THE WATCHERS STOOD BACK and observed their loved ones, the giants whom they had begotten with the daughters of men, kill each other off in a war of the Titans, and then Yahuah bound them under the hills and the valleys of the earth, where they were to remain in total darkness for seventy generations.

Seventy generation until their release.

Seventy times seventy.

That’s a long time to think.

The text reads as follows:

11 And Yahuah said to Michael: “Go, bind Semjaza and his team who have associated with women and have defiled themselves in all their uncleanness.

12 When their sons have slain one another, and they have seen the destruction of their beloved ones, bind them fast for seventy generations under the hills of the earth, until the day of the consumption of their judgment and until the eternal judgment is accomplished.

13 In those days they shall be led off to the abyss of fire and to the torment and the prison in which they shall be confined forever.”

Enoch 10:11-13

I’m not going to do exact math. And there’s reasons for that. But know this. The incursion happened somewhere in the time-frame of a thousand years before the flood. When the floodwaters eventually came, Enoch was already long gone. Seven hundred years by my count.

Give or take a few decades, their release happens to land somewhere in the mid to late nineteenth century. And this is by “official” time estimates. Let’s just say, for sake of argument, it’s the year they tell us is 1812.

On the day my grandmother died, I remarked: “She was born while mankind was still fighting wars on horseback, and yet she lived to see—not only man landing on the moon—but the internet.” Disregard the moon quip. It is a minor fallacy. It happened as part of the deception and the point still stands.

In the mid to late nineteenth century, something happened.

Within the lifespan of only two or three generations, the world was introduced to Evolution. Theosophy. Transhumanism. Spiritism. Tongue-babbling. Kundalini. New Ageism. A hundred Codex Sinaiticus Bible translations. Eugenics. The spiraling double-helix DNA. Scientism. Archeology. Nietzsche. Freud. Space itself. Deep space telescopes. Satellites. Flying saucers. Aliens. Science-fiction. The Atomic Age. Bio-chemical weapons. Germ theory. Vaccines. World Wars. Zionism. Communism. The CIA. Movies. Transistor radio. Television. Mk-Ultra. Computers. Video games. The Internet. Performance witchcraft and alchemy on a worldwide stage. And I’ve barely begun to dig in.

Still, some of you just can’t help yourselves.

After learning about the fake moon landings, the Federal Reserve, chemtrails, fluoride, vaccines, chip implants, 5g, warring bloodlines, 9/11 and any number of false flag attacks or hoaxes like the Gulf of Tonkin, crisis actors who keep showing up at different psycho-dramatic exercises intended to social engineer us into MkUltra zombies, the CIA’s hand in music and television and sexuality and women’s rights and family life and practically everything, how space is fake, the earth is not a globe, Antarctica is the edge of the earth and the firmament is a solid dome above us, stars are identified with living beings, the germ theory is a lie, evolution is a lie, giants and probably mythological beings are real, the gods war over us like chess pieces, Scientism and the Occult are happily wed, the Mysteries surround us, real history is buried and fake history is written as a textbook reality, they lied about the Bolshevik Revolution, they lied about the fact that the United States is in actuality a corporation and money isn’t even real and Abraham Lincoln actually sold us all into slavery to the state, how the Georgia Guidestones and the United Nations want us all dead and are actively going about to make it happen, pedophilia and Satanic ritual abuse are everywhere, entertainment and politics alike are as scripted as a media teleprompter and the world is one big stage and Zionism and Freemasonry and the Roman Catholic Church and the Jesuits and Illuminati and other secret societies like Skull & Bones rule the world, and most importantly of all, it’s all ultimately run and managed from the top by HaSatan, prince of power of the air and the father of lies—and after rightly concluding how the kings and the sovereigns of the earth are conspiring against Yahuah, the Most-High, and want Him dead, some of you simply need more Trump.

Admit it, you can’t get enough Trump in your life. There’s simply not enough of him to go around.

Not long ago, Trump announced he was cutting funds with the World Health Organization or something to that effect (yet another twist in the plot, same tired script), and suddenly I had people jumping out of my own shadow. It’s like they were purple in the face and couldn’t hold their breath any longer. Gasping wildly for relief, they blurted out:


Check mate, Noel…! You’re WROOOOOOONG!


What do you think of THAT!?”

Oh dear. The indoctrination runs deep.

Should I talk to your hand and explain this all again?


LIKE THE BIG BANG cosmology of an ouroboros, sometime in the later part of the nineteenth century, the mysteries of heaven simply exploded upon the earth. Before throwing them into the darkness the first time, Yahuah gave Enoch the following message to tell them:

You have been in heaven, but all the mysteries had not yet been revealed to you, and you knew worthless ones, and these in the hardness of your hearts you have made known to the women, and through these mysteries women and men work much evil on earth.”

Enoch 16:3

Seventy generations.

Ironically—right about the time when the book of Enoch was being rediscovered. This shouldn’t surprise us, since Enoch opened his book by warning his reader:

“And I heard everything from them, and I saw and understood, but it was not for this generation to know, but for a remote one which is to come.”

Enoch 1:2

Then again, calculations may prove impossible to do. As ironic as this may seem, the phantom time hypothesis is seeming far more reliable than any timeline the official narrative has ever given. For example, I am highly critical that the middle-ages ever happened at all. Its invention, whereas everyone was dumbed down, dirty, illiterate, and sad for several hundred years, is spoon-fed to us as the dark ages and then regurgitated over and over again so as to hide a much greater truth. Maybe Tartari. Perhaps we really are only one-thousand years removed from Messiah. Who really knows? And besides, that whole Anno Domini debacle we find ourselves in, which was first invented by Dionysius Exiguus in about AD 525 (by his own count—sigh), was probably an attempt by the Roman Catholic Church to disguise Yahuah’s history and the timeline of Messiah’s return.

My entire point being, we have no possible way of knowing what of official history is actually true, much less what hour we’re truly living in. It wasn’t an easy thing to do, but I’ve accepted that fact now. They tell us Scripture is invented and doctored by a later generation and so I return my gaze upon them. It is they who have doctored everything.

Their first big deception, I’m finally beginning to believe, once the Watchers were released from prison, is to massage human history. Perhaps even completely rework it. Something happened in the mid nineteenth-century.

Let’s just call it a reset.

One might even wonder if their release coincided with, and may in fact have even caused, the worldwide mud floods. True history is being hidden from us.

Mm-hmm. Mud floods—

Perfect time for a reset.