Paulekas was the very first hippie. He was also a Rockefeller. That’s the year of the Gulf of Tonkin hoax, and when Admiral George Stephen Morrison pimped his son out on a Venice Beach apartment rooftop. If you haven’t read my papers on the CIA’s creation of 1960’s rock music, I suggest you do so. Vito Paulekas. Jim Morrison. And think about this. If Dead Man’s Curve wasn’t released until November of 1963, then Kornfeld may have already climbed the ranks. Brian Wilson was controlled from the beginning. For all I know, Phil Specter was his handler. And here’s another fun fact. As Capitol Record’s vice-president, Artie Kornfeld was given the honorary title of rock music’s first President.

Yeah, you heard me right.

The first President of Rock.

At the risk of concluding that Capitol Records couldn’t possibly have known the college drop-out was a Jew, I decided to look up its President. No surprise, Alan W. Livingston, who is perhaps best known for introducing the world to Bozo the Clown, was a Jew. And by the way, I checked. Bozo the Clown was a Jew. 

Woodstock ad | Woodstock, Woodstock music, Woodstock festival


We are told that Kornfeld resigned as Capitol Records vice-president in 1969, three months prior to Woodstock, in order that he might dress in a buck-skinned vest and pursue the four-day musical festival that would go down as the greatest mass gathering in the twenty-first century. When it came to Vietnam and the draft, Woodstock is accredited with turning the tide of war. But you and I should both know by now that the President of Rock stepping down is about as incidental an explanation as Woodstock’s radius to the Borscht Belt. Nothing about Woodstock was natural. Nothing at all. An impressive 50,000 tickets were sold and 450,000 kids showed up. That doesn’t just happen. The CIA-owned media doesn’t simply push Woodstock in our faces every five to ten years, and PBS doesn’t make documentaries for the humanitarian purposes of education, because it just so happened to be the perfect storm among independent agents of counterculture ideology. Everything was planned. The CIA-owned media pushed Woodstock into the collective consciousness from day one. The Exposition was a four-day event, and by its second day, Woodstock was already a household name. They’ve always played all sides and manipulated everyone. They told the kids to come, and they came.

Here’s another interesting tidbit I learned along the way.

Artie Kornfeld was known to introduce himself as “Avraham ben Yisroel Kornfeld—a Kohain.”

This isn’t just another wink-wink. It goes far beyond that. There probably isn’t even a handshake equivalent. Understand what Kornfeld is actually saying here. The Kohains were the high priests in Judah before the destruction of Herod’s Temple. So, think Caiaphas. Think Ananias. Poster artist Arnold Skolnik advertised the event as an “Aquarian Exposition.” We already know what we’re dealing with. Now put the two together. The descendant of a high priest from Herod’s Temple was selected to create and oversee the Woodstock experience.

Fifty years later, we’re still being processed.


QUIZ: How much do you remember about Woodstock? – Boundary Creek Times50 years ago, Woodstock was a weekend like no other


A brief history of the Ashkenazi Jews


I WILL most certainly be accused of being anti-Semite for daring to name names. I’m quite certain of it. Our Slave Masters have trained us to call anyone who looks into these things an anti-Semite. That’s how they control the narrative. They expect us to see the millions of Jews marching into gas chambers that only ever existed as actual working showers while simultaneously turning a blind-eye to the number of Jews running the world today. It’s a brilliant slight of hand. I guarantee you somebody will not read this far and quickly succumb to another viewing of Fiddler on the Roof, hoping to scrub away the guilt of simply knowing. I get it. I know what we’re dealing with here.

Somebody might as well be holding a gun to the heads of our contemporary historians. Nobody wants to be targeted as an anti-Semite. I certainly don’t. I pointed out the number of Ashkenazi Jews who were the children of immigrants, and that’s important. Fact of the matter is, there is a widespread conspiracy underfoot, and to this very day, it’s still ongoing. To even suggest the Jews part in the Bolshevik Revolution, in spite of historical documentation to that very fact, is promise of professional ruin. Good luck finding a job as an authoritative figure after that. The true nature of the Russian Revolution of 1917 is not only carefully suppressed—it is completely subverted. Our historians are under duress, and so, if their claims are to be believed, the Jews no longer play a special role in Bolshevism. In fact, the total opposite is true. They were actually victimized by it.

In actuality, there is a far greater lie being guarded here than the architects of communism. When we talk about Jews, we first need to make a distinction between the Khazar Jews of Eastern Europe, or the Ashkenazi Jews populating the world today, and the ancient Semitic Jews of the Holy Land, or the actual lineage stemming from the house of Judah, because no biological connection can be found between them. A stunning 85% of the Jews today, and 95% of those living in the United States, are in actuality Ashkenazi Jews. What in the world is going on? The house of Judah has been hijacked.

