The Unexpected Cosmology

50 Years Later, the Truth About Woodstock Is Still Being Hidden - THE BRILLIANCE of PBS is its constant reminder that the arts need our financial support in order to survive. This is no doubt intended to gain our sympathies and draw us into the illusion of free agency when in fact everything is scripted. On May 1, 1969, Fred Rogers put on a splendid performance while […]

Unicorns Everywhere | The Horn as a Symbol for Sexual & Third-Eye Awakening - MY WIFE has a working theory that Hadley men are incapable of creating women. This is undoubtedly due to her careful observation that several generations of the Hadley family tree have only produced a lineage of sons. We’ve looked. We cannot find a natural born female anywhere in our ranks. Only sons. Apparently, Hadley men […]

The Watchers of Enoch Have Been Released From Prison, and They’re Lying to Us About Everything - THE WATCHERS STOOD BACK and observed their loved ones, the giants whom they had begotten with the daughters of men, kill each other off in a war of the Titans, and then Yahuah bound them under the hills and the valleys of the earth, where they were to remain in total darkness for seventy generations. […]

Luciferase: Quantum Dot Tattoo & the Seething Energies of the Light-Bearer - Luciferase. Learn the name. You can forget all about buying and selling. Because once they inject this thing into your hand, you won’t be able to climb into a car, much less walk down the street, without getting tagged. Mm-hmm, you heard me. It’s humorous, but not at all funny in the slightest, how often […]

Coronavirus Cosmology: A Never Ending Pandemic (Staring the Ouroboros) - THE HEBREWS SAW TIME AS LINEAR. Contrary religions surrounding Canaan did not. For the Hebrew, there was a beginning (creation), a middle (Messiah), and an end (apocalypse, and again, Messiah). Some will argue against this point, and to be clear, I understand perfectly well the cyclic feast days on the Hebrew calendar. But that is […]

Sex. Contraceptives. Abortion. Magical Ceremony. Agenda 2030. - LET’S TALK ABOUT SEX. —because everybody’s favorite computer nerd wants to spice up your bedroom life. As part of his awe-inspiring ID 2020 project, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is developing a tiny drug delivery chip that works as a contraceptive agent. Birth control.

Torah or Talmud? (Christ & Antichrist Made Flesh) - There’s an ongoing debate regarding whether or not Scripture prophesies an end-times antichrist. Now, if we’re going merely by “canon,” I suppose an argument can be made either way. Yea or nay. I can see both sides. Feel free to post your reasons. I think everyone can at least agree that the spirit of antichrist […]

Finger. Cut. Eat the Pain. Microsoft. Mark. - Given Microsoft’s recent commercial featuring spirit cooker Marina Abramovic, I couldn’t help but take special notice of this headline on DRUDGE REPORT.

“As in the days of Noah…” | Pandemic, Life-Giving Idol, & Performance Witchcraft - Virtue signaling gone wild. I’m willing to bet the vast majority of people out there who are emotionally wrung over the COVID-19 psycho-drama and pointing out their own humility by spouting off such mantras as “STAY HOME, SAVE LIVES,” are the very same individuals glued to the electric-lit glow of the media’s unfolding narrative. The […]

One World Order & the Grand Initiation (Alchemy of the Mind) - Let’s pull back the curtain and take a peek. If the world worked merely on personal merit, then George W. Bush would have been a shoe salesman in Foot Locker rather than a two-time frat boy of both Yale and Harvard University. No offense to shoe salesmen. But when it comes to Elite society and […]