The Unexpected Cosmology

The Goat of Affliction - THE GOAT OF AFFLICTION (Yom Kippur, more than we’ve been told.)   “For I have chosen him, so that he may command his children and his household after him to keep the way of YHWH by doing righteousness and justice, so that YHWH may bring upon Abraham what He has spoken about him.” Genesis 18:19 […]

The Watchers of Enoch Have Been Released From Prison, and They’re Lying to Us About Everything - THE WATCHERS STOOD BACK and observed their loved ones, the giants whom they had begotten with the daughters of men, kill each other off in a war of the Titans, and then Yahuah bound them under the hills and the valleys of the earth, where they were to remain in total darkness for seventy generations. […]

The STARBUCKS Logo Is a Goddess of Fertility, Sexuality, and War | Say Hello to the Biblical Ashtoreth - MANY TO MOST CONSUMERS MAKE THE HONEST mistake of confusing the STARBUCKS logo for a mermaid. And to a degree I guess that’s slightly true. I saw a mermaid, or perhaps she’s a siren, for years. Actually, I seem to recall my twenty year-old self, straining my eyes at the logo, trying to make sense […]

“Worthless Mysteries” | Rob Skiba & Revolutionary Radio with Special Guest Noel J Hadley - I WAS THRILLED TO BE INVITED BY ROB SKIBA onto Revolutionary Radio to discuss my book, WORTHLESS MYSTERIES. Years in the making, it’s 700 pages of meaty research and countless late night writing sessions. During our discussion I highlight my investigation into globe earths origin through Alexander the Great’s influence, Greek Hellenization, and how the […]

THE BAD SEED | The Day Dan Forsook His Eternal Inheritance (For the Birthright of Baal) - THE URGE TO INTERRUPT THE PATRIARCH OF ISRAEL from his deathbed, after he called all twelve sons round about him, and protest his prophetic prognosis for each and every one of them, must have been overwhelming for some—particularly Dan. “Assemble yourselves, that I may tell you what will happen to you in days to come,” […]

Alexander & the City of Immortals | #4 Pharaoh, Avatar of Egypt, and His Household of Ascended Masters - THE AGE OF HELLENISM INEVITABLY BROUGHT the cult of Demeter at Eleusis to international fame. The Eleusinian mysteries were so well-financed and world renowned that other religions explicitly rebranded themselves through the efforts of her initiates. This is of course the overarching narrative of Hellenism. Hellenism conquered practically every belief system of the old world. […]

Alexander & the City of Immortals | #3 Alexandria, Spiritual Bread and Butter of the World - ROME WAS LITTLE MORE THAN A VILLAGE when Philip II of Macedonia went to war with the Persians. The year was 336 BC. In turn, Darius III had the king of Macedonia assassinated. He would come to regret that decision. At just twenty years of age, his son began the most remarkable military career in […]

Alexander & the City of Immortals | #2 The Soul Lives On in the Fields of Eleusis -  “The living are ruled by the dead” — Elysian Neophyte   SHE WAS MINDING HER OWN BUSINESS, PICKING FLOWERS on a spring day, when the young Persephone was brutally raped and abducted by a god. When she didn’t return home, her mother went looking for her. She too was a goddess. As she broadened the […]

Death, the Afterlife, the Shape of the Earth and Job | #9 The Darkened Council of Job’s Three Friends - IN A WAY, JOB AND HIS THREE FRIENDS were severely handicapped intellectuals. When Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar heard of the evil that had befallen him, they made an appointment together to mourn at his side. We quickly read: “When they lifted up their eyes, afar off, and knew him not, they lifted up their voice, […]

Death, the Afterlife, the Shape of the Earth and Job | #7 If Job Were Alive, People Would Listen - IT IS NO SECRET THAT JOB, LIKELY WRITTEN centuries before the Law of Moses, is a flat earth book. Geocentricism abounds. But there’s far more to Job than most contemporary connoisseurs of Scripture are willing to admit. Theologians have long noted that Job ascribed to a peculiar belief regarding the afterlife. Mainly, where consciousness is […]