“Ashkenaz” in Hebrew ironically refers to Germany. The Jews of the Bolshevik are descendants of the Khazar people who had survived since ancient times between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, what is primarily known today as the country of Georgia. They are a product of the Holy Roman Empire. In fact, the Khazars converted to Rabbinic Judaism, which is based almost entirely on Pharisee teaching, at about the same time the Russians adopted Greek Orthodoxy as their national religion. Whereas Russia brought in priests from Constantinople, the Khazar adopted the Talmud as their authority, incorporating with it the Talmudic law, ethics, and philosophies.

Here’s another little known fact. Though Germany lost the First World War on the western front, they actually destroyed the Russian army in the east. Actually, if it hadn’t been for America’s involvement (a discussion for a later time), Germany likely would have won both fronts. Germany’s victory would have proved a devastating blow to post-Napoleonic world powers, and also for political Zionism. The Ashkenazi Jews needed to move quickly. By 1917, knowing that defeat was imminent, the Czar renounced his throne and a provisional government was ushered in. Alexander Kerensky, Russia’s Minister, was a Khazar Jew. Within months, as many as 90,000 political exiles quickly poured into Russia. They were almost to the last man professional revolutionaries, and with very few exceptions, they were Khazar Jews. Stalin, Lenin, Sverdlov, Martov, Radek, Zinoviev, Kamenev, and Trotsky were among them—all Jews. The Bolsheviks were now in charge.

One of the very first acts of the Jewish Bolsheviks, after seizing control of the government through much bloodshed, was to enact a law which forbade antisemitism, a penalty which carried death.

Do you see what they did there?

Stamping political or historical dissenters as anti-Semites is a brilliant tactic for ensuring total control of the official narrative, past, present, and future. The very act of pulling the curtain back makes one an anti-Semite. The Holocaust myth in the decades to follow depends upon it. Stunningly, Lenin and Trotsky’s words are still enforced to this very day. To even question the official narrative is to immediately be labeled an anti-Semite.

And who really wants a death sentence?


Max Yasgur Rented His Farm for Woodstock. His Neighbors Sued | Time

Farmers Max and Miriam Yasgur


Farewell, Yasgur family farm


FARMER MAX Yasgur died of a heart attack less than four years after Woodstock. He was living at the time in Marathon, Florida. His move probably had something to do with the fact that Woodstock decimated his farm. I couldn’t help but notice that Rolling Stone gave the dairy farmer a full page obituary. Initially, I found that odd. Was there some sort of wink-wink going on between the organizers, financiers, and the farmer? I knew Rolling Stone was a CIA outing from the start, but I thought dipping my toes into Jann Wenner’s Wiki page might be a good idea, just to be certain of his nationality. FYI, Jann Wenner founded Rolling Stone. His name seems manufactured to me. This was the same guy who participated in the Berkley Free Speech Movement and later founded the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It’s okay, you can say it. Spook. Wenner also brought in Hunter S. Thompson as a journalist for Stone, another obvious spook. I wasn’t let down. Jann Wenner was a Jew.

I have already established that the President of Capitol Records was a Jew and that, incidentally, his greatest creation was a Jew named Bozo. The architects of Woodstock were Jews. Of course, Artie Kornfeld was far more than a Jew. He was a High Priest of Aquarian-age music. But when I learned that the founder of Rolling Stone was a Jew who saw to it that a Jewish dairy farmer receive the sort of obituary which might incite a standing-ovation, I started thinking about the record industry as a whole today. Here’s some of the names I dug up.

Doug Morris is the president and CEO of Sony Music, and he’s Jewish. Kevin Kelleher is the vice president of Sony and he’s a Jew. Stephen F Cooper is the president and CEO of Warner Music Group, Jew. Edgar Bronfman Jr, Jew. Zach Horowitz is the Chairman and CEO of Universal Music Publishing Group, Jew. Barry Weiss, CEO of Island Def Jam, Jew. Paul Rosenberg, Jew. Rick Rubin, Jew. Tommy Mottola was president of Columbia Records and Michael Jackson called him evil, Jew. Len Blavatnik owns Warner, and he’s a Jew. David Geffen started Geffen Records, Jew. Sumner Redstone owns Viacom, BET, MTV, and 80% of CBS, Jew. As usual, list goes on and on.

They don’t want you to see the fact that they’re all Jews.

And there’s nothing natural about that.



Naked Came the Strangers - The New York Times


